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All the rest / Re: Forum policies/rules
« on: February 09, 2010, 10:12:46 PM »
Mav´s head is so far up Brunos ass that you can´t tell which ass belongs to whom!

No comment

these people have really gone beyond


All the rest / Re: Forum policies/rules
« on: February 09, 2010, 08:10:31 PM »
Ully, for what?

I'm for original hardware 100% too not for roms, so what are we talking about?

Me and bruno just tried told him to calm down, trying to let him understand that it is just a passion and to take it easy to avoid flames

nothing more


Sincerly I care most for new members that avoid the board for those reactions,

look what is said (and though) after his posts..

Quote from: sunamusementlink=topic=1344.msg13456#msg13456 date=1265741375

Calm down..

Yes, i did want to advertise in here to looking for dragon's lair game board.

I just want to express my think. i don't understand why you make it complicated ??  This is becoming ridiculous!!!

Also it seem that you are talking nonsense !!!  all you are talking are nonsense !!!!!!

Dragon's Lair / Space Ace / Re: dragons lair stepdown converter
« on: February 09, 2010, 06:27:21 PM »
Maybe someone who owns an US DL cab can confirm exactly  ;)

No problem boss,

Bruno asks, Mav acts!

Hi emilio,

welcome here, I even replied to you on the Dragon's Lair project board,

no problem for your english, I know it is a problem for you dragon's lair fans around europe so no problem  at all, we care for all of you guys ;)

in this way - line per line - you can understand what I tell you exactly translating with babelfish on altavista

First of all, Which LD player you have inside the cab?

the original pioneer ldv-1000 (60W) or pioneer ldv 8000 (100W) + interface, pionner pr 8210 (rev. A-C+others), sony Ld player 1450 (39W) + interface..

As you can see there can be some differences on LD power consuming

If you have an original 100% machine, 200 W could be ok as bruno told you

Anyway to be sure (in case you have a new pioneer 8000 at 100W!) go for a 250W

So you will have no surprise in the future (the stepdown converter that manage more watts guarantee no problems for long play hours)

Hope to be helpful and don't worry for your english I know what you mean and we will work this out to let all the people around the world to be able to join the forum here

feel free to ask with no worries, you are more than welcome here


All the rest / Re: Forum policies/rules
« on: February 08, 2010, 07:31:50 PM »
@Maverick, no offence meant,  Besides, I don’t know you, and your contribution might seem impressive (at least one could think that you really know what you are talking about, and perhaps you do)

I appreciate (even if I don't know you) your positive as negative comments,

I agree and may not disagree

but I always respect you and talk with you with manner

You are an another great example talking about my contributions

When for example you were thinking to import from USA games, you asked for help

and I helped you in every way (numbers, contacts, logistic, legal issues, all my experience at your service)

See here:

but it’s my personal opinion that one hardly can call your input as being positive. You often spread your ‘wisdom’ as if it was the highest good, and you are full of warnings to all kind of people, warnings

Of course as I told you that day, as I appreciate much your tentative (because remind me the first days) as at the same time I try to avoid you the main problems I had to face as Jamma+ friends

Maybe, it can be seen as non positive out inputs

but it is realistic (as also on Jamma+ forum told you, are we all negative? don't think so)

but it is so because we know what means to be involved in a such big issue as arcade imports from USA (and believe me it is a headache as you'll understand the day you'll face for real the problems I had been to)

Never wanted to be negative (it is the opposite, also fully demonstrated - soon as asked by you - I sent you all my US contacts!)

Oh, and please stop posting in lines, it makes your posts difficult to understand and it is foolish. Your argument that you do it for people with little knowledge of English is wrong: I never ever see it on any forum whatsoever, so please accept that you are mistaken about that. And to be honest, I often really don’t understand what you are saying, or what you mean.)

Domenico (manusoft - a new member yesterday who posted for a DL cab was able to understand easily with the help of babelfish on

I know it can seems stupid this way (for you guys all saxon native countries I know it is very easy to speak and write english, but for most of us it is not an easy task),

but there are lot of italians arcade fans who love this site but for the idiom barrier they can not join it easily as you do

So little patience, makes the world bigger

Just noticed that you linked to a topic with your R-type photo’s. What can I say, they are crap, and André told you that with a joke, and he used the words ‘pictures are terrible’. Did he lie? No, he didn’t. But you reacted as if you were bitten by a snake. That was out of line.

