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Arcade Lifestyle / Re: I'm building my personal Gaming Room...
« on: September 08, 2013, 05:16:54 PM »
Do you mind if I just take a moment, and have some coffe in your Starblade seat over there?

Galaxian Theater / Re: GH-28 : GALAXIAN THEATER for 28 players !!!
« on: August 13, 2013, 10:32:20 AM »
Why not just dig a large bunker? Keep it all underground. Who needs the sun.

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: I'm building my personal Gaming Room...
« on: August 07, 2013, 07:39:09 AM »
Arcade games, food and women. Is that paradise?

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: Paris, aaah Paris!
« on: August 04, 2013, 10:14:45 PM »
And now, I have compiled a webpage with many pictures with brief descriptions for you. Thank you very much for your tips and advices so that I could visit a few of the arcades in Paris.

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: Paris, aaah Paris!
« on: August 03, 2013, 12:18:37 AM »
Thanks for all the pictures and info, Funky. Really interesting to see, we should have gone to Nancy instead.

I've been home now a couple of days and I'm still totally flushed  :-\

Tomorrow I hope to start doing the pictures section by section; Berlin, that castle, Insbruck, the alps... and a separate section for the arcades in Paris. That's what I remember most anyway.

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: Paris, aaah Paris!
« on: July 31, 2013, 10:56:45 AM »
Thanks for all that info, I will educate Camilla.

I see, so you live in Nancy, Funky? I think I have passed that metro station a few times here. So you are living and working in Paris? What to you do? You're not one of them crazy scooter drivers flying around the streets? ... eating alot of macarons?

Personally I try to avoid the sweet stuff as it makes me hyperactive at first but then very tierd. I mean, try eating a few of them macarons and then play Crysis or something that requires attention. At first you will rock, but soon you will become lazy and make mistakes. If at all sweets then only as medicine, and only a little piece just enough to gain some health. However in this case fruit is better. Or a glass of juice.

Yes, today we're leaving for home. I am looking forward to get back to my home, my PC, my games and our three cats. They are at my motherinlaw's now, Birgit has been their guardian while we were on holiday. I think it has been very difficult for her as those little trolls have no respect for her, and one of them has destroyed some items.

Anyway, I will be posting some pictures tomorrow, or so. I need to sort the pictures from all our trips through Europe, there is alot.

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: Paris, aaah Paris!
« on: July 30, 2013, 12:14:16 PM »
I've been to New York too, just a couple of years ago. They have order in their streets, wide sidewalks and alot of space. NY felt much easier than Paris for me, and I really loved the chinese  buffets open 24/7. Even though I couldn't find one arcade there all was cool. The smells were pleasant, either hotdogs and pretsels, or roasted sweet almonds around every corner. It really was a happy time for me. Oh but they did have an arcade... That "Mars 2112" or something. Or was that a restaurant? And they did have a few smaller arcades in chinatown, I remember now.

Well, it isn't quite that dramatic, infact I have become more fit walking up all those stairs and slopes. I have no problem with my feet or legs. It's just that feeling of pointlessness and the fact that I cannot do what I am used to at home.

We've bought some bread at Spar, and some eggs, so every morning we have omelett with toast and instant coffe. Then usually during the day we get a sandwich or kebab. In the evenings it is usually pasta with some sauce and added veggies and some chopped pork.

Thanks for the tip on the macarons. However they are everywhere, in every patisseri and boulangeri. They are very sweet so I cannot eat them. Camilla loves them though, macarons have only recently started selling in sweden. For quite a while only one shop had macarons, now they're in almost every cafee in every mall so they have become sort of 'passe' being so overexposed.

Yesterday we were at Repetto, a specialized shop for dance-equipment and also women's shoes. Camilla bought herself a pair of very expensive black shoes, ofcourse 'made in France' (not made in China). Then we wanted to try to walk home from Opera, but somewhere after montmarte Camilla freaked out and we had to take the bus. But somehow the bus took a wrong turn somewhere and we ended up walking home quite a distance anyway. I actually happened to see a pinball machine on the way in a restaurant, "Monster..." something.

