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What are the Lables/Models of these 2 ICs, on the C-RAM Board?
(The red circle on the right indicate some photoshop mis-aligns).

On the first picture, here's the ref for the IC located at 2J,2F, 7J, 7F on C-RAM PCB :


What is the board on the second picture?

On the 2nd picture it's the CPU board. However, some other boards also have similar mis-align, on their slope-border.

Some tips I summerized for joining scaned pictures:
1. Make the join-border vertical or horizontal, instead of slope;
2. Noticed that most circuit on the CPU board's component-side are vertical, so scan it upper-and-lower, instead of left-and-right may avoid most mis-alignment.

I've downloaded your newly scaned CPU pitctures. They're pretty good. So you needn't re-scan them.
Have a nice trip!

What are the Lables/Models of these 2 ICs, on the C-RAM Board?
(The red circle on the right indicate some photoshop mis-aligns).

Galaxian Theater / Re: Starblade vs Galaxian³ : System comparison
« on: November 13, 2009, 05:21:36 PM »
Yes, I saw some difference between the 2 obj boards.
Actually, there are also some different in software side I've noticed, the palette structure, for example.

I'm submitting my galaxian3td driver to MAME soon. I'll update the 3D Model Viewer as well, since its own palette has recently been extracted , we needn't borrow it from starblade anymore.  8)

BTW, for those PCB pictures for galaxian3td, could you send me their original scans, before photoshop's joining? Since there are some tiny mis-matches in the joined border, although not a lot, a few important signals are affected.

Let me send you my email address by message?

Galaxian Theater / Re: Starblade vs Galaxian³ : System comparison
« on: November 12, 2009, 05:01:58 AM »
yes, they are the same board. starblade should have EPROMs.

However, I noticed that the OBJ board between these 2 games are different. Could you take some pictures of them?


Because it's a big work, can you tell me on which boards to work first ? Hope this can help  :-*

The scaned pictures are excellent. It helps a lot for tracing circuit.
I know that scanning these boards is a big work, let's start from master CPU & CRAM boards first, then each one of DSP, PGN & OBJ later... ;D

Hi, yes, I mean "both side" of these boards, so that I can trace circuit printed on the PCBs. I'm now studying CPU & DSP board. (does galaxian3 use the same DSP board as Starblade exactly,  or with some minor difference, such as ICs?)

I believe this "obj browser" can also work with Zolgear, if its ROMs are dumped. :-D

Hi, DarthNuno,

Congratulations for your Space Invader!

As for Galaxian 3, I'm doing analyzing on it, hope I can extract its correct colour palette this week.

Your PCB photos helped a lot, especially the scaned picture, it's very clear. If possible, could you scan other boards, with their bottom sides as well?


Hi, I just programmed a 3D Model Viewer for the recently dumped "Galaxian 3 theatre 6". It may also work with "Zolgear", if dumped. Just put ROM files(un-zipped) in "roms" folder and enjoy. ;-)

*Colours are not accurate at this time, since the palette is borrowed from Starblade.

Yes, I played "Zolgear" 10 years ago, in Tianjin, China.


So nice to find this website. My name is Naibo, an arcade fan, and now I'm doing some study on Namco's "Driver's Eyes", an early 1990's 3D driving game, running on Namco System21 hardware (similar to starblade :-) ).

I've made "Driver's Eyes" workable on MAME. However, there still exists some graphic problems on System21 emulation.
Would you guys verify some screen shots on real arcade starblade machine? Merci!

1. Back face culling issue: does a real starblade machine look like left or right (or it was like left BEFORE being shot, then After being shot, it becomes like right)?

2. More backface culling: "driver's eyes" and  "winning run 91":

3. Priority of winrun91: does the title flies in front of or behind the black car?

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