12/05/24 - T2 - The Road Trip part II...NO FATE!"

   T2 No Fate

    Let's meet John Connor...and bring some T2 items with me! Road to Comic Con 2024 Brussels..."  - Darth Nuno  [read the full story here]

 08/11/23 - Atari Gauntlet... a Cimmerian RoadTrip!

   Atari Gauntlet

    Back in September 2022, I have the opportunity to get the legendary original gauntlet arcade machine... - Darth Nuno  [read the full story here]

 19/07/23 - Road Trip : YOU  ARE TERMINATED, F*CKER!


    Back in June 2023 ...initiate red vision, it's time for a new road trip done by a T800...eh... I mean Sam & Myself...
Darth Nuno 
[read the full story here]

 02/05/16 - Galaxian3 : Attack Of The Zolgear...the flyer!

   Zolgear Flyer

    Finally found the original Galaxian³ 'Attack Of The Zolgear' flyer after so many years or research... - Darth Nuno  [read the full story here]

 19/03/16 - Road Trip : "Je suis CIRCUS Charlie in Paris!"


    "Je suis Charlie!" It was written by hand on the bezel of this game! It's a Circus Charlie cabinet, we are in Paris, and today the fugitive has been arrested today!  - Darth Nuno  [read the full story here]

 02/09/15 - PIXELS the movie : The 'Standee' Road Trip!


    Back in August 2015 when I saw the PIXELS movie for the very first time, I've seen a wonderful and huuuuge standee in front the cinema ..and I thought how cool this would be to have this such thing in my game room!  - Darth Nuno  [read the full story here]

 13/08/15 - Road Trip : BUGGY BOY *triple screen* by Tatsumi !!!

   Buggy Boy

    Me extremely happy! Finally had the opportunity to get a Buggy Boy, a game I played like a mad man back in the Days. Get ready for the road trip Guys, exclusively presented here in a triple screen format!  - Darth Nuno  [read the full story here]


 19/04/15  - COSPLAY : Princess Daphne by Angi Viper

    Angi Cosplay
   We found a new Princess Daphne from Texas, USA! [enjoy]

 22/12/14 - 'CHRISTMAS' Road Trip : DARIUS BURST EX by Taito

   DariusBurst My Chronicle

    This is it, guys! After patiently waiting three interminable months, THE cabinet is finally arrived right away from Japan by container, to the seller's place in the Netherlands. The time has come for me to bring back that Japanese lady from Netherlands into my game room in Belgium. Welcome home... DARIUSBURST EX!    [read the full story here]

                                   MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY HOLIDAYS

 13/10/14 - Road Trip : THE DRIVER by Kasco

   Kasco The Driver

    it's a game with a red car, movie style...like Dragon's Lair you know? ... but a movie, not a cartoon! Yeah! Must be a laser disc game... what else could it be?! No! It's NOT Data East Road Blaster! So what?  - Darth Nuno  [full story here]

 27/09/14 - UK Road Trip #19 : FIREFOX COCKPIT!!!

   Atari Firefox Cockpit roadtrip

    And here we go again! I'm back on the UK roads following an *once in a life time* opportuniy to catch an Atari FIREFOX  cockpit! I cannot miss it... I want it... I need it... I'm a laser guy! so? SO? Roadtrip time my friends, right here, right now!  - Darth Nuno  [read the full story here]


 07/08/14  - COSPLAY : Princess Daphne

    Princess Daphne
   It's been a while... but... Yes! ...an other princess found in Italy.... [enjoy]  

 28/06/14 - Galaxian3 Theater6 : Back on location...

   Ghost of GT6

    "Seven years l8ter after this epic road trip, I'm back on the original Galaxian3 Theater6 location, at the Belgium coast..." - Darth Nuno  [read the full story here]

 06/10/13 - Road Trip : "JR & JR... Nintendos at the St Bruno!"

