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Arcade Lifestyle / ZACCARIA CRAZY KONG
« on: January 09, 2017, 10:11:31 PM »
How hard are these to find? How do I get one to the states? Anyone have any leads? Are there any in the USA?

Artwork / Thanks Etienne!!! BUY HIS STICKERS! HE ROCKS!
« on: September 24, 2015, 04:08:50 AM »
Hey, I just wanted to give Etienne a shout out. A few times now, he has sent me a bunch of awesome stickers for my games and other little surprises like the below. He does a really good job. I also have the Grinkers group photo hanging in my basement on my vent.

Thank you Etienne! YOU RULE! I forget to tell you I put the Jump Bug stickers on my game the last time I pulled it away from the wall. I didn't film it. :( But I can't wait to put the Quantum stickers on!

Just curious if anyone has an Atari I, Robot cardboard bezel or control panel for sale in this part of the world.

If you do, please contact me!




I am very proud to own Yellow Computer Space #10299. The thing is complete and not working. I have replaced the power supply so far and no change. GE TV is working with white raster on the screen. I see some issue with that tube above the flyback. Game does nothing. This is going to be quite the challenge. So worth it! Seems to be an early game as it has no lock on the front.

My buddy Adam ( comes with me to pick up the game from Pilot Air and bring it back to the garage. We try getting the game working when we return. Thanks, Adam!

Also in the video I interview Ed Fries (Microsoft Excel, Xbox launch Team, Figure Prints, etc.) about his Yellow Computer Space he just fixed. Read about it here:

And... we interview Kevin from - the dude knows his stuff!

This is a long episode. Hope you like it! :)

Hopefully you guys don't see this as a SPAM post. :)

So... I had a lot of people asking me to make John's Arcade shirts so I did.

I did a t-shirt "kickstarter" type thing and I hope  you guys can support it. These will be good quality silk-screened t-shirts. Support them here:

The deluxe shirt is American Apparel brand or you can get a HANES brand in Journey Blue for much less.

And, yes.. the back says "This is BROWN PAINT!"

Arcade Lifestyle / Hey EU dudes! I'm in EDGE magazine this month! :)
« on: January 27, 2015, 04:50:42 AM »
You guys get EDGE magazine? It's an awesome UK gaming mag. VERY well written.

Anyways, I'm in the current issue (#276 with Uncharted on the cover)

Can I hook a ZedX SPECTRUM up to a SONY PVM monitor? If so, how?

I saw Ben Heck use an Android app to mimic the speccy's cassette player. Anyone know what app he used? Or which one to use?

I bought a really nice looking Space Ace disc off of ebay. I paid about $100 shipped for it from the UK.

When playing the disc in the player not plugged in the game, the disc stops at the same scene every time then resumes and there is a lot of snow on the screen.

I cleaned it with Novus and it didn't help.

Is there any hope for this disc or is it just garbage? Really bummed. :(

I want to make a custom Crazy Kong cabaret with the Zaccaria Crazy Kong artwork. I think it's AWESOME!

Are the artwork files out there? Can someone send them to me? I need to resize them to fit whatever cabinet I end up getting. I am looking to do a 13" monitor cabinet with Crazy Kong.

I'm looking for this art:

Hey guys, I wanted to get your thoughts regarding original laserdisc hardware VS. Daphne.

Ideally I want a Dragon's Lair with a working laserdisc player. BUT, if I found a broken game and decided to go Daphne, will I regret it? Should I strive for laserdisc only?

'Business' Area : Buy/Sell/Trade / Missile Command in Western Mass, USA
« on: August 26, 2013, 05:23:59 PM »
Figured I would post this on this site. Maybe Thomas can get it if someone wants it. :D

I need room and spending money/ticket money for Disney. Pains me to sell this but I gotta and I am leaving soon.

Nice restored Missile Command. New glass bezel from this old game. I replaced the original control panel with a nicer original. I replaced the PCB with a working one and added the Missile Attack/high-score save board. I capped the monitor. I rebuilt the AR-2. I repainted the black, looks good! I replaced the t-molding (pretty sure I did!). Nice original side art. New leg levellers. I also rebuilt and replaced all the parts in the trackball including a new ball, rollers, bearings, etc. I fixed everything that was wrong with the game.

The bad:

The monitor looks good. However, the picture shakes when loud explosions happen in the game. You also can see some pincushioning when it goes to the non-black background levels. It's a minor annoyance that I have lived with.

Very reliable and clean game. Nice looking too!


Here's a video of my game in action:

I picked up a Super Breakout that is working but has some monitor issues. I think it's an XM-501 monitor.

Issues are:

#1 - The screen has a wave to it. It's a moving wave across the screen. I hear it might be the B+ that is adjusted too high on this particular monitor. Previous owner could not adjust it down from 86V. Heard it could be the big silver cap on the monitor. Monitor has already been capped.

#2 - The picture does not line-up with overlay. It just won't line-up at all. Picture is also a little too narrow.

Pretty cool game!

All the rest / My name is John. I collect games.
« on: August 06, 2013, 04:16:29 PM »
This is my introduction! Hi! :)

I collect mostly games from '80 - '83 and am a big Nintendo fan. I have a youtube channel and website called "John's Arcade" at and

I'm friends with a few of the guys that are on here already and never joined because I never owned a Dragon's Lair but it seems like this place is much more! So, here I am! :)

Here's some (slightly older) photos of my stuff. My collection is a little different right now but not by too much:

Looking for a Pac-Man cabaret marquee and CPO. Also need a Pac PCB. Whatcha got!?

 :pac: :ghost:

I picked up a Sprint 2 (my first B&W game!) and the game plays blind. I have neckglow but no picture. It's a Tec TM-623 monitor.

One of the caps on the chassis exploded like a New Years Eve party favor. So, besides a cap kit is there anything else I should be thinking about with this monitor? Should I replace all the frame transistors? Anything I should know about this monitor? Any usual weak spots?

I plan on ordering the cap kit from Bob Roberts and reflowing all the solder. If you have any other tips, I'd love to hear them! Thanks in advance!

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