Tomorrow we're leaving for sweden, so today we need to clean the appartment and also not forget to feed the fish. There's a goldfish here. Quite a social little fellow, every morning it swims around in a cheerful way. Camilla named it "Amellie", I named it "Camilla", it wasn't untill two days ago we were informed that she is a he, and that he has killed three of his previous goldfish friends and now there are only three alge-suckers left, they seem to survive ok because they are quick enough to swim away when 'he' attacks. So, I renamed him "Killer Karl".

Camilla is still shooting stuff around her, the spice shelf, the kitchen, the furniture, even the old floor... Like some mental freak, anything she thinks she can blog about regarding our Paris stay. I just want to get out of here now.

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: Paris, aaah Paris!
« on: July 29, 2013, 12:41:40 PM »
Thanks, Pierre. But it is't our first time in Paris, or France. However it is our first time actually living here. Even though I can make myself understood in english, as well as understand some of the french I hear, I feel that the city is too big for me, any large city is.

The times we've been here before was maximum a week, and then we lived in a hotel closer to the centre. Camilla has always been the one to drag me along, I always came with her but only for her purpose, not mine. I try to avoid large cities. I've seen the tower now maybe four times, the arch also, and taken the sight-seeing busses surely five times.

Le Havre was actually a somewhat relaxing side trip for me as I got to drive again. Why Le Havre: because Camilla saw a film once called "Le Havre" and wanted to see more of the town. Which subsequently brought us to Omaha beach and the small town villages there. That was really awesome, getting lost in those little streets of ...ville Sur Mer was just like driving GTI Club again. I love driving.

Now we've been here in Paris for almost two weeks, and because I don't have anything to do other than follow Camilla around town, doing her stuff, I feel lost and trapped. All We do is ride the metro, or the buss, or walking to some shop or just getting lost. And now Camilla is complainig that her feet hurt, ofcourse. And there are so many tourists everywhere.

Today Camilla wants to go to a shop called "Repetto" to buy some shoes, and then to monmartre again for the third time in one week. Very well, this is like running through a quake level ten times without shooting. But by now I'd much rather prefer to play some football or basketball with any of our african neighbors here. I mean anything just to get out of this tourist trap. I don't take drugs, I don't drink alcohol (even though we have a bottle of great port wine in the fridge), I don't eat cheese or even smoke here anymore. I only want my life back. All my energy is gone. We are flying back to Sweden in three days but I thik it will take a long time before I will get back to normal. I doubt even sitting in a Star Wars Racer drinking a cool juice will make me well now.

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: Paris, aaah Paris!
« on: July 26, 2013, 12:14:26 PM »
Luigi knows what I'm talking about. It is supposed to be a holiday but it turned out to be more like a mission of being a custodian to a mad ape trying to make a documentary on the city. It started out really super, I was driving a Nissan Quashcai with all the luxury accesories, the alpes were awesome, as was the festival in Switzerland. But now in Paris we're stuck in this appartment, no aircon, and no car, with only the subway and our shoes.

"Autostrada" or "Autoroute" same thing. Or "motorway" in swedish, and "autobahn" german. On the road was better, or if I would hang out in a airconed arcade would be better. Everybody here is so thin and that makes me feel fat. I think I ought to start smoking but I need a pipe. For the moment I am stuck here with Camilla's ipad.

Today will probably be another walking day as C wants to see the arch, again. I fear she's mentaly ill but we bought another 5-day visitor's subway pass so it looks like we'll be tourists for 5 more days. All this is just piling up in my brain to create an overload. I hope time will fly, or I will be flying.

Last night we were at the "grand canal", a sort of cool reservoire of water in the middle of town. But there were so many people there, students or something, some playing on guitarrs and singing, it was too crowded. Camilla wanted to sit down at the canal like everybody else eating and drinking, so we went to buy a baguette and something that looked like cheese. It is confusing in the grocery stores as you never know what you are buying because of the language. Anyway, we never sat down by the canal due to the crowded state it was in, everybody seemed to have their picnic at the same time, baguettes and cheese everywhere, so I ate while walking. C was taking photos of anything and everything, and well back at home I put the rest of the cheese in the fridge - a very bad thing to do. As I opened it this morning to get some juice I was struck by a horrible smell, ofcourse I had to buy the smelliest cheese in the store. So it has to go. No more cheese for me this month.