   Jr & JR road trip

    After his first successful import of dedicated cabinets from United States, Thomas aka 'Love' decided to continue this 'import' adventure. This time, I took this oportunity to bring back nothing less than TWO Nintendo cabinets... hey! It's my day today so...  - Darth Nuno  [read the full story here]

 09/08/13 - Galaxian Theater : From Zolgear to Dragoon

   Zolgear to Dragoon

    "Finally, after more than 20 years, I can play again one of the most impressive game inside THE most impressive arcade game ever made by human kind. Ladies & Gentlemen, please let me introduce you : Galaxian³ Project Dragoon! When I discovered for the first time the 'theater' in a game room located at the Belgium coast, it was equipped with its original mission called "Galaxian³ Project Dragoon". So during my holidays over there (1994/1995/1996?) if my memory serves me right), I played it like a mad man! A paly was very expensive at the time: 50BEF / 1,25€ ...but it didn't care, I played only that game..." - Darth Nuno  [read the full story here]


 18/07/13  - New Book Available! Yes, Dragon's Lair & Space Ace related!!! Yeah!

    Syd's Book
   Dragon's Lair has captured the hearts and imaginations of many video game enthusiasts since it was first released over 30 years ago. Space Ace has has also gained a loyal fan base and over the years there have been many commercial products, games, merchandise and so much more. This 170 page book captures virtually everything that is available to obtain in the Dragon's Lair & Space Ace universes...  [more  here] 

 25/05/13 - ROAD TRIP : Dayto Blasto!

   DaytoBlasto Day

    "Back in November 2012, when I had the opportunity to save a rare & fun electro-mechanical game, that would be perfect inside my game room! Let's name it : Daytona 500. And while I'm here, why not adding a lovely Blasteroids in my collection...huh?" - Darth Nuno  [read the full story here]

 15/05/13 - 50th Road Trip Celebration : DISCS OF TRON


    "Damn it! My Galaxian³ / Nuno's Lair V³ stories took me all my free time available for the Hobby these last 18 months that I didn't have time to publish my road trips! So I missed the ...let's say... the "celebration" of my 50th Road Trip done for an arcade cabinet at the time..." - Darth Nuno [read the full story here]

 06/04/13 - ROAD TRIP : Irem Kung Fu Master... from the love boat!

   love boat

    "This story has started in the middle of 2012, when our member "Love" decided to organize the import of dedicated cabinets from USA! Despite the complexity of the task ... HE DID IT! Thanks to him, many members here have now some of their dream cabinets! " - Darth Nuno  [read the full story here]

 20/03/13 - ROAD TRIP : XBOX Demo Pod... into the wild!


    "This time it's not for an arcade cabinet! Nope, just for a demo pod I wanted to own! Not easy for me, Apple fan, to highlight a Micro$oft product, but... yeah... that one looks pretty good, huh?!

 12/02/13 - ROAD TRIP : Atari ASSAULT (but created by the arcade God : NAMCO)


  Somewhere in a pub, early in the 90s...'
Marty to Bruno (playing on an Assault cabinet) : "One day you'll own that cabinet at home... Believe me!"
Bruno : "Are you joking!? Yeah! Yeah! ...and I'm sure I'll also have a Galaxian Theater?! Now let me play my game quietly..."
  - Darth Nuno [read the full story here]

 10/02/13 - ROAD TRIP : SEGA MONACO GP by Bartie... and his daughter!

   Monaco GP RT

    "I have a 'weak' for old arcade cabinets who are broken and left alone. The more they are broken and neglected the more I love them... " - Bartie  [read the full story here]

 04/01/13 - GALAXIAN THEATER : Episode 5 'The Reunion Day'

   G3 Reunion

  The story continues on this episode 5 from the "Galaxian Theater Odyssey ". Mission of the day, with the help of the UGSF European Team, gather all the Galaxian Theater parts inside a same location : the Nuno's Lair V3 - Darth Nuno [read the full story here]

 26/11/12 - GALAXIAN THEATER : Episode 4 'Before The Gate'

   Galaxian Theater episode 4

    And here we are...2012! FIVE years after the first episode, the story continues... Galaxian Theater fans! ready for a new trilogy? Ok, here's the first episode of a new trilogy called 'Before The Gate' - Enjoy! - Darth Nuno [read the full story here]

