Author Topic: hack project in the 360 or DlX Sega Cabs  (Read 2948 times)


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hack project in the 360 or DlX Sega Cabs
« on: March 14, 2009, 04:30:44 PM »
I've found a after burner motherboard in Japan from a local arcade store(and already booked with a phone call)

I'll be there next week so I can consider it already done

Soon as back I send it to ANY to see what we can do with this project

First of all the movement codes from the Mb are the first to be analized (up, down, left right)


Anyway bruno, in my opinion, we should let the other forums know about this project creating a chapter aside in the forum for this "hack project in the 360 or DlX Sega Cabs" can be known and joined

people all around the web don't know about it and must be informed

so they can help us or share their knowledge (of these sega boards: After burner/Outrun/Galaxy force, etc..)

For the r360 I think we should have one (even broken) first to work on the "video and motor board", but it is a secondly issue since from the After burner board we've got to understand the commands


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Re: hack project in the 360 or DlX Sega Cabs
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2009, 05:23:17 PM »
Hi Mav',

It's a very good idea. If you think this project may interest a lot of guys, go ahead  :) I'm OK for any idea who could help you on this  :-*