There's more, so much more, I'm getting it all mixed up though, the temperature is coolest in the mornings so the best time to think is between 08 - 11. The afternoons and evenings ought to be spent at a beach or by the pool. But where can I find that here?

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: Paris, aaah Paris!
« on: July 25, 2013, 10:22:10 PM »
Well, one could say that, but France has many other things to be happy about.

I drove a Peugot 208, by the way. The Polo was just as reference; "Polo or alike...". But the Pegout, being a french car, wasn't bad at all to drive. After an hour of blindly blundering through Paris La Defence district avoiding trucks and busses in all that french day time traffic ( we had two GPSs, none of them was updated) I became quite familiar with the controls. But the meter layout and placement was horrible, the wheel was infront of the meters so I couldnt see how fast I was driving. Anyway on the autostrada it performed like a little rocket (diesel rocket).

Le Havre was a nice, quiet, not so little town with really strange architecture. I was informed that the city was pretty damaged by bombs in the war, so there were very few old buildings left. All the other houses was built in a style like art deco, or something it. Often square with many right angles, still stylish. However no arcade games.  I think I saw one pinball machine in a pub there.

Omaha Beach, well, a beach with lots of sand and rocks higher up on the shore. And the small towns you can drive by on your way there are so nice, like disney land but for real. However no arcade games there too, not at the quick look I was able to take while stopping there. Unless you guys know of anybody in a small village who collects games ... ;)

Yes well, today:
... another culture torture. I had to go watch some american, dead, gay artist again. But they had aircon & wifi so I guess I shouldn't complain. Then I had a litre of "pure orange jus" which made my stomach go blaaahhh. And I am getting pretty sick of the Metro, so many people, so many smells. I want to go home now.

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: Paris, aaah Paris!
« on: July 23, 2013, 11:43:20 PM »
By the way, tomorrow we will be checking out Le Havre. Anybody knows anything about Le Havre, besides what is in the wiki? ... And Omaha Beach? Any arcade there?

I'm not sure what Camilla wants to do there, I think she saw some film or read something about it. Anyway, I'm driving a rented Polo so I'm happy.

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: Paris, aaah Paris!
« on: July 23, 2013, 11:33:45 PM »
Today was a success. I was really happy to be able to see real arcades today, and in particular very well kept and serviced games. I would post some pictures here but I am using Camillas's ipad so I can only type.

The "Tete... nuages" was a typical modern arcade, just as I had imagined it. Fortunately there weren't many people so I could do just as I had planned; walking slowly through the arcade drinking a cool juice.

The dominating genres were racers and shooters, but they had a corner with several Sega Astros with Raiden Fighters, Metal Slug (?) and even some dance machines, and there was also a small bowling alley. I didn't play anything, I never do, not even the Let's Go Jungle Special. It impresses me as an interesting experiment by Sega, but that is about it. Sadly their King of Route 66 was down, and their StarWars Racer could do with new CRTs, otherwise all games looked OK.

The Street Arcade seemed a bit less commerce inclined but had alot more enthusiasm, with modern fighting games and tournaments. Two floors with sit-at cabs, mostly Astros, also these flat ones Viewlix (?) cabs with LCDs. The guys working there were very friendly, they were playing SF13 (I think it was) close to the front door there, then one asked me if I wanted to play, ofcourse I declined being a total noob on fighters.

Browsing the top floor was exciting, but the real fun was their basement full of 29" CRT Astros, however quite empty. I think there was just one guy playing ... can't remember what, but they had Demon Front, two Bombermans next to each other, and much more. I have to check the pictures to see what games there were.

