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Hi folks,

at the Beeld en Geluid is another retro gaming event taking place in 2020.
Trailer and Information in Tickets can be found on their website:

Hi folks,

can anybody get me the measurements for the bezel glasses of:
Nova Big Screen Arcade cabinet (25" monitor)
Dynamo HS-5 cabinet (25" monitor)
Galaxian cabinet - Italian by Berlutoni (?)

so I can order some replacements. Thanks.


Now that I managed to bring my Robotron back to seems the Interface PCB is faulty.
Anybody has a spare?

Hi folks,

to complete my collection I just need a few more. Anyone got one of these?

Street Fighter II (any edition) or just a plain CAPCOM cabinet to rebuild one
Up Scope

Golden Axe and/or Golden Axe III: Revenge of the Death Adder
AD&D Tower of Doom (and/or any 4-Player Midway cabinet to convert NBA Blitz or whatsover)
Astro Blaster
Knights of the Round (or any 3-Player cabinet) :pac:
Double Dragon
Yie Ar Kung Fu
Any Upright Nintendo cabinet.

'Business' Area : Buy/Sell/Trade / WTB: Thunderblade PCB
« on: December 13, 2015, 10:05:59 PM »
Hi folks,

anybody has a Thunderblade PCB on offer?


Hi folks,

looking for this machine:

I know at least one in the Netherlands but that guy don't want to sell or trade 3:1 ;-)

There's one in Spain in addition.

Being an AMIGA enthusiats I would love to own such a machine  - there's an Amiga motorola inside...

Hi folks,

I'm not only into arcade gaming but retro gaming in general - focusing to present games more towards a cultural aspect.
Speaking of this my Video Game Art Exhibition will be presented in Berlin from 23.04 - 05.06.2015:

The SUPERSAMPLE art exhibition makes a compelling case for games to be viewed not only as mere play, but speak to the evolution of games as an artistic medium and its influence/impact on culture.
Even in their rudimentary form, video games held forth a potential and promise that inspired various artists and illustrators from all over the world. From pixel graphics by dutch 3D illustrator Metin Seven to acrylic views of vintage hardware by californian artist Catherine Kaleel more than 20 artists share their interpretations and differently look of games including pieces inspired by Donkey Kong, Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Pac Man.

Various materials like posters, canvas or oil/acrylic paint on wood show a pretty decent overview of modern pop art sensibilities.

Facebook-Event Page:

This is some kind of european edition of the iam8bit which started in the US years ago (with 2 books on amazon). Some of the artist are included in my show as well. Maybe you heard of that one.
Exhibition will start by April in Berlin, going to Cologne and Munich (Gemany), Vienna and Linz (Austria), Rome and Manchester by end of the year.

Besides artwork it will also include some interactive installations like a PacMan and Galaga Arcade machine, a XXL NES Controller and more (big thanks to  :o

Arcade Lifestyle / Cry for arcadetina
« on: February 26, 2015, 10:53:40 PM »

Hi folks,

selling a couple of dedicated arcade cabinets from a friend of mine. Some are quite hard to come by.
All items in pristine condition regarding their age - but not new. You can always convert a cab back to its 80s beauty but I like at least a small sign of age.
Monitors are usually made already. In collector hands for ages - looking for trash, go elsewhere  :-*

Here's the list. Prices are negotiable but don't ask for 50% off. Machines rather kept then going cheap as chips. Try to get these machines in this condition.
We all know this "easy to get on a container for a few hundred dollars" - but you never know what to buy, when it will come over, how to find it...and in the end you are disappointed. Trust me - I'm a regular container guy myself  :o

Offered is a small discount on doing a larger roadtrip and buying a few more. Otherwise I may add some more gimmicks (overlays, etc.)

NO paletting. You need to come over. Cash.

Hence I'm away from home (moved to south of Germany) and busy while working a friend will take care of your requests.
Cabinets located nearby Bremen, northern Germany. close to container 6 btw.

I can offer transport to Karlsruhe on a 3-4 week basis (for 1 machine, more on request). Otherwise I know the EADS (European Arcade Distribution Service) will get you the arcade machine needed in your living room.

In addition I don't mind transport to the Netherlands (Zuitphen area prefered) or any area in Germany - as long as you pay the transportation costs, i.e. renting an appropiate car/van + Gas (payment for the entire sum in front aquired! or a good reputation *g*).

First pays, first gets. I don't want to reserve machines for ages as you may understand. Space is needed.

