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Hi, I just programmed a 3D Model Viewer for the recently dumped "Galaxian 3 theatre 6". It may also work with "Zolgear", if dumped. Just put ROM files(un-zipped) in "roms" folder and enjoy. ;-)

*Colours are not accurate at this time, since the palette is borrowed from Starblade.


So nice to find this website. My name is Naibo, an arcade fan, and now I'm doing some study on Namco's "Driver's Eyes", an early 1990's 3D driving game, running on Namco System21 hardware (similar to starblade :-) ).

I've made "Driver's Eyes" workable on MAME. However, there still exists some graphic problems on System21 emulation.
Would you guys verify some screen shots on real arcade starblade machine? Merci!

1. Back face culling issue: does a real starblade machine look like left or right (or it was like left BEFORE being shot, then After being shot, it becomes like right)?

2. More backface culling: "driver's eyes" and  "winning run 91":

3. Priority of winrun91: does the title flies in front of or behind the black car?

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