Author Topic: The EXPENSIVE CNC cutting Process - Review  (Read 5353 times)


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The EXPENSIVE CNC cutting Process - Review
« on: March 10, 2009, 11:25:38 AM »
I've bought in the US between the 2004-2006 3 original Dl cabs to restore

Of course since it was going to be a long way the games arrived with some hits

No broken side or rips but anyway the sides were a little bit weared and scuffed (especially on the corners)

I though to make an improvement replacing the sides (even for all who doesn't have an original cab and asked me one)

Since the original game has particular curves to make a perfect job I called a well known roman company who cut wood with Cnc software professionaly

I sent the original cab though a shipping company in Rome and after 3 weeks (I received the phone call this morning) I received the preview cost of 700 euros  :-X

just for the software! not the wood replica!

At the question why it was so expensive, they replied me that the cnc software to be made require hrs to the person who make all exact measures and once it'll be done, I'll have to pay just for the wood to be cutted

Let me know your opinion


Ps= I'm wondering if in the Us is less expensive and the software is compatible with the european cnc machines

I want a perfect cab not something "very similar" but it seems very expensive, do you?
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Re: How is EXPENSIVE The CNC Process
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2009, 11:00:22 PM »
From the thread of Remy (our new french member)

Remi reminded to me to give some update for the cnc work commissioned last month and received in the beginning at the beginning of April (that i was not able to post before for pressure on my job schedule)

What I can say:

1) the cnc work?

Yes, it is precise.

Cut is EXTREMELY precise BUT TOO expensive (I'm speaking here in Italy, maybe in Us or Germany is cheaper let me know)

I can say it is precise as expensive to find the right comparison,

the "cutting edge" (or "ice on the cake" i fyou prefer) precision is evident on the 2 curves of the side arts especially when compared one o one

Here some example:

as on other critical parts of the DL cab there is also the bezel wood (to put over monitor) that must intersecate with the cpo label wood (where it is written: Inspected by)

If you have an original cab you know what I mean

here is a photo:

Or the 2 wood that holds the marquee (extremely particular the cut that must fit the plastic and the 3 angles)


While some parts of the DL cab can be easely reproduced (with some practice)

the 2 marques holders and the bezel wood are mooore difficult to reproduce (but not impossible - great skill and lot of execise can finally make it)

The side Arts:

2 side arts curves identical to reproduce at 100% as the original DL Side arts - manually - are EXTREMELY difficult to do,

if not really impossible.

The main problem about a non perfect curve is that when the sides are put toghter, the tipical problem is that one curve can be bigger or slightly shorter than the other (or even different !)

But only when you'll be monting the control panel you'll see clearly these differences

No Wood worker in 6 months here in Italy accepted the commission to reproduce 2 identical DL side arts manually with those 2 strange curves

(even if I gave them the original sides taken away from the old cab and money on my hands)

See photo:

According to them it is like to draw a circle with a hand.. so "only machines can handle that at 100% as you want" so they sent me to an industry that makes cnc cuts.

Right there they asked me to have the real cab to reproduce (not the sole measure that I brought them) and broke it apart!

then took measures of all the pieces &

After 20 days I received the pieces back (not the cab rebuilded)

I'll add more info for comparison soon as I can

Hope for this review can help who is restoring the cab or thinking about it..

Of course keep in mind: If you 're looking for perfection (but this is in my opinion a personal matter, i.e depends on how much you want the replica close to the original, of course..)

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Re: The EXPENSIVE CNC cutting Process - Review
« Reply #2 on: April 26, 2009, 09:31:36 PM »
Ok, as promised here is the comparison with the sides of an original DL cab

Let's start from the beginning,

here is the typical DL Cab bought on Ebay still to restore (taking away the vynil.. here is what we have):

The typical Broken legs:

The Ruined sides (pencil colored! :S)

OK, now we apply the Cnc Repro sides over the original sides to check if the cnc cut commission by me have been correct:

Down Below:

Here the curve on the top:

Here the curve at the control panel level:

Other side:

Review closed,

End of the Line

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