 03/11/12 - Road Trip : Quest for a special Thunder Blade by Baritonomarchetto

   Thunder Blade

  "Some week ago a “weird” over-priced Thunder Blade was listed on ebay: the cab was not the common mini commonly used for TB (the same used for Turbo Outrun) but the After Burner upright cab! Man, i was diggin for an After Burner since day one!..."- Baritonomarchetto [read the full story here]

 07/10/12 - SEGA Astro City : an Asian Road Trip by Darth Nuno

   Sega Astro City

  I always wanted a 'Japanese babe' at home for many reasons! The time is now, and now the wait is over : found a lovely SEGA Astro City not too far and for a decent price... so?  Road Trip time! - Darth Nuno [read the full story here]

 23/09/12 - 'A very short road trip, with a great outcome' by Slowcade    2084

  "As the title says, I've been on a very short road trip, but the outcome was great! I've picked up several classic cabinets just minutes from home! But first, let me take you to the beginning of this story. It actually started some years ago. It was common knowledge in the pinball community in my town that an ex operator had some old arcade cabinets stored in his garage. Luckily the pinball fans are just that: pinball fans. They were not very interested in these video games, and so the games stayed untouched for years..." - Slowcade [read the full story here]

 17/09/12 - ROAD TRIP : Quasar by Digimon    quasar

  "Here is my first report of a roadtrip. It's my first dedicated Zaccaria! I've bought it for 50€ nearly three weeks ago, but I needed to discuss it with my wife;-) Today was the day to collect it!" - Digimon [read the full story here]

 15/09/12 - EUROCADE 2012 : The Darth Nuno's report ...    Eurocade 12

  Finally finished to write the report of the Eurocade 2012 meeting. More than 140 pictures, enjoy the ride...and reserve a free week end around September 2013 ;-) [read the full story here]

 02/08/12 - ROAD TRIP : Crazy Drivin' eh Climbin'    Crazy

  "in order to fully understand this road trip, I have to take you back in time! More than three years ago, I felt the road trip frustration when I came home empty-handed after what had already been a done deal for a Crazy Climber cabinet..." - Superully [read the full story here]

 11/07/12 - ROAD TRIP : Nintendo's Sheriff : Wanted - Dead Or Alive...by Darth Nuno    Sheriff

  "Once upon a time, I got an email from a member who told me he was looking for a good home for his boy. He didn't have time anymore for that one...and knew that the Nuno's Lair is one the best 'arcade orphanage' around! Well, you can guess I can certainly help him on this... my arms are still wide open for a big boy like that! So in no time, I prepare my horse and usual things for a such adventure..." - Darth Nuno [read the full story here]


 20/06/12  - COSPLAY : Princess Daphne by Birghita13

   Found a new Princess Daphne in United States! Check out this *work in progress* cosplay by Birghita13 [all pictures here]  


 15/04/12  - Dragon's Lair for Kinect!

    DL for Kinect
   A "reveal" trailer for the Kinect edition of Dragon's Lair - coming soon to Kinect for Xbox 360. [watch it]  

 13/04/12 - ROAD TRIP : Ninten-TWO by Superully    Ninten-two

  "Almost two months ago, a guy put up a post on a german arcade forum that he had been given two nintendo cabinets from a friend for free. They had been sitting in a basement since 1989 - untouched! At first everyone thought he was probably talking about some generic cabs with bootleg boards inside, but when he posted pictures of the beauties..." - Superully [read the full story here]

 07/04/12 - EXPO : the King of the Jungle is Ully!    Jungle King done

  "After a restoration process of almost two years, i am happy to announce the end of the jungle king project. There are some minor things to do like applying new alu stickers (in case they show up) or attaching the wiring harness inside at various spots (still waiting for the huge cable fixes that heavy harness needs), but apart from that the end has finally come. And as always, here are the money shots!" - Superully [read the full story here]

 22/03/12 - Dismantling a Galaxian Theater...   

