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'Business' Area : Buy/Sell/Trade / FS Wheels Midway
« on: February 09, 2017, 10:07:43 PM »
This Cab for sale, partially working demo mode is ok but in game the accelerator does not work, the car moves from left to right only.
This is a 23" black & White monitor with green overlay.

Make me offer ;) Cab is in France just near Paris and with a spare not working pcb

'EUROCADE 2O12' / [Pictures] Hi's Eurocade 2012 pictures
« on: September 09, 2012, 02:52:30 PM »
here are some pictures taken at the meeting Eurocade'12

Arcade Lifestyle / Like mushrooms another one GALAGA !!
« on: August 09, 2011, 09:43:56 PM »
What a surprise !

a call to make appointment yesterday - delivery of a new cab  ;D

despite some small setbacks because I am not on holiday but at work...
I ask the company to inform me on hour before, at 13:00 today the driver told me delivery at 13:30 !

so I leave my work and fortunately no problem on the ring of Paris, I arrive right on time, but finally he is late !! more than half an hour  :evil:

So I have time to take picture..

Necessary to properly operate

we are ready !

But no one coming

here is the way to go

I am at 4 th floor then take the elevator :lol:

And the driver finally arrived :-X

for now I do nothing  :D
I let the driver work

I take over and I have to return to work quickly !!

in the elevator

on the corridor outside my home

And at home  :-*

14:30 The cab is on safe now time to go back to my work  :P

Arcade Lifestyle / Breakout & Patience
« on: July 23, 2011, 04:39:50 PM »
Back in the past too, this time april 2005 ::)

I had just done a RT in Belgium to recover an Atari Breakout
picture from the seller  ;D

it was supposed to work but I had not tested on site

a few picture of the day

Unfortunately I could not test it either at home because I had no place to store it , I had to leave for almost 2 years with a friend in a basement.

2 years after and a fist move, i get back the cab and finally can test it but it don't work. the PCB

when I started it the PCB has burnt out.  :'(

after several tries I was unable to repair the PCB

since then I have recovered several PCB but without success. I still have to take care of it of course  :lol:

Since 2006  the cab is waiting for a good PCB

A few weeks ago I received a new card that was supposed to work at least in attract mode

but not absolutely NOT :evil: nothing on the screen .. :shock:

today I decide to work on it  ;D
First, finding a good place to do that

and now it works !!!

no wall but i can play

better & better

 ;D ;D ;D

Arcade Lifestyle / Another vector cab ;D Asteroids Dlx
« on: June 03, 2011, 08:44:25 PM »
Back in the past, end of 2009  after several month of searching - it's time for another of my must-have list of cab.

As you know vector cab are common in US but it’s doesn't really count here in Europe, 2 ways to have it UK or maybe in Germany.

Not easy to find it, , I saw end of october 2009 an auction on ebay.

Location Germany/Auetal

Mabye some of you have guessed, yes it’s Word of arcade at the same time Ckong warns us with this message here
Two choices, a RT 1500 km (to go and back) and the most paintful (and expensive) rent a van for it.

Finally the cheaper was the delivery. :P

The cab was a good shape and sold fully working.
Wenesday Morning the 11th  I have a phone call, it’s for the delivery, He must call me for 30 minutes before I have time to go home.

I’m at work, I should not drag.

Here we go, the cab is on pallet, I’am alone and fortunately with the nessassary to climb to 4th floor with elevator of course.

I let him on the corridor and go back to work;

A few days after I decided to check the wires, power supply and so, but when I switch it on, no picture. :twisted:
Another pictures

I have an asteroids pcb, the pinout was very similar so I can test those pcb on it and confirm that’s the problem is the deluxe PCB

you can imagine I was a bit disapointed.

I send a mail immedialtly to the seller, after a few days, I send the faulty PCB by DHL, and get back another one verified.
 The seller immediately offer to reimburse me the shipping cost

on December 2009 it's alive  :wink:

As you can see on my avatar it works fine.

Voilà  :D
on location on 12/2009

Just a little cleaning both sides




Arcade Lifestyle / 1983 Cockpit Star Wars ^¨^
« on: February 12, 2011, 04:02:20 PM »

Last year I picked up a great cab, here in Paris, one of those i did not think i can have because

- Just a few was selling
- ever too expensive
- Always on UK so more expensive to get it back
- not really the space  :roll:

(Sorry for my english)

So my friend Atarimania call me one day last january 2010 and told me he found a SW cockpit, it is located in Paris not so far for me  ;D, (my 3 last cab was found in Paris too ) :P

For the history we already make a roadtrip to catch the Atarimania's SW Cockpit in Uk - You can see the report (in french) here

the cab was on ebay you could not bid it is only one announcement. We are both surprised it was still available 15 days after, we only knows that boards are missing, but the price is very very good, so we decided that this time the cabinet was for me  :D

Here is the pictures available before i bought it - no picture of the roadtrip because i made it alone.

only 3 hours after I have it on my park

At this time i decided to keep it safe on my cellar  not easy the wheels of the cab are down

Several week after, we decided to try to get it on my apartment but i am on  the 4th Floor, the lift is too small of course, so we try by the stairs >:(
Unfortunaltly the plan was not those and we was only 2 to do it 'Atarimania & me' and I was hurt at the left hand, that why the cockpit returned on the cellar.

a lot of work on the cockpit, as usual i want to restore it by using original item if it is possible.

the monitor is the amplifone 25" one, and all boards are missing

- Audio Regulator II Power Supply Board
- Amplifone Deflection Board
- Amplifone High Voltage Board
- 3 Pcb kit with the cage.

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