As today was mostly a rainy day, one of the three guys playing upstairs (the tall one, i forgot his name) offered us an umbrella. Camilla was very pleased, and charmed, something that she will remember Paris for.

So now I have a few pictures to bring home to Sweden to make the guys on AT drule over. I am happy to have been able to see some still functional arcades with well maintained games, and I think that the Paris arcades are in better shape than those in Vegas and even Santa Monica Pier, where I was last year and became gravely disappointed.

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: Paris, aaah Paris!
« on: July 23, 2013, 11:57:32 AM »
Blanka, how many of those dinners are you planning to eat each week, 5 or 7?  Because 7 x €40 is €280, and thats only for dinner. What do you have for breakfast and lunch? I will not ask you to summerize it into one month because you were probably on holiday, and as such one does allow for certain exeptions. But to call a two person dinner at €40 cheap makes me wonder in what line of business you are, (diamonds?  ;D). I'd much rather have a kebab, or a sandwich for €3.50 than sitting at a table paying more. But that's just me I guess.

I also think I ought to mention that I am not a tourist, at least I try not to be even though my Camilla is one. Yesterday we were walking around this huge cemetary with these funny looking graves like little houses, Camilla was searching for the grave of Jim Morrison, and some other grave of Alain Bash... something, and I wondered if my brain would explode from the heat, or from the awesome boredom I was experiencing at the time. On top of this I was being eaten by mosquitos.

In all the cities we have been this far I have fallen asleep on the sight-seeing bus, I have never bought a souvenir (I did pick up a small rock in the alpes though), and I have not taken one picture of any typical monument or place in any country except of castle Neuschwanstein, which I honestly did find interesting due to its playful appearance.

Today I hope to visit the Street Arcade and that other place on Rue Italian, sitting inside in an airconed environment having a coke and perhaps a sandwich, if I am allowed to eat there. I feel really done walking around Paris looking at stone walls and strange doors (even though they are supposed to have certain cultural value), done with sitting in cafes watching people, walking past cafes having people watching me, ... I need a beach.

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: Paris, aaah Paris!
« on: July 22, 2013, 12:28:53 AM »
Whew! Today was flee-market day. We went to ... Puce something, where they had this very big market of second hand stuff. But they also had alot of new wares like shoes, hats and clothes. And *so many homeless and poor people*!? So no arcades today.

I am noting down every place you guys recommend, china town would be nice to browse through. I see that there is alot of interesting architecture in Paris 13 (thanks Blanka), but that is for me enough to see in the pictures.

And yes, in the tourist areas eating and drinking is very expensive, I'd say about the same as in sweden and the tourist areas in stockholm, or gothenburg cities. But because we have a kitchen here, I cook.

Yesterday I made a pot of 500g pasta, fried some onions, paprika and chopped bacon, with a sauce provencal and a little chili-garlic hot sauce. This is enough dinner for two people over two days, and it doesn't cost much if you shop at Sparks. Tomorrow I will probably fix some good meat, alot of walking makes the feet sore. Also you need to drink lots of water in this heat.

Tomorrow I will probably have to subdue myself to some cultural torture again, but the day after it will be my day to decide where to go.

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: Paris, aaah Paris!
« on: July 21, 2013, 12:13:55 PM »
I understand, Cain. It is more or less the same in any larger city, you see it in Stockholm as well and ofcourse I hate that. Prague and Berlin also had this with russians and italians buying building spaces opening shops and restaurants for tourists. I feel ripped off just buying a beer in the centre, and as if that isn't enough the waitress asks me and Camilla to pay and leave after about 30 minutes. Now, what kind of stress is that, like a ride on some attraction in Disneyland - in, take my money, and out.

About the appartment that we rent, it belongs to a colleague of Camilla's. We pay only the actual cost for 2 weeks. I think it was €250 a week, a small sized 2 bedroom flat plus a kitchen space with TV room/dining room in "Paris 10". Haha... Actually I feel more that I am in africa than in France, every night you hear some sort of police involvment or some quarrel. Which in my terms makes things more exciting, but not for Camilla, she is very nervous.

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