Right, because I did not know him first,

Soon as managed his attitude I get used with it


All the rest / Re: Forum policies/rules
« on: February 08, 2010, 06:35:44 PM »
- as long as you agree???

level 42 (andrè) is a 42 years old man collecting arcade games and is free to do everything he wants

Of course, in a civil spirit that one's freedom doesn't collide with the other's freedom

Hope it is all clear


All the rest / Re: Forum policies/rules
« on: February 08, 2010, 06:28:11 PM »

you need to read more between the lines!

I did it,

soon as we understood his way we got managed with that,

of course newbies can not know,

so for this reason a moderation is required


All the rest / Re: Forum policies/rules
« on: February 08, 2010, 06:25:18 PM »
because of some chinese dude who's done NOTHING but posting CRAP. this is absolute bull****!

Ully, the chinese member has not armed anybody neither advertized anything,

andrè is free to do what he wants


All the rest / Re: Forum policies/rules
« on: February 08, 2010, 05:52:20 PM »
Level what is wrong with you, man?

what is your problem?

I think your crusade is useless,

you dont' get gain nothing from this debate or from criticizing the chinese member

most of all,

you don't get nothing from trying to figure out as a victim,

even because nobody forgot last time you played this part see how turned it out for you..

I really hope it really helps you to understand what we're are telling

no hardfeeling but

"live and let die"


and let new members to express their ideas

(New members from the all whole world are welcome here)

All the rest / Re: Forum policies/rules
« on: February 08, 2010, 05:30:43 PM »
Mhh... I'm very sad to see a such topic here  :-\

I'm not for or against Chinese arcade shops. I've just remove your post because it was out of topic.

Right, he was just asking an information, nothing more!

Level made a mess of his business (that is not advertized here)

I use to give a nice Welcome to everyone who register here, and give a little more attention to the new members in the beginning... especially members from 'new' country like China... that's all  ;)

no spam or bad advertising so far. Just a simple question....

As above


Come on guys, please spend you energy to the things you're so great in : helping people, great arcade stories, debate but still with the respect of all... and don't bring back old stories that was already discussed  :-\

I don't know why this guy argue now even with a new member never known before


[Well, i must say if that really is the case that Mav wrote that to Andre,


1) where it is written?


All the rest / Re: Forum policies/rules
« on: February 08, 2010, 05:08:23 PM »

In the banner of the site, there is a product that I did not like. I didn't like it because it looks ugly (opinion), has an LCD (I don't like that, opinion), has a 48in1 in it (I've got one, they're OK but still illegal) and uses a Galaga marquee(which I don't like either, another personal opinion).

Sure, and you could express it with polite attitude?

I did not ATTACK anybody. YOU always claim that I attack others,

Are you sure?

sunamusement felt attacked, telling you:

Quote from: sunamusement
"I just want to express my think. If you don't like chinese products, It is ok, no body push you to buy them. that is very simple, you choose what you like. i don't understand why you make it complicated ??  This is becoming ridiculous!!!"

Is it enough clear to let you understand that your way of expressing ideas creates some problems?

while in fact YOU keep attacking ME.

No level, I just ask you since we are a community to respect other's opinions and point of view (if they like repro cabs or mame it is right they do it)

In fact, I've completely had it with a clown like you. You have contributed NOTHING of importance to this forum.

Are you sure?

why don't you ask to Finny, Any, James richardson, giddygoons,

I really think you don't much of what you talk about..

Anyway, I think you are too much of yourself to understand what i already wrote you: "we are all equal"

but you seems to claim more importance for you long term inscription than the people reckonize you
Anyway you talk about contributions:

check here, just to mention few:

you are fucking GOD !

