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OK guys, this has been a bit of a brisk topic for me the past month,  so I am going to dust off a couple projects from 8 years ago and start a couple of new ones for everybody.   There's not a huge amount of things I can easily re-make, but I think I can hit on a couple of the more common, and one of the most critical.

1 -  DOMES
I am going to try again to organize a group-buy for new domes here in the USA.  I've already talked with a couple of you in other forums and via email,  and I am in the process of fresh price quotes.   Now, If anybody in the USA is interested in a replacement dome, please please please email me sooner rather than later.   If this happens, I don't know if I can do it more than once.  I also have no idea on price.   If you're interested, I'm going to have to know by June 15th, 2021.   I'll give more info once I have it.  If pricing is decent I may order a few extras to keep on hand but it won't be many, if any.   The biggest concern for me on this is shipping.

2 - Replacement yolk buttons
I've mentioned it before, but I did upload the 3D models for new yolk buttons onto thingiverse,  and can make them for you via my store at a reasonable price.   (DarthNuno,  is it ok if I post my store info on here?)

3 -  Replacement yolk LED boards.
I'm probably going to do a short run of these as well by request.  I'm only starting to look into it,  so no idea yet on time and pricing.

4 - Flashboys.
I'd LOVE to do an LED replacement board that goes in place of the original strobes.   I just cannot find my original info that had the pinouts and voltages on the original factory strobes.  If anybody can provide that I'd love to look more into this. 

Hey guys, I finally got around to making new buttons for my Starblade, it was missing one of the inserts in one of the buttons.   So I did some in CAD and 3D printed them.
The profile is just a hair less rounded than original but they fit perfect with the original keybody switches used in then yolks.

Uploaded to Thingiverse if you have your own 3D printer.....

Also available on my website if you want to buy a pre-printed set....

I only have red semi-transparent PETG right now, but can get some standard opaque red if you guys would prefer that instead.

Galaxian Theater / Another new Starblade owner
« on: December 23, 2012, 10:08:26 PM »
After about 12 hours of driving round trip yesterday, I've added a Starblade to my own collection.
Right now it's sitting in storage, as we aren't moved into our new house just yet, so I won't get a chance to really dig into it for about a month.

I wonder how many Starblades were made, the serial number on this one seems a bit on the low side. S/N 117.

Mostly in good shape though the mirror does have a cracked corner on it.  It's perfectly usable but I would like to find a way to repair or replace it.  I did shoot Namco an e-mail just to see if there's some oddball chance there might be some floating around still.  I'm not holding out out any hope that they do.... Still, worth a try.


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