  ...in less than 1hour and 30 minutes? Yes, it's possible! See this video made in Japan [read the full story here]


 10/03/12  - LASER DISC SYSTEM - The Fyler/Presentation Book

    LDG flyer
   Thanks to Igorstellar, here's the the complete 'Flyer/Presentation Book' of the famous LDG kit, made to play real laser disc games on Amiga/ST/PC, back in the days. Hope you can read German... [The Book]  

 28/02/12 - ROAD TRIP : 'Short roadtrip for the need of the Green monster'    Centipede

  "Hmm, in desperate need of a new arcade game... let's see what Swedens largest selling site has to offer..." Dimmu--borgir [read the full story here]

 12/02/12 - HISTORICAL BULK BUY / ROAD TRIP !!!    Duke Of Lancaster

  I thought I would never live again a story as extraordinary as the Galaxian Theater one... I was wrong! Thank to Oliver 'Alpha1' for letting us being a part of the most amazing Arcade Life Story ever done, already a part of the Arcade history!
Come with us in an incredible journey...inside the
[read the full story here]

 01/02/12 - ROAD TRIP : In The Vector Zone    VetorZone

  "before this roadtrip celebrates its first anniversary, i want to share it with you! this time, let me start with a quote though : 'no gameroom is complete without a vector game'..." - Superully [read the full story here]

 08/01/12 - ROAD TRIP : Q*bert's QUBES by Muerto    Qubes

  "At the end of last year i got the opportunity to get my hands on a rare arcade...so, go now, make a cup of coffee, or tea, you could even grap a soft drink, because this is going to be a hell of a roadtrip, through the English countryside... cough cough..." - Muerto [read the full story here]


 07/01/12  - Kimberly 'the statue' now available for pre-order!

    Kimberly the statue
   "Our exclusive Space Ace Kimberly statue is officially up for pre-order on our 'Exclusive stuff' page on the Electric Tiki web site. We're hoping to have the same trio of Don Bluth, Gary Goldman and John Pomeroy sign the certificates..." - Electric Tiki Design ... [Pre Order me]  

 31/12/11 - ROAD TRIP : "KRULL" by Darth Nuno    Krull

  Ops, I almost forgot to publish that one! No matter, I'm just in time for publishing in 2011:-) Better than movie...the KRULL video game, hell yeah! [read the full story here]

 23/12/11 - Season's Greeting ... Holidays ... Hell Yeah'!    Xmas2011

   To all the friends here on Dragon's Lair Fans / Arcade Life Style website, to everyone throughout the Arcade community and beyond, Merry Christmas and happy new year! Hope you all will catch your 'holy graal' cabinet, finish your game room and enjoy your games. Get ready for the new year? Welcome to the Fantasy Zone! ^^

 20/12/11 - ROAD TRIP : "WACKO" by Darth Nuno & ChrisChris + guests    Wacko

  What a picture isn't it? ^_^ No, this is not a meeting, this is a UK raid! Discover all the story, feature a lot of guest stars from Belgium, France, Netherlands and UK! [read the full story here]

 19/12/11 - ROAD TRIP : "How to spend a week end" by Ckong/Gyruss    Bulk Archer

  "I felt bored last week, so I called a good friend and asked him if he wanted to have some fun. Sure, he said, so off we went. And fun we had. And not a lot of sleep either, about 4 hours in 2 1/2 day. But hey, sometimes you have to be a crazy fool to get something nice..." - CKONG [read the full story here]

 03/12/11 - ROAD TRIP : Atari Pole Position by Superully    pole position by superully

  "Here's one of those roadtrips I did quite a while ago but haven't found the time to let you guys in - until now!!!" - Superully [read the full story here]


 02/12/11  - Dragon's Lair Arrives on the Android Market

    DL Android
   Dragon's Lair for Android is now available Worldwide on the Android Market. Immerse yourself in the visually stunning world of hand-drawn animation adapted from the original smash hit arcade classic. Transferred from the original high definition master film, you’ll experience this fully arcade experience right in the palm of your hand... [Android Market here]  

 29/11/11 - Galaxian³ : The press book!    Galaxian3 osaka

   Thanks to the UGSF-SERIES website, here's the full content of the Galaxian3 press kit released for the Osaka exposition in 1990... AWESOME! [read here]

 13/11/11 - ROAD TRIP : The BIG One Part II - Return to the Island    Big One P2

  "It's been over a year since i had been to the island for The BIG One and although i promised myself lately to limit my "cab income", there were still a couple of cabs waiting for me which i had bought quite a while ago, so i thought it was time to return for one more round of arcade fun. and because i have to wait for additional pictures to arrive from my first-time travel companion, i might as well tease you a little bit before getting this report 'on the road' ..." - Superully [read the full story here]