I think you've gone too far

blasfemy is too much

a moderator that is protecting a Chinese bootleg company that fucking posted 5 posts since 3 days ago, against a member who has CONTRIBUTED over 1100 posts here,

bruno has done nothing, you are trolling in an uncivil manner about a discossion that is already clear


All the rest / Re: Forum policies/rules
« on: February 08, 2010, 04:29:27 PM »
I have not attacked anybody

I just tried to explain to our friend level that he should calm down and see things from an another perspective

As you know the attack from Level 42 was directed against our chinese friend, not against me

and if you see the thread was between him and the chinese

I only tried to let "level" understand that a forum is a public place, where people has different ideas and most of all these idea must be explained politely and not imposed

Being always aware not to be at 100% correct or on the right side

nothing more, nothing less

But I think the main problem is not a word (that was just to let him figure out what he was appering - not to offend him - it is not my style), but the behaviour in which the whole situation degenerates everytime things ends (this time our new chinese friend) for someone not sharing his point of view

if he wants a 100% pure arcade collector site than should make one on his own,

it must be stated that on this particular subject I agree with level (I' m for the original hardware too 100% since my first day collecting)

but i don't condemn who doesn't (like bruno)

respecting others' ideas

"Live and let die"


check the thread to see for yourself:

Meetings, Exhibition, Events... / Re: CAX 2010
« on: February 08, 2010, 12:05:02 AM »
I'm thinking to go

but it is not clear to me some particulars..


otherwise this would soon become a battle  :spaceace:

Who said it will not become a battle soon?! he he :twisted:

Today I'm awaken not my normal good peace mood but on my battle field mood (rare but dangerous because not frequent)   :lol: ..:twisted::


yes you're right, and it is good because some day we can exchange each other, having collected different cabs

Lasergames are a NIGHTMARE to restore with the original hardware (especially US cinematronics - cosmetically don't even talk about it)  :evil:

you have a chance of 1/3 to make it work when it arrives, (always something is broken or got broken soon)

and to restore it around a 1 year time process usually (to  find the same pieces, buy new players, disks not laser rotten, right roms for Ld palyer to make it work on the mb, monitor caps, ld adapters in case ldv 1000 goes out of focus..)

A nightmare  :spaceace:

he took me 5 years to understand all the different hardware machines and be able to operate easy and fast (cliff hanger, space ace dedicated, DL)

+ non lasergames (Out run Upright and sitdown Deluxe (a nightmare), After burner upright and Deluxe (a 2nd nightmare), rolling thunder, punchout, thunderblade, indy 500, aerocity candy cab,

TRON (I love the game but I hate the cab for how difficult was the restoration, 2 years in the making for the 100% hardware and cosmetic restoration.

For 1 single game 2 years is crazy! (a 3rd and final nightmare)


thx mav, but 1500 pounds for a machine which isn't that rare is too much for me. there will be other chances i'm sure  :)


if compared to computer space or pong (see the thread here)

I agree with you

But to have an original perfect machine in europe is not really easy to find


to find even a not perfect cab, is not cheap

a US original DL machine (not perfect or restored) is a hi cost.


In my opinion - seeing from the beginning of your cabs collection (joust 2 approx april 2009, am I precise as always, eh?  8) )-

you are more on the late' 70 games (most atari) than a (devoted  :twisted:)Lasergame fan as me, any, jason, ..

This doesn't mean that one is better than other but simply that for you it has a different meaning on your wish list

as for us an another

For us a DL is a must have soon as possible

For you it is 1 of between others

and this more than normal

Most of all: It is a matter of will - driven by our taste (more will to have it = more money spent of the specific item)

(Me or jason to collect a berserk cab it is not exactly as a SA ded so we save our money and energy

but this doesn't mean berserk is not good for money requested or don't value its cost..)

A matter of will in general..  

..Except for oliver that have EVERYTHING!  :P

But he doesn't count since he's not the rule

but the exception!   ;D

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: Housewife building Asteroids Cocktail
« on: February 06, 2010, 10:35:58 PM »
Great job Hagen, ;)

you should talk with scr33n (massimo) and make a euro company of these kind of games!

Go for your way and finish what you started  :twisted:


Wifes=women: 2000 years in the making and still strange earthlings to comprihend!  ;D

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