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Looks like $500 each will be the 2021 pricing on domes.

I need a couple more people to be interested in this to make it happen.   

Let me know!!!!!

2021 pricing on the domes is a lot higher than when I last quoted them.
Best pricing I can get, and that's if I buy 10+ pieces, is $500 per dome.
Then you need to add on the freight, as these need to come on a pallet due to the size.

I'm going to keep looking for better pricing.


A bit more of a note on the flashboy lamps.....

The Red/Black wires are 100v power input,  and there is a transformer for converting to 100v, at least on US models.
This makes it possible I can do a conversion kit of some type.

The Green and Yellow wires are the trigger wires.   Does anybody have info on what kind of trigger signal is being generated by the game?
If I can figure out the trigger specs I can make an LED replacement panel.


OK guys, this has been a bit of a brisk topic for me the past month,  so I am going to dust off a couple projects from 8 years ago and start a couple of new ones for everybody.   There's not a huge amount of things I can easily re-make, but I think I can hit on a couple of the more common, and one of the most critical.

1 -  DOMES
I am going to try again to organize a group-buy for new domes here in the USA.  I've already talked with a couple of you in other forums and via email,  and I am in the process of fresh price quotes.   Now, If anybody in the USA is interested in a replacement dome, please please please email me sooner rather than later.   If this happens, I don't know if I can do it more than once.  I also have no idea on price.   If you're interested, I'm going to have to know by June 15th, 2021.   I'll give more info once I have it.  If pricing is decent I may order a few extras to keep on hand but it won't be many, if any.   The biggest concern for me on this is shipping.

2 - Replacement yolk buttons
I've mentioned it before, but I did upload the 3D models for new yolk buttons onto thingiverse,  and can make them for you via my store at a reasonable price.   (DarthNuno,  is it ok if I post my store info on here?)

3 -  Replacement yolk LED boards.
I'm probably going to do a short run of these as well by request.  I'm only starting to look into it,  so no idea yet on time and pricing.

4 - Flashboys.
I'd LOVE to do an LED replacement board that goes in place of the original strobes.   I just cannot find my original info that had the pinouts and voltages on the original factory strobes.  If anybody can provide that I'd love to look more into this. 

Hey guys, I finally got around to making new buttons for my Starblade, it was missing one of the inserts in one of the buttons.   So I did some in CAD and 3D printed them.
The profile is just a hair less rounded than original but they fit perfect with the original keybody switches used in then yolks.

Uploaded to Thingiverse if you have your own 3D printer.....

Also available on my website if you want to buy a pre-printed set....

I only have red semi-transparent PETG right now, but can get some standard opaque red if you guys would prefer that instead.

Galaxian Theater / Re: Another new Starblade owner
« on: October 01, 2017, 10:59:04 PM »
Finally had some time to work on it.  Re-seated all the boards and connectors, fired right up.

I think the board cage isn't quite mounted in the right spot and the power connector bumps the cabinet when it flips out,  which is probably what the problem was.

Galaxian Theater / Re: Another new Starblade owner
« on: August 30, 2017, 12:13:15 AM »
Haven't confirmed voltages yet.  Still digging out a few of my tools and haven't come across the multimeter and head-lamp yet.


Galaxian Theater / Re: Another new Starblade owner
« on: August 28, 2017, 11:44:47 PM »
Well, I moved houses, and after the headache of disassembly, moving, and re-assembly of my Starblade......It's dead.

Goes through the initial checks, gets to DSP RAM,  then re-starts.   

So looks like I'll be having to do some repair work.  Not much out there for diagnostics on this boardset.


Galaxian Theater / Re: Another new Starblade owner
« on: July 12, 2013, 10:20:56 PM »
Ahhh, finally.  A fresh capacitor in the flashboy, and I've got two working strobes again.   Sealed it up with some Weld-On #16 acrylic cement, which worked great.
I also relocated the power supply, which was covering the hole for the power switch, and was able to properly mount the switch and cord plates, so the power situation is all taken care of.

Now just to deal with the issues around the coin door and service switches, and I'm done working on it.   The good thing is it's been fully playable for a while, so I can go have some fun any time I want now.


Galaxian Theater / Re: Another new Starblade owner
« on: July 12, 2013, 06:19:21 AM »
The link above, they were more than willing to make them,  I just didn't have any outside interest from anybody to justify the outlay for it.
I'm more than willing to gather up a group buy of some type still.

Galaxian Theater / Re: Japanese STARBLADE Saved From Oblivion
« on: June 11, 2013, 02:23:14 AM »
Maybe try some ferrite choke beads on both sides of the 100v line?


Galaxian Theater / Re: Another new Starblade owner
« on: June 08, 2013, 03:22:12 AM »
Trying to get the power cord situation sorted out.  Internally the machine is wired with European color wiring.... Blue/Brown/Green-yellow for the AC power input.

The power supply has been replaced at some point, and the new one is find with US voltages.  However I can't find any external fuses anywhere on the AC power.  There appears to be one on the power supply already, but without dismounting the whole thing I can't see it well enough to figure it out.   Power supply is an Exactron BC200.

Sigh, this stuff always ends up more annoying than it should be.  I can always add an external fuse, but hate making things messier if I don't have to.


Galaxian Theater / Re: Another new Starblade owner
« on: June 04, 2013, 05:44:48 AM »
Also consider that the ballast and starter for the marquee lamp are mounted right behind the neck board, though could be arranged different in yours with the Japanese cabinet. Another thing to look at is how close the speakers are to the tube in your setup. Can cause some oddball stuff to a picture if you have any kind of magnetism near it.

Galaxian Theater / Re: Another new Starblade owner
« on: June 03, 2013, 02:34:08 AM »
I had to de-solder the tube on one end to get access to the board, there was a reflector sheet between them and I had to remove the power wires to even get it out of the housing.   Otherwise the tube looks fine, and I was planning on treating it like a halogen bulb in that I'm going to give it a nice rubdown with isopropyl alcohol prior to closing it all back up.

I've also got a new power switch on the way as well.  Between that and the flashboy repair, it should have me up to 100% functionality.

The monitor isn't bad actually, not enough issue with it that I'd even want to do any work to it.  I was able to adjust it to a very nice picture, and it has only minimal burn-in with a very nice contrast to it.  Good DEEP black background, and the colors are popping pretty nice now.  I actually just don't know enough about monitors yet to venture any attempts at working on them.... I'm a pinball guy.  Eventually my Galaga does need a tube swap, so I do have to learn it all at some point.

Galaxian Theater / Re: Another new Starblade owner
« on: May 30, 2013, 06:29:35 PM »
I'm also starting to think that this game would benefit from an LCD screen conversion if the hardware can support it. Normally I'm all for keeping things original, but in this case you can just tell that the generated polygons are much crisper than the CRT can represent.  But you definitely need something with a very high contrast ratio, get it as black as possible in the background.


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