 20/10/11 - ROAD TRIP : 'Captain Ace Gunn & Major Rock Hardy -vs- XYBOTS'    Xybots

  "I´m very happy to had made a nice catch. I had found this cab already in 2010, but not planning a road trip at this time. I don´t know exactly why, but in this summer I had thinking about it and contact the seller... and yes, it was still available! ... and for a good price: DEAL!" - TimePilot [read the full story here]

 15/10/11 - STARBLADE : Operation Blue Planet... new footage!    Star Blade

   AM Show 2001: Star Blade: 'Operation Blue Planet'. Namco unveils an impressive new 3D polygonal shooter with an unorthadox cabinet...what's new in 2011? [read here]


 01/10/11  - Dragon's Lair - 'The Complete Series' MOD Release Goes On Sale

    DVD Cartoons
   Warner Archive Collection has begun selling Dragon's Lair - The Complete Series as a manufacture-on-demand DVD release. [available here at WBshop]  


 23/09/11  - COSPLAY : KIMBERLY from Space ACE: The first samples...

    Space Ace Cosplay
   The lovely Zedela strikes back! After her wonderful Princess Daphne cosplay, she's back with the *highly anticipated* KIMBERLY cosplay... world Premiere! This is the first Kimberly (from Space Ace) cosplay ever done as far as I know! Woooooooowwww [all pictures right here]  


 11/09/11  - COSPLAY : Daphne & Dirk alive at the Dragon*Con 2011

    Daphne and DIrk
   "David Terres and I as Dirk and Daphne from Dragon's Lair at Dragon*con 2011. My hero rescued me..." - AlisaKiss [all pictures right here]  

 05/09/11 -  EUROCADE 2011 : Da report by Darth Nuno...

  "Aim for the moon..." - Well, this 3rd of September 2011, we were all on the planet Arcade... [ full report here]


 23/08/11  - DLFAN story: The Quest For a Perfect Video Game...

   "I just wrote a blog about my obsession with Dragon's Lair ... what do you guys think?" by Keith "Dekker" Gleason [story right here]


 22/08/11  - COSPLAY : Princess Daphne by Sirenirocco

    Princess Daphne Sirenirocco
   This time the Princess is coming from United States..Check this out this cosplay by Sirenirocco [all pictures right here]


 21/08/11  - Dragon's Lair custom cabinet in Italy...

    DL custom cab'
   Thanks to Bela (aka Belike), here's the pictures of an interesting Dragon's Lair *custom cabinet* he discovered in Italy, located inside the arcade of Mirabilandia, the amusement park of Ravenna. Dirk & Daphne are still alive in 2011...hell Yeah! [all pictures right here]

 15/08/11 - UK ROAD TRIP : 'Grand Champion' by Muerto

   Grand Champion

  "Finally, I ´m back with another cab cockpit.... and it´s a beauty!Imust say, it´s a nightmare to make a descent roadtrip in pictures, simply because there´s nothing to take pictures of!!! ... " - Muerto [read the full story here]

 08/08/11 - ROAD TRIP : 'Operation ThunderChris' by ...ChrisChris


  "Before going on vacation this year I felt the urge to do something stupid and impulsive... my choice went for: 'buy a new cab!'. I saw one on ebay and asked myself the 4 basic arcade questions: do I want it? Do I need it? Do I have the money for it? Do I have the space for it? Please note that: as long as you have at least one positive answer to either one of these fundamental questions, you're good to go..." - ChrisChris [read the full story here]

 07/08/11 - ROAD TRIP : 'Video Pinball' by Superully

   VideoPinball Atari

  "Ok guys, you all know that i h-a-t-e pinballs, but there comes a time in every arcade collector's life when you have to realize that no gameroom is really complete without at least one pinball. about one year ago i was contacted by toralf "time pilot". he told me about a german pinball collector who had one for sale which toralf though might be interesting for me. of course i said NO..." - Superully [read the full story here]

