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Arcade Lifestyle / Re: New arrival: Zaccaria Scramble ^^
« on: July 18, 2023, 07:24:52 AM »
Lovely cabinet, lovely art. And a good restoration. Looks like one of Rumiano's old creations, but I'm sure there were plenty of places in Italy that built game cabinets.

Galaxian Theater / Re: New GT-6 successor?
« on: May 16, 2019, 08:37:16 AM »
In my opinion the cabinet has potential, but the game is just another "point'n shooter", which of there are plenty of variations today.

It *has* to be a space-shooter, like Starblade or Galaxian3. But the starwars-days are over, now it's all about FPS games and those quake/unreal clones. Though I'm really hoping for some game house, perhaps namco, to make space-shooter worthy of being called a sequel to either Starblade or Galaxian3.

... watching that HALO video it seems like a good game. Some good space-action there too.

Great job there, Haase.

But what do you mean by "small kids"? How small? I mean that there's a limit to what you understand, so when you're 2½ old you'd probably just laugh at all that berry juice and flying kindeys.

Doom! Oooh.. yeah, that's pretty gory. Remember to wash your hands before dinner.

Would the new Doom work under Windows XP SP2?

Yes ofcourse, I know. Just that now it's too late, you already have your kid. I have three cats and I feel that same way about them.

When you get children you also get lots of new 'problems'. What they watch on TV for one.

Thanks Gyruss. I've always wanted that yellow pyjamas with the black stripe along the sides, but my mom never was the sewing type.

No worries, 42. It's not a defect, just a matter of taste. Like some people prefer both mustard and ketchup on their burgers, and some only mustard. And just like that you see how easy it is to forget about the rest of the world because I don't even need to bet that there's a million other ways of having your burger.

But you need a pretty sharp sword to split a guy in half, and that is impressive. Wouldn't you agree?

And, as for kids playing violent games, that's easy. Don't have kids! Hahaha... I don't.

 :D Yes well that's awesome, 42! I'm kind of crazy that same way. But don't let a few split bodies get in your way of enjoying all the other 80s stuff.

Ofcourse not everybody. It is a hilarious movie with plenty of imagination, thus it will cause alot of controversy. Perhaps our critic would care to elaborate on why he didn't like it? Was it the main character, too thin? Too fat? Too queer? Or were the 8-bit computers too poorly presented? Or simply the nazis who weren't colorful enough. Personally I was expecting more arcade games, but then I realise that not all of us were into that back then.

Btw "swedisch or danisch", it wasn't all swedish, more like a mixture, but mostly swedish. Them two guys were definitely swedes.

Yeah... and not the cabaret one, I presume.

How about 720* (with the ghettoblaster at the top)

Me too man, me too.

Hahaha.. I see! Yes, well perhaps I should say woodworking. Though I think it's carpenting (carpenter) in english.

Actually have a look at the cabinets from Atari, from the early 80s to even the mid 90s. You will never see anything anywhere remotely close to the designs.

Examples from Firefox and StarWars sit-in cabinets to uprights and semi uprights such as STUN Runner, XY Bots, Vindicators, Crystal Castles, Too Bin, I-Robot .. this one seems to have been used generically through time with Return of the Jedi, Firefox (UR) and maybe more. What Atari did wasn't only building cabinets for the purpose of a particular game, but beautifully integrating the theme of that game more or less into the cabinet design. And I don't mean decals and marquees. Most obvious would be Vindicators where the cabinet infact does look like some sort of upright standing tank!

My fav cabinets aren't the extravagant ones, I'm more for the practical implementations such as Gauntlet, mainly designed to welcome four players *around* the cabinet!? Incidently also which you can convert to play basically any game on, and what instantly pops into my mind is Golden Tee Live.

Point is, where other manufacturers, even the skilled japanese, were building arcade game cabinets for practical use, Atari was using its imagination bringing that extra dimension into the concept.

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: I'm building my personal Gaming Room...
« on: June 08, 2015, 09:55:27 AM »
I will not be asking about your electrical bill, but I will ask what is your favourite game at this time? I'm guessing the new Darius, but please name at least three of your currently challenging games.

It's still a nice catch. The cabinet itself is a one of its kind masterpiece in carpenting art. As so many other cabinets from Atari around this time. There's just no other cabinet builder like it. Ofcourse it must have been due to evolution of CNC routers and computerised /CAD programming. Just look at the lines, the angles, it's a wonder the cabinet holds that way. I'm very curious how they assembled it, what glue the used, and how well it still holds together today.

Congrats on that catch, Bruno. It's a beautiful piece of history.

Ohyes I saw this film just the other day and it is hilarious. Not just exaguration in various sick ways, but really totally outrageously hilarious. My jaw was stuck in open position for hours after.

BTW Andreas Cahling, a swedish bodybuilder, plays Thor.

I'd still like to visit Bruno briefly and try out the Galaxian3, but I've not had any opportunity to travel in these parts of europe yet. Last summer we went on a europe-trip but that was from Berlin via Poland and some more eastern states, then swiss and germany, to finally stay in Paris two weeks. Now Camilla doesn't want to go on holiday in europe more so I'm not sure when I can come by Bruno's.

Maybe I'll just pack a bag and rent a car for a few days.

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