Return of the Jedi -  EUR 700
Gauntlet 2 - EUR 600 SOLD
Paperboy - EUR 720 SOLD.
1943 - EUR 700 SOLD
Kung Fu Master - EUR 700 SOLD
Spy Hunter - EUR 680 Pending DOWNPAYMENT. SOLD.
Commando - EUR 450 SOLD
Empire City 1931 - EUR 700
Two Tigers - EUR 1400
Zaxxon - EUR 800 SOLD
Crisis Zone- EUR 800
Future Spy - EUR 700
Die Hard - EUR 600
Battle Zone - EUR 680
Rampart - EUR 1000
Marble Madness - EUR 850
Roadrunner - EUR 850
Indiana Jones Temple of Doom - EUR 850
Pole Position II - EUR 650 ( I can add additional 2 full cabinets *untested* for 200+)
Red Baron - EUR 950 RESERVED for Capt.Kirk
Roadblasters DLX Sit Down - EUR 700
Tank Busters - EUR 550 SOLD

Important update 09.11.2014:
I know a lot of guys want to collect machines together with Container 6. However since the appearance of C6 in Europe seems more than uncertain I need to point out that machines might be sold to
2nd in line or other collectors who are able to come over within the next days. There are multiple requests on a few games.

If our hungarian friends are able to collect the games within hours...I bet all other european collectors will be able, too? For your inspiration on roadtrips and the sheer fun in doing so I recommend to read the Roadtrip section in this forum  8)

I/we cannot hold games until christmas hence the space is needed in time!

Only exceptions for long time personal contacts and/or if a downpayment is done for at least 50% of the total in front.
No offense I'm pretty sure you all will understand. Game on  :pac:

Important update 14.11.2014

Due to certain events happening with container 6 it is now clear, that it will never arrive close to the warehouse. I / We can offer transportation of all bought cabs from this list to France upon arrival with Container 7 -
however at least 50% downpayment needs to be done within the next weeks.
In addition you not only get very nice collector cabs in pristine and decent condition  - you will also help to rescue what is left somewhere in the US hence additional money is needed to get at least the remaining stuff.
I believe in this community - in special in this situation -  so please no price cheating. All cabs are worth the money. thanks.    :-*

and now....the pics....*wooooooooohoooooooo*
(detailed pics upon request)

Hello folks,

see topic. Anybody has a left over Laser Dics Player?

Hi guys.

Missing parts I'm currently after:

1) Street Fighter II Control Panel and/or any other Fighter CAPCOM control Panel.
Any edition. Any condition. Would just take the metal part or more :)
(or a complete cab if someone is willing to sell it).

Seems that most of the other Capcom Control Panels will work, too.

2) Peter Pack Rat...Joystick or at least a source to get one.
Any idea if a Battle Zone Stick will fit, too?
(Peter Pack is 8-ways....Battle Zone is normally 2 way?).

Arcade Lifestyle / [cebulba's Roadtrip] Arcade Porn and a .45
« on: May 26, 2014, 07:20:08 PM »
Hello folks and arcade lovers...

another weekend passed...another usually roadtrip.

While I picked up that lovely vintage car during the week nearby Düsseldorf:

time for another journey to the far east - behind the curtain  :wink:
This time a van will be needed.

Anybody wants to join? Lucy - this time?

"Wuff...Wuff...Sorry - I still have a bad back - and if I hadn't I have other tasks anyway (need to bring back these VHS tapes to the rental shop)..."

*paah* day you will need me and then I will have no time  :wink:

So again - a lonely wolf on the street following the german Autobahn all way northeast to the first location:

Coming closer...

First stop. Computerspielemuseum Berlin.

I visit the guys every now and then...lending some of my stuff...and more. And this time I needed to pick up something for someone....and they invited me to look after their new "arcade section".

"Ooops - wrong picture"  :oops: (did someone asked for Tits?)

of course these belong to famous the left more the right the modern younger style. Guess which is better? At least they both have guns  :o

So - let's take a look at the "Arcade":

Not too bad if you want my opinion. At least they tried to make it a way more 80's than just setting up the cabinets somewhere else in the "museum". Although still some MAME machines but you get the impression.

So why did I came here for?

Arcade Porn. NOT.