 31/07/11 - ROAD TRIP : 'PLEIADS' by Gyruss


  "Few weeks ago there was this ad on marktplaats for a Pleaids cabinet. Now I don't really like the US Pleiads cab but the Spanish/European version is definitely a work of art imo. So i didn't hesitate, called the seller and made him an offer, which he gladly accepted. The cabinet is located in Neeroeteren, Belgium, about 2 hours driving from my house..." - Gyruss [read the full story here]

 17/07/11 - DEFENDER : Scratch Built Replica by Scr33n

   Defender by Scr33n

   The latest Scr33n's project "DEFENDER" scratch built replica is finished... after his last project 'Gyruss', I told you it won't be the last one! ;-) Absolutely fabulous... [read the full story here]

 14/07/11 - Exidy's STAR FIRE : the Road Trip...or a miracle in Belgium

   Star Fire

  Miracles can happen: finally done a road trip for an ultra rare STAR FIRE *cockpit* by Exidy - Darth Nuno [Comic Book here]

 13/06/11 - Space Invaders pinball : 'Reveal the mystery' Road Trip

   SI pinball

  Here's the pinball that reminds me the more memories 'pinball related' ever. It's not really the very first pinball I played (I'm remembering a mechanical pinball as the first one played), but it's the one I really ...'enjoyed' first. Well, it's not really 'enjoyed'... I should say that it's the one who scared/fascinated me first/most! At the time I was something like 8 or 10 years old! That alien face on the backglass was the scariest thing that I've ever seen! ... ok... enoguh blabla! Road Trip time - Darth Nuno [start the invasion here]

 09/06/11 - ARTWORK : ROTJ yoke overlay by Etienne...now available!

   ROTJ yoke

  Many wanted it, many cried for it... and Etienne did it! Yes, the 'impossible to find' Return Of The Jedi yoke overlay artwork is now available! Congratulation to Atarimania for the initial scan of an new old stock one, and to Etienne for the vector work! - [read the full story here]

 05/06/11 - ARCADE WAREHOUSE RAID by Chrischris & Kid

   Arcade Warehouse

  "When my friend KID called me a few days ago to say that he found a nest of cabs but wasn't 100% positive if it was interesting, he sure knocked at the wrong door... How could I ever let any kind of cabs live in such miserable conditions, with no love, no capkit and only a few pigeons to "play" on them? Itold him we should go for it and save the arcades at all costs! So the next day the Belgian Arcade Preservation Team rented a vehicule..." - Chrischris [read the full story here]


 24/05/11  - Lazy Road Trip Collection : Atari Dragon's Lair by Darth Nuno

    Dragon's Lair #2
   Back in time... 16th of January 2011... it's a rainy day... I'm quiet in the family house with wife, and new born daughter. No time for a road trip these days... but there are still opportunities, new games to catch so ... Delivery is the only solution! Around 8:00am ... the truck I'm waiting for is here... [more information right here]

 23/05/11 - ROAD TRIP : 'Star Wars *upright*' by Atarimania

   Star Wars upright

  "Saturday.... 5 am... it's time for a new Road Trip!!!! This time with Ms. and Jr. Jr. Atarimania..." - Atarimania [read the full story here]

 20/05/11 - ROAD TRIP : 'GREMLIN...s' by Superully


  "I guess it's time to release the Gremlins upon you ... Twisted honestly, I didn't really plan to get any of the following items and what you are about to experience is a combination of sheer stupidity, luck and "being there at the right place at the right time"! ...more detailed explanations as we "cruise along" the roadtrip!" - Superully [read the full story here]

 10/05/11 - ROAD TRIP : 'Cosmic Zero Hour' by Gyruss

   Cosmic Zero Hour

  "Okay, time for another (short) road trip story. A couple of weeks ago there was a German wall machine for sale at marktplaats. On first sight it seemed to be another fake ad, but i decided to give the seller a call nevertheless. After communicating with 3 different people i finally spoke to the guy who owns the machine and we made a deal..." - Gyrusss[read the full story here]

