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Arcade Lifestyle / Just in case you guys are interested !!!!
« on: October 16, 2016, 11:29:40 PM »
Hi Bruno and all,

I have started doing a YouTube channel for my kids, documenting video games from my collection... It's just a bit of fun... But I thought you may want take a look

it's called Johnny L's Gaming Garage

Here's the link

Arcade Lifestyle / Sege F355 conversion to Outrun 2
« on: January 20, 2014, 04:31:38 PM »
Hi All,

I recently bought a Japanese Sega F355 shell from ebay, no boards,no psu, but the monitor and the general condition was fair.

My aim was to convert this Mame /Model2 /Model3 and Vivanonno emus but to do it with respect and not destroy any of the original cables. So that it can returned back to hardware at any time.

I started to tear down the cab for cleaning and inspection.

First issue was that the PSU was a Japanese spec 110V. So I couldn't test the monitor. I needed a 240V - 110V step down which I got from VidetronicsUK.

I changed the AC inlet for a euro model.

After sorting the power conversion, I thought I would start adding NOS decals to start transforming F355 to Outrun 2.

The panels were in fair shape but not to my standards. I was also lucky and purchased the last NOS side decals from Sega Shed. So I decided to get the panels repaired and resprayed ferrari rosso red before applying the decals.



And with the new decals added.

I also got a coin tower for the cab. and decided to get that and other metal parts powder coated...



Ok, now to replace all the dash as it had lots of cigarette burns, rust and cracks so I replaced the plastics with a new dash and NOS steering wheel and gear shifter.

The old dash...

The new parts....

I have added a PC i5 2400 running at 3.2ghz and ATI 6850 graphics card running from an SSD and also using an SLG3000 scan line generator and an Apac.
I installed the PC version of Outrun coast to coast, Crazy taxi, Crazy Taxi 3, Model 2, Model 3, and Mame and have the PC shelled and use a front end for game selection.

also I added an amp and a sub woofer.

So the cab is now ready....

Ok, lets fire it up...

I have done a video showing the performance of Outrun 2 and other games...
Well it took a lot of time and money but I'm very pleased with the results. It now has pride of place in my games room.

I was able to find the very rare Japanese top flash from an ID 4 cabinet, I have seen these used on some Outrun 2 cabs  in the far east, I was going to get a reproduction Outrun 2 vinal. but i decided to leave it as is.

Please click the link for the video of the cab in action.


Arcade Lifestyle / My New Edition
« on: February 29, 2012, 09:33:22 PM »
Just bought this from a friend

SL-29 Candy Cab, Has gone a bit yellow but I'm happy with it...

Its nice to sit down and play a few games..

I have owned my Dragons Lair II cab for a long time, but I like Space Ace better than DL II. Now I know there was a Space Ace 91 upgrade kit available. My idea was two buy another control panel and buy this upgrade kit and then just swap the artwork when I fancy a change... This way is does not destroy the cab permanently.

Thanks to Finny for the spare panel and buttons, Thanks to Bruno for the Space Ace 91 control decal and marquee...

Just change the panel and marquee and it is a different game...

"Star Pac requesting permission to land"

Arcade Lifestyle / Star Wars Cockpit ( the saga begins )
« on: July 28, 2010, 10:09:38 PM »
Hi All,

It’s been a while since I have posted on Arcade Life Style. But in the last three years I have been very busy moving from London to the quieter surroundings of the West Midlands. Now that I settled down its back to buying new cabs and restoring ones that I had waiting on the repair list..... This year I had the chance to get my hands on the Holy Grail, an Atari 1983 Star Wars cockpit....

Now I got it non-working, no monitor, no game boards, no yoke!!!! A real challenge ahead!

As you can see, it had tons of dust and dirt on it ........ And rust too. So lets give it a good clean and see what needs repairing on the cabinet.

The marquee had loads of glue on the glass but it came off in the end and turned out to be in great condition!!!

After an hour or two she was a clean as it could be at this stage, time for a cup of tea!

Now to the strip all the parts off the cab

Bad news, a support that holds the yoke and the bezel has had it; looks as if someone did a quick fix, will have to get a reproduction cut!

All parts off the cab!

Also trying to reshape the cardboard monitor shroud too!!

Since these pictures I have moved house and job, now back to work!!

There are the usual scratches on the cab which need retouching, so I took a fragment that came off the cockpit to Home base for color matching.

The blue was quit close but the black was no good! Time for some arts and crafts

I'm quiet pleased with the results, the flash on my camera makes it look worse than it really is!!

Now time for the old T-molding to go, I'll get all that replaced later.

Now time to do the much-needed repairs on the damaged parts of the cab, wire brush on the bits of loose wood. Now apply the wood hardener.

Now time to stand the cab on its nose, and start making repairs to the undercarriage....... Wood filler time...... Yeah!!!

I love wood filling......... Not!

Coming next securing the undercarriage and sanding, repainting the cab

To be continued


Hi All,

Does anybody know where I could get the Space Ace 91 conversion kit which had a new CP cover and Marquee and two new Ace buttons

I don't need the laser disc.

