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Hello everyone, I've been reading these particular forums for a few days after being lured in by scr33n's replica topics which exhibit his amazing craftsmanship. The posts have been very enjoyable to read, and I have learned a lot about the process of building a replica arcade cabinet. I also read through John St.Clair's "Project Arcade" book the other night and have been researching this project non-stop over the past four days.

I am going to start a long-term project of building my own Donkey Kong arcade cabinet. College is starting in a little over a month, so any progress will be made on the weekends. I have a few questions about the project before I begin, maybe you can help me out:

1. Nintendo coin doors are the hardest part to find for a Nintendo cab. How much should I be willing to pay for one? (I know of two that I can get my hands on, but one is $150 and the other is almost $200)

2. I found Jakobud's plans online, but got discouraged when I read that they aren't 100% accurate. What kind of problems could this pose for me? Is there a better source for the cabinet plans? (scr33n?)

3. What size is the monitor in the original DK cabinet? 19" and 20" seem to be the ones that pop up most.

4. I'm going to run MAME on an old computer of mine. Windows 95 or XP? It would be neat to run MAME as a startup shell script on 95.

5. 5/8" MDF for the cabinet body?

That being said, the workshop in my basement is almost ready for business again after 10 years of abandonment! Once it's completely organized and clean, I can start acquiring materials and building this exciting project. Just a few more days...

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