 23/04/11 - ROAD TRIP : 'A Wild Excursion To The West' by Bela


  "Today was my name's day and we were planning an excursion for this weekend, we really wanted to move out from the city. We took a day off from work yesterday with my Gf. and escaped as soon as we can in that nice sunny morning..." - Bela [read the full story here]

 02/04/11 - ROAD TRIP : 'GORF' by Superully


  "Anyone looking for a Gorf? was the big question André asked a couple of weeks ago and since I was, i replied with YES! A Gorf arcade cabinet had been offered for sale on a pinball forum and with the help of some guys from our fabulous community I managed to strike a deal with the seller which of course meant roadtrip time - again! Unfortunately, the seller's location was pretty far out for a single daytrip, so I decided to ask my best friend Charlotte to come along for the ride. Parts of her family live to the north of paris which would give us the chance to spend a nice evening in France with them and stay the night at their place. ..." - Superully [read the full story here]

 26/03/11 - ROAD TRIP : 'Free Dig Dug' by Superully

   Dig Dug

  "Last saturday, a euro Dig Dug was offered up on a german arcade forum for nothing more than a crate of beer. The first binding promise would get it! although I prefer the american dig dug over the euro version, nothing beats free. PLUS only recently I had picked up a cocktail table glass bezel for the "seller", so this would be a nice chance for the exchange. even better: the pickup location was pretty close! So I typed my reply, waited a couple of hours and finally got the answer I was hoping was: it's yours, Ully..." - Superully [read the full story here]

 13/03/11 - Tron Legacy : The 'Standee' Road Trip

   Tron Legacy

   Back in October 2010... few months before the release of Tron Legacy in Europe. I have the idea to make something special for the release of that movie, and of course...Arcade + Life Style related! On the numerous trailers of that upcoming movie, you can see the original Tron arcade game... So why not display that cabinet to the new movie audience and let them (re)discover that game in 2011? - Darth Nuno [read the full story here]

 28/02/11 - Neo Legend, the shop @ Paris / France

   Neo Legend

   I was in Paris last days... why not to pay a visit to the new NEO LEGEND Arcade shop? Caution! Wallet warning ... Goodies inside - Darth Nuno [read the full story here]

 06/02/11 - Rescue Mission : "Zaccaria's Space Pirate" by Superully

   Space Pirate Zac'

  "As you guys know, our beloved hungarian member Bela is on a mission: he's trying to collect all the zaccaria cabs ever made! He has already made a lot of progress, but the further he proceeds, the more difficult it gets to find the missing games, because they get rarer and rarer. at the end of the last week bela contacted me because of a posting he had spotted in the classified ads section of ebay germany. on offer there was a dedicated Zaccaria Space Pirate..." - Superully [read the full story here]

 18/01/11 - GALAXIAN³ 'Project Dragoon' LD rip *WIP*

   Project Dragoon LD RIP

  "I finally had some time this week to work on this, and have most of the capturing done. I am going to do a couple more captures with different settings, but we're almost there..." - Warren Ondras [read the full story here]

 14/01/11 - ROAD TRIP : 'The Raiders Of The Lost Zacc' by Etienne


  "This is the story of the 2 guy's that teamed up to save a part that was lost during transport. This is a real story, and is based on true events that occurred..." - Etienne [read the full story here]


 10/01/11  - Princess Daphne Statue *Artist Proof* edition

    This special Artist Proof edition is limited to 50 pieces and comes with a special certificate signed by animation legend Don Bluth, Gary Goldman & John Pomeroy...be quick! [more details here]

 24/12/10 - Season's Greeting ... and ...XMAS Road Trip / XMAS Arcade tree!


   To all the friends here on Dragon's Lair Fans / Arcade Life Style website, to everyone throughout the Arcade community and beyond, Merry Christmas and happy new year! May your each and every Christmas wish be granted to you as a gift that is with you throughout the holidays and overflows into your new year and beyond! Let me finish this year by a very special road trip for a very special game ... have you ever heard about a game call PONG? ;-) [read the full story here]

 06/12/10 - ROAD TRIP : 'Rally' by Superully


  "...when 'Time Pilot' toralf put up a for sale thread for a very rare pong clone called RALLY, I couldn't get that game out of my mind. So eventually a deal was struck with the seller!" - Superully [read the full story here]