First of all - in the attic - one of my pinball machines is left from a former exhibition:

Yet another Pac-Man franchise  :D
(unfortunately no one was able to help, so will be picked up next time)

but more important an US artist dropped off one of her works for me during her last visit to Berlin. A gift for a friend (guess who? and if you know him - don't tell please):

A lovely Atari 800 painted oil on wood.

If you are interested in her other works take a look over here:

Still waiting for my other paintings to arrive (well - it's art and takes time) but that one came in time for birthday.

Unfortunately no time for more sightseeing (but hence I lived in Berlin 2 years already I have seen it all) - so back on the road with some lunch and coffee....time to go way further north.

Whats this? are we coming closer to the Dutch border?


It's a gang of 20 small german "cars" on a weekend trip. Tiny Micro Machines  :pac: :pac: :pac:

After 2 more hours....coming closer:

Seems to be an arcade collector of this forum  :-*

"Hello - I heard you have a Hogan's Ally Nintendo VS system?".

After some nice talks and exchanging memories from my last visit, the cabinet went into the car.

Back on the road again...another 5 hours to the west...way back to more populated germany (only windmills in this area) :P

Weather condition were very nice (well bad for a roadtrip) so I decided to take a small nap at the lovely beach side of Boltenhagen:

and after another 2 hours and some traffic jams - arrived safetly with the sundown at my storage #1:

Anybody asked for Guns?

That's all folks for a day.

With 10 hours roundtrip, 1200 km, 7 different german counties(districts), 30 degrees temperature and over a hundred killed insects  - this roadtrip is officially over.

hello folks and arcade lovers,

another weekend - another roadtrip (at least one being documented today).

Recently on dragonslair there was a quest...a quest for arcade youth?!?

It's true that every man needs a Mrs...and while I'm in redundance on Midway cabs I heard the cry of the cheerleaders:

and offered help on this one....
I'm working on your I get one of the cheerleaders then?  lol
you get them all. the original ones from that picture. i promise!


So...let's start this roadtrip....400km straight southbound following Autobahn 1 to the lovely city of Trier.

Anybody want to join? Lucy?

"Wuff....Sorry...I have a bad back...."  :o

Ok. I daresay the dog's answer so once again a lonely wolf back on the road.
Preparations on Saturday evening:

"Why is there always a cab in my car? Go get out of here!"  :P

exchanged with the right one.  ;D

With a last minute message from Bruno if I could bring something for him in addition and while real Cowboys normally don't wake up before 10:00am, I visited a local collector buddy who only lives 30 minutes away in the nice city of Oldenburg in the late evening.

"Jörg - I heard you have a Daytona Topper left?"
"Howdy, yeeehaaaa. Come in but keep your pants on because of the horses" 8)

Remember: The time your arcade cabinets move out (into a museum) you need to find a new solution for the former gameroom. Seems he found a better way than my parents (my kid bedroom is now an ironing board room).

Unfortunately that heavy beast didn't fit beneath the Ms. And while having a couple of monitors in addition on the was impossible to take it with me. I'm REALLY SORRY BRUNO  :'(
(and Jörg pretty sure, too  ::)

(this is the last roadtrip for this car anyway...)

Another day after a cup of coffee time to leave.

I remember the route very well and the surroundings/landscape (worked for the local tourist bureaus twice as often in the past)....and hence this forum has an education purpose (in special for our teachers here  :wink: ) time again for some history lessons and culture of my country.
Nearby the city of Trier is a region, well known for it's castles:

Ruin of Manderscheid

in addition of course for its river Mosel and the wine:

and last but not least....which you might didn't know of its VULCANOS :twisted::

We call them MAARE over here and some of these are still active....although they didn't shoot the bull for hundreds of years.

At 12:00 - in time for lunch - I arrived at Trier. We all know the place...that roman gate...and the why not take a rest on the top of the sky:

Beautyful view on the roman church.

But...churches back and roman history forth...this is not we came for. You know why?

As real Men do when talking about girls we found a gentleman agreement on the Lady in Pink .....and that's what I got :

They belong together (Andre - no offense  :P)...for gods sake Stefan has kept one for himself....

