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I am going to back to digging into this... I am continuing to try and reach someone at D&B, I know exactly who I need to reach but I need to find the person in person and speak to them face to face which means I have to catch this person at the location and its going to take me a while since I have to get there when the person is in.

Did you send them the manual? If not I can send it to them. Maybe I should try asking Namco directly for the schematics, I can talk to Namco on Facebook. I am sure anyone could talk to Namco on facebook too.

Is there any way to get the schematics from another manual if that could be found? There are a few different Namco system 21 games and theoretically they should all use the same boardset unless G3 has something special in it that no other game has.

I think its best to keep the communication going at this point.

Did you send them the manual? If not I can send it to them. Maybe I should try asking Namco directly for the schematics, I can talk to Namco on Facebook. I am sure anyone could talk to Namco on facebook too.

Is there any way to get the schematics from another manual if that could be found? There are a few different Namco system 21 games and theoretically they should all use the same boardset unless G3 has something special in it that no other game has.

Okay, I got the manual, thank you so much, this should help.

I got a reply too! We need Bruno's help! I don't want this game to die. Its a problem with the boards on the game. I messaged Bruno to help and told Fun World about this forum.

Anyone have the Galaxian 3 Schematics, Namco System 21? They asked me for the schematics, we need to find them at all costs! If no one has them I can dig around.

Regarding the Japan Arcade Museum...

Galaxian3 is  -sadly- not emulated on PC so far. They are still using original hardware...

...I've just seen something awesome on their website.



...which is translated like this by google translator->

"Background playback changed from LD player to PC conversion system. In the test operation, it worked without any difference in feeling, and I could play without discomfort."

So I believe they are now able to use a computer to emulate the laser disc players (which are used to display the video background of the game) ?! :o

I've just drop them a message for all the info!!!!  :shock:

Nice! In the USA you would have to import a Japanese PSX or modify one to play Japanese games and the game disc from Japan, its probably quite a bit cheaper to go with the PS3 and the download and a lot easier, in my case I already owned a PS3 so I just went for the download, because it was easy. PS3's are quite cheap here now. It would not be easy to find a modified PSX in the USA or import a PSX console from Japan.

I saw in several places about the G3 to Ridge racer conversion, there was at least one example of it on the Japanese list I posted, may not exactly be on the link posted in the article, I definitely agree with you on that, perhaps it was more like an upgrade kit, as in they pulled out the ridge racer or G3 and put in the new game in the same space, perhaps they just used pieces of the screen, the parts in the G3 are probably so expensive that they may have just used a few parts, maybe this would be a good question for me to ask Namco on facebook! The G3 is a LD game and Ridge racer is not, unless they had a Laserdisc version that was for ridge racer full scale......  I do find the Japanese list fascinating, that they were tracking the G'3's for all this time!

I was thinking about the same thing on the one from the museum in Japan, that they somehow found a way to use computers to emulate at least part of it, if a person in Estonia can fix a R360 to run Microsoft flight simulator X then anything is possible!

We have to keep going with this! This game has to be saved! I messaged funworld on facebook and they responded to me and they said they had someone come in to look at the galaxian 3 and that they were trying to order a part to see if they could fix the issue. I told them they could ask me if they were having trouble finding a part.

Edit: they sent me another update, it seems they are looking for a chip on a PCB. They said they ordered it and it will be in by next week, we will see what happens.

I was able to reach the former owner of the Galaxian 3 from Niagara and they confirmed it was scrapped.  The machine was having problems, they were renovating the place it was in and removing the arcade so they couldn't just leave it there. I am very sorry about this but there is nothing I can do. The machine was removed and likely scrapped in 2001, that was a long time ago.

Hi Tedward and welcome to DFL'  :)

I presume you live close to that place? What a shame, if nothing is done, one of the last Galaxian3 in US will follow the same fate than the others : Air Raid conversion... or even worst : fully scrapped!  :'(

I can't help you any more with this one than I already have, I can only tell you that you can get in touch with fun world over facebook messenger if you are lucky (use the fun world facebook page).  Please try to be as gentle as possible and maybe you will get a response. I was able to ask them where they got the machine and they responded with directly from Namco. It may take them 1-2 weeks to respond. I would help you but I don't live close to the place and have never been there. I do not think they would convert it to air raid because from my understanding the company that makes air raid is not around anymore, thus they would not be able to convert it. I have no idea what they would do with it otherwise.

The Dave & Busters chain is the only ones that converted to air raid, they had a few G3's across the USA and Canada from what I understand and they are a huge company so they are able to pay for custom things like this.

Galaxian Theater / Re: SEGA CYBER DOME - a 'Galaxian Theater' like?
« on: March 26, 2017, 09:22:39 PM »
Oh curious minds! I would like to know what the Virtual on special is (and how it relates to the Sega R360), as I have never heard of that one. I would also like to know what Sega CCD is, as I have heard of this one, but have zero information on it.

Holy crap there is a moving solvalou in that video!

12 (Yes, there are still some machines in operation)

The Galaxian Theater located at Minolta Tower Centre was said to have vanished before 2003/07/25. Not confirmed what kind of Galaxian3 machine it was, may it be the 6-player arcade, or the 16/28-player attraction.

The page details where the arcade/attraction was eliminated. Out of all four 16-player attractions, however, at least two (unless the Chinese CYBER STATION and TOM'S CITY are the same model) 16-player version made it outside of Japan, in the Republic of China at CYBER STATION, and at TOM'S CITY, the latter being evidenced by these two photos below (Source from Kei8774, also seen in the 28-player thread).

Wow thank you for the information, that is interesting.

I do have an update.

The Galaxian 3 was physically located in the Minolta tower and not the building across the street.

As far as I know its a 6 player theater.

It was in the building with some virtual reality attractions that may have played doom and another game. There may have been other attractions in the building as well. The cybermind cafe was across the street and had one sit down virtuality pod and one stand up virtuality pod as I said before, this were not located in the tower themselves.

It was removed in 2001 when the building was renovated and a hotel was built on site. It was installed in 1995.

It was sold somewhere out of the Niagara falls area, as in its not sitting somewhere in Niagara falls Ontario in a warehouse at the present time, but it may have been in a warehouse in the past. I just talked to a major Niagara falls developer about this, I am very surprised they responded to me.  Correction: I actually have no idea who or where it was sold to, so it could possibly be in the Niagara area, but I really have no idea at the moment, but it was definitely sold.

It is not at Dave & busters at Vaughan, Ontario as I just called them and talked to the manager. However the D&B at Vaughan ontario does still have a 6 player Galaxian 3 theater converted to Air Raid on the location as I write this right now but its not the same machine from Niagara.



The Galaxian 3 was likely in a place called the "Minolta Tower Center" and was not actually inside the tower itself (unless I find out different) this building would have been directly across from the tower and would no longer be there today because a hotel was built in its place.

The G3 was in the building with a Cybermind cafe that ran virtual reality pods, the ones by virtuality, the 1000 series that were light gray in color. There was one sit down pod and one stand up pod. The sit down played flying aces and the stand up played Dactyl Nightmare.

There was another attraction in there that I can't decipher the name of, I have a picture of the menu board of the place.

Galaxian Theater / Re: ## Road Trip ## GALAXIAN THEATER from NAMCO !!!
« on: April 25, 2016, 01:17:37 AM »
Happy 9th Anniversary of Galaxian 3 Theater Road Trip!

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