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Arcade Lifestyle / Re: Just in case you guys are interested !!!!
« on: October 20, 2016, 08:34:31 AM »
Thx for the support, I've been collecting since 1991 when I bought my first Dragons Lair cab which then died some years later, the cabinet ended up being stuck at my dads house for years... Then in 2003 I realised that the cab could be brought back to life with the Daphne Emu and that started me collecting arcades again

I've stopped collecting now because I have my perfect line up

So I have started doing the channel about the collection to share with others

BTW the inspiration to repair the Dragons Lair came from this site... When I saw Bruno restore his first Dragons Lair cabinet

And no I'm not the Drum and Bass producer Jonny L, but that is my name and I do write Drum and Bass/ Techno too

I'm Johnny L from East End, London

Arcade Lifestyle / Just in case you guys are interested !!!!
« on: October 16, 2016, 11:29:40 PM »
Hi Bruno and all,

I have started doing a YouTube channel for my kids, documenting video games from my collection... It's just a bit of fun... But I thought you may want take a look

it's called Johnny L's Gaming Garage

Here's the link

Might have to put this next to my Star Wars Trilogy.... Need more space

Well done Bruno,

One of my favs.....

Defo the triple screen version too...

Love the optical wheel, like Pole position

Can't wait for you to add your magic restoration

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: :: Fix It Felix Jr :: "I CAN BUILD IT!"
« on: May 31, 2014, 07:10:50 PM »
Great work Bruno!!!

The marquee, control panel look superb

Another great edition to the lair

6 has lots of Sega original parts.... I think there called Arcade fix it now

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: Sege F355 conversion to Outrun 2
« on: January 20, 2014, 09:25:43 PM »
Thanks for the great comments...

All the spares were snapped up by Jamma+ members a while back, I actually finished this project last November just took a while to post.

I defo would love to have the original chihiro system in there one day...

Arcade Lifestyle / Sege F355 conversion to Outrun 2
« on: January 20, 2014, 04:31:38 PM »
Hi All,

I recently bought a Japanese Sega F355 shell from ebay, no boards,no psu, but the monitor and the general condition was fair.

My aim was to convert this Mame /Model2 /Model3 and Vivanonno emus but to do it with respect and not destroy any of the original cables. So that it can returned back to hardware at any time.

I started to tear down the cab for cleaning and inspection.

First issue was that the PSU was a Japanese spec 110V. So I couldn't test the monitor. I needed a 240V - 110V step down which I got from VidetronicsUK.

I changed the AC inlet for a euro model.

After sorting the power conversion, I thought I would start adding NOS decals to start transforming F355 to Outrun 2.

The panels were in fair shape but not to my standards. I was also lucky and purchased the last NOS side decals from Sega Shed. So I decided to get the panels repaired and resprayed ferrari rosso red before applying the decals.



And with the new decals added.

I also got a coin tower for the cab. and decided to get that and other metal parts powder coated...



Ok, now to replace all the dash as it had lots of cigarette burns, rust and cracks so I replaced the plastics with a new dash and NOS steering wheel and gear shifter.

The old dash...

The new parts....

I have added a PC i5 2400 running at 3.2ghz and ATI 6850 graphics card running from an SSD and also using an SLG3000 scan line generator and an Apac.
I installed the PC version of Outrun coast to coast, Crazy taxi, Crazy Taxi 3, Model 2, Model 3, and Mame and have the PC shelled and use a front end for game selection.

also I added an amp and a sub woofer.

So the cab is now ready....

Ok, lets fire it up...

I have done a video showing the performance of Outrun 2 and other games...
Well it took a lot of time and money but I'm very pleased with the results. It now has pride of place in my games room.

I was able to find the very rare Japanese top flash from an ID 4 cabinet, I have seen these used on some Outrun 2 cabs  in the far east, I was going to get a reproduction Outrun 2 vinal. but i decided to leave it as is.

Please click the link for the video of the cab in action.


I remember in 1985 buying a copy of Dragon's Lair for my ZX Spectrum, and my mate at the time pointed out that cover picture on the inlay was a screen shot from the arcade, at first I didn't believe him but I then came across it in the wild at Butlins holiday camp in Minehead. I couldn't believe it was a real moving cartoon but a game too!!!

After that I was hooked and i went Dragon's lair mad... Some years later I was bought an Amiga 500 and I got Dragon's lair on the Amiga, it was close but not good enough so that's when I decided to track down an actual arcade machine... It took some time and lots of phone calls.... No Internet in those days. The year was 1991 and I found Atari version in working order for a fair sum.

My friends were blown away at the time. Unfortunalty the laser player died and I was looking around for parts and then came across a Dragons lair II cab... The two machines stayed at my dads for years, I went to university e.t.c and then I got back into arcades around 2003 and I finally repaired and restored my Atari Dragon's Lair and now i own ten arcades with the original two still in the collection..

I will never sell my Dragon's lair cabinet it's a part of my life

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: I'm building my personal Gaming Room...
« on: March 24, 2013, 09:49:54 PM »
Win, Win, Win!!!

You did It!!!!

Well done Bruno, brings back memory's of FunLand in London that was the last time I saw the attract sequence of Galaxian Theatre : D

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: What is your all time favorite arcade machine?
« on: January 21, 2013, 09:05:04 PM »
For looks

Dragons Lair

Space Ace

Star Wars Cockpit

To play



Golden Axe

Galaxian Theater / Re: ## Road Trip ## GALAXIAN THEATER from NAMCO !!!
« on: January 15, 2013, 07:44:11 PM »
I've have been following this lately and........O M G !!!

I'm so happy that finally you now have a chance to bring this project into the light!!!

It is going to be hard work but boy, is it gonna be sooooo satisfying when it's complete!

Well done Bruno, keep up the good work!!!

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: Sympathy For The Devil: The DLF Candy Cab Topic
« on: November 29, 2012, 05:05:52 PM »
Hi All,

I have also added to my arcade two plastic cabs, One Sega Naomi and a Neo 29. I like them very much...

Thought I'd share

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: Star Wars Cockpit ( the saga begins )
« on: March 10, 2012, 04:23:33 PM »
for an accurate emulation
AAE : the best by far -> .

I used to agree too but it's not supported any more and you can't configure analog controllers, and Tim the author of AAE gave it to the Mame devs although I have never heard anything from the devs about the AAE code.. So RJRoberts diff code is getting there if a bit CPU hungry...

I hear that the HSL display mode in Mame will at some point in the future with have a vector mode...

Let's wait and see

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: My New Edition
« on: March 01, 2012, 07:06:51 PM »
No offence taken..... Lol

Yeah Retr0bright would be the way forward, some people sand of the top layer and respray.... Lots of options but I might live with the yellowness.... It shows it's age and you don't notice in my games room where it's quite dark anyway... Just the light from other games

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