Lets place this beauty in the shop:

"Oh no! It's full of Ghosts already?!? Beautyful cabinet...and so looking nice once cleaned  ::)

Let's hope that lift is coming closer otherwise there will be not much left of the store besides cabs...(not soo bad if you want my opinion  :oops: )

Once again we exchanged some presents (+ the monitors from Wurstkopp taken a few weeks back):

Nice artwork!*

and then I already had to leave...another 4 hours north....arriving at my garage unloading:

and placing in my storage unit which is more safe than other storage rooms I have heard about  :pac:

In the front: Sega Rally left and right side for another forum member taken from Nozomi a few weeks the back to the left (2nd room)...all the stuff from that barn raid waiting for container lovers to be picked up soon....if there's a pick up date for the container at all  :-*

With 3 Midway cabs, a couple of southern Radlers and coffee, nice talks and 880km in total, this roadtrip is officially over.
Mission accomplished.

But one question is still left: WHERE ARE MY CHEERLEADERS?  :roll:

*anybody interested in a group buy?

Arcade Lifestyle / [cebulba's Roadtrip] Arcade neighborhood
« on: May 11, 2014, 05:26:36 PM »
Hello friends and Arcade lovers,

welcome to the shortest Road trip ever in this forum featuring 2 arcades drop offs, a trade, eye candy, arcade porn and some italian design within 20 km range  :o

Due to some circumstances beyond this forum it's seems that my area is an arcade centre, which our government should consider to make if officially "german Arcade cluster" like they did
with several other industries overall in Germany  :P
I bet a few members will sign for a campaign...

Anyway...within 20-40km range are a few members from this forum (and some which are not registered at all on any forum).
Hence my OPEL VECTRA is long over it's technical test certificate (and will soon be replaced with a vintage car) I cannot make long distances roadtrips why not drop some arcades in my arcade neighborhood?

First. Lets go 10 minutes north - no need of Mr. TomTom hence this way is well known from my childhood.
I can still hear the thunder and lightning of the famous A-10 Thunderbolt Aircrafts (also known as "Panzerknacker" in Germany) breaking the sonic wall over our house  :shock:....

hence nearby is an old airbase...closed for years and undergoing some developments through the years.

They even started to plant mushrooms in the airplane hangars....but right now the barracks are more a living place for workers (crop assistance) and people from foreign countries on their mission to grant asylum in this country  ???

In the town centre....a small house at the dead end of a small street....First Drop Off:

"Always remember: Say NO to drugs!" and hand me that coffee  ;)

Going upstairs he showed me some of his candy...and that nice "self made" lamp. Well done. Now I need one too...*aargh another project*

For those who know me helping out with space, cabs or anything arcade related is not a big deal, so he handed me a couple of monitors which need transport way more south to a famous cellar arcade next to a roman buildling, so I took a few of these with me.
(btw there are a few left...semi curved, going low res...RGB or other outputs)

Took one myself for my Dreamcast.

After a few more coffees and talk I needed to leave.
This Roadtrip could have been officially over now with a 20km roundtrip but another friend of mine asked me to help moving his small arcade collection to another I went another 30 km more to the east to a secret hiding place.

I have been there before twice as often...and in addition 3 days ago hence he took my ROADBLASTERs sit down (I was unable to move it upstairs and it didn't got any better in my barn)...and I delivered the heavy beast with a van and lifting ramp (sorry, no picture).

I'm not allowed to post any hints to his location nor pictures of him or his collection at all....however I can give you some teasers here.

It took us the whole day to move his XX cabs  :!: around but was quite fun to rearranged the collection and playtest everything  :pac:

First Impressions of a part of the collection:

After hours of blood, sweat, tears, coffee, coke and unloading/uploading - it looked more than this:

(although my back was close to broke I was able to take this picture).

Where have they all gone? Did someone stole them? Did he sell the whole thing? Someone ripped of everything into a container?  :roll:

Of course not. They found a new nice hiding place somewhere in the near distance. Maybe in a house? In a townhall? In a factory? you will never many opportunities...

 :pac: :pac:"Teasers baby": :ghost: :ghost:

I'm sorry - but that's all I can show. No more pictures of the other rooms or the whole collection.

"Always remember: There is always a bigger fish*....and say NO to Drugs"  ;D

At the end of the day...I got some nice presents for my duties (paid a good price) and added a few more cabinets to my own collection. They all need a bit of work, inspection to follow.

and in addition some shells...

for my upcoming business  8)...but that's another story to tell...  :pac: :pac: :pac:

P.S.: Not a single Zaccharia  :o

*Estimated numbers of unreported cases of arcade virus are way higher than anyone would expect.

Dragon's Lair / Space Ace / Dragon's Lair Flash
« on: April 26, 2014, 12:04:13 PM »
Shortbreak from work needed?

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