 01/12/10 - ROAD TRIP : After Burner & G-Loc *deluxe* by Polderarcade

   Triple Transport

   One road trip, two monsters made by Sega, three vehicles, a lot of games in a new game room... follow the crazy Polderarcade's Week Off [read the full story here]

 21/11/10 - ROAD TRIP : Saving Darth Maul by Darth Nuno...a Sith story ;-)

   Darth Maul

   "I've noticed something strange with my mini Darth Maul statue, located on the top of my Return Of The Jedi Cabinet. Since few weeks already... I don't know why but if it's like this statue wanted to tell me something... here's what really happened last month : The statue became a real hologram! Darth Maul is NOT dead ! He asked me to save him quickly". Follow us, Darth Remy and myself in a long journey for saving one of our Sith brothers, trapped in UK... [read the full story here]


 13/11/10  - New Princess Daphne Cosplay by Moe

    Moe Cosplay
   "Hi, my name is Moe! I am 18 years old. I actually am a MAJOR Don Bluth and Gary Goldman fan and love all their work. So, when I found out that they created a video game and I had to play/cosplay it..." - Moe aka 'funnygirlmoehunt'. Exclusive pictures & interview! [everything here]

 07/11/10 - ROAD TRIP : Gun Fight by Superully


  "Just recently, Colin from Belgium had picked up not one, not two, but three gun fight cabinets! For those of you who aren't family with those games, Gun Fight is the predecessor to Boot Hill. The gameplay is a little bit weaker and the monitor doesn't have the wonderful colourful back-lit plastic background, but hey, it is the original game! Remembering that I had been on the lookout for the cab since my boot hill got destroyed. Colin contacted me and asked me if I was still interested ..." - Superully. Great road trip featuring guest stars ;-) [read the full story here]


 04/11/10  - Dragon's Lair HD for iPad

    Dragon's Lair for iPad
    Dragon's Lair HD - iPad Edition, published by Digital Leisures Inc... now available! [additional information right here]

 03/11/10 -  Galaxian³ at the 30th JAMMA Amusement Machine Show... in 1992

   Galaxian3 preview

  "Galaxian 3 by Namco is, quite frankly, like nothing you have ever seen! The game uses an advanced 32-Bit processor which generates some of the smoothest polygon graphics seen to date... Everything about this game is revolutionary!" - Electronic Gaming Monthly in November 1992... [read the full story here]

 01/11/10 - ROAD TRIP : Gun! Fight! Invaders! by Chrischris & Liquidx

   Gun Fight

  "A few weeks ago, Liquidx and I were enjoying a little glass of whisky in our favourite Saloon..." - Chrischris. Great road trip told in the good old Western fashion style! [read the full story here]

 30/10/10 - ROAD TRIP : Crystal Castles by TimePilot


  "Today was a fantastic day. I could now pick up my favorite device, a Crystal Castles from Atari. I have long searched for this cab, and had already before more than a year contact with the seller. Unfortunately he did not sell then the cab, or only for too high a price..." - TimePilot [read the full story here]

 24/10/10 - ROAD TRIP : Pole Position by Funkycochise

   Pole Position

  "It's automn, without nay doubt, weather doesn't seem to be with us today... Go ahead to catch my partner for this road trip, like last time, it's 'Une ombre noire' (a black shadow)..." - Funkycochise. Follow the boys (Ombre Noire as guest star) for their quest for catch THE racing game : Pole Position [read the full story here]

 15/10/10 - GYRUSS CENTURI CAB - Scratch Built Replica by Scr33n

   gyruss replica

   The latest Scr33n's project "GYRUSS CENTURI CAB" scratch built replica is finished... and as usual, the result is great! Now he claims he's officially out of space... but I'm sure I won't be the last one! ;-) [read the full story here]

 14/10/10 - ROAD TRIP : Berzerk...the Last...but the First !

   Berzerk by Nuno

   Back in June 2010... got an opportunity to catch (and save) an other Classic game... BERZERK! The seller is located in a nice region of the France I've never visited... so why not to combine road trip with a touristic visit after all? Berzerk "the last...but the first"... the stories will never end ;-) [read the full story here]


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