If anybody can help

Thanks John

Technical Area / Sega Star Wars Trilogy HELP!!
« on: April 25, 2010, 11:34:29 PM »
Hi everyone!!!

I just got myself a new Starwars Trilogy cab, but things didnt start off to well, when the game would not start up.....marquee,monitor came on....but no game or sound. But i discovered that the fault was a blown mpeg board, i disconnted the digital sound board and the game came to life, game plays but there another problem the graphics are there but the 3d is all wrong e.g Hoth stage there is lines and missing textures everywhere!!!! ); i ran a test on the roms, which checks out fine...... So i have half sound and half graphics.

I know the mpeg board needs fixing but could the model 3 board be faulty too??

If anybody can help!!!


Arcade Lifestyle / Anybody trying to restore vector games? Read This!!!
« on: February 22, 2010, 01:13:50 PM »
Hi Everyone!

I currently restoring a Starwars cockpit, but as you know finding a working 25" amplifone is a rare as hens teeth.... And if do find one it might not last long before it has a fault. So until then i was looking into other ways to get the game running. Theres mame but it doesnt look right...there is also ZVG board and vector mame but its a bit out of date and you still need a vector monitor!
I have come to the conculsion that AAE emulator (Another Arcade Emulator) is the way to go, of couse you can use a pc monitor but you dont get monitors any bigger than 24" i need 25" for the past older AVGA cards didnt work this emu because it needed a gfx card higher than Nvidia Fx5200 or ATI 9550 to work because it use openGL but the good news is that i contacted Andy at Ultimarc and asked him to test the AAE emu with his new Arcade 3000 vga card which uses the ATI RV630 chipset and results are that the emu works. (:
This could be a good way to get vector games running on cga monitors until the real parts turn up if ever thay do!

Just thought Id spread the love

Dragon's Lair / Space Ace / Hanterax MTC9000 for Dragons Lair question
« on: December 25, 2009, 08:00:42 PM »
Hi All!

I've got an Hanterex MTC9000 19" Monitor, and im going to install it into my DL cabinet. will it run from the original Atari psu?? My cab is an Atari UK cabinet........ currently there is a TV in there but want to return back to an original state.

If anybody can help!!

Thanks again Giddygoon

Hi Bruno and All

it's been a while since I have posted on here! Well I moved from London to the midlands with all my machines... Things are place now and I have a nice large clean garage for all my machines.. I have got some new ones too. Just thought I up date you all!!

I just recently got my Dragons lair II machine running Daphne emu connected via arcadevga card and it looks amazing...... Let say that again Amazing!!!

So, that's got me to think about my Atari Dragons Lair cab which is also running Daphne. Many years ago the original monitor died, so I decided to replace the monitor with a TV running via S-video connection to a PC running Daphne. Years later it's still working and looks good but I do have use the TVs remote control to switch to S-video mode...);

so, now that I have been so impressed by arcadevga I now want to find a 19" arcade monitor and get that TV out of there!!!

Question is should I find the original monitor or use any 19" or 20" arcade monitor, will it work from the original psu in the cab. What was the model of the monitor in the Atari version ( I can't remember???)

or can anybody surgest a better more reliable 19" or 20"

if anybody can help!

I'll post some pics of the cabs being moved from London and of the new machines

Dragon's Lair / Space Ace / Dragon's Lair I and Dragon's Lair II
« on: June 03, 2008, 01:25:04 AM »
I took this footage while filming my Outrun cab......and thought I might post it here!

I was interested to know what people think of the quality of the games images, color, sharpness, and the way it moves......everything you see is emulation first DL I and DL II running Daphne and Mame (Last cab, Street Fighter III ) I have been on some other forums and have mentioned that my cabs are using PC's with emulators and I have had some feedback from some arcade purists saying things like....Ohh, same about the emulation, or same its not the original PCB e.t.c

I had the original parts in both these cabinets but they failed. After many years I saw a way to bring them back to life, first through Matt Ownby's
Daphne Emulator and Nicola Salmoria’s Mame Emulator. Now everything is up and running again, all the machines are totally playable with improved sound and control too and way more reliable then before so I can’t understand why it’s looked down on when an arcade cabinet uses Mame of Daphne. I would only use original parts but its expensive to up keep them running that way and it just gets harder and harder to find those original parts too

Anyway mini rant over!

Check the link below:

What are your views???

P.s  The video is not top quality, it looks much shaper then that in the flesh.

Dragon's Lair / Space Ace / Dragon's Lair reproduction laser disc
« on: May 17, 2008, 09:51:35 PM »
A question that has bugged me for a long time  - who found the lost prototype footage? And where is it now?

Maybe Digital Leisure own it? But will they ever re-master it?

I wrote them an email asking that question....... but don't think i'll get an answer!

If anybody here can shed some light on the prototype footage that was on Dragon's Lair reproduction laser disc that was pressed in 2002 Let me know, but I can't find any more info from D.L.P



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