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Galaxian Theater / Starblade (Before Tekken 5 or Namco Arcade)
« on: January 10, 2018, 11:02:14 PM »
Quite a long time ago, I assumed that the mobile tracks in the Shinji Hosoe Works Vol. 5 (Also containing the LD mix of the Arrange Tracks along with the previously unreleased CHARACTER SHOW) were only exclusively made for said album, until I found this.

It's StarBlade for Vodafone Live! (Scroll down)

Complete with its own Animated GIF showing footage of the game in action.

And a couple more screenshots to go along with it.
Quite a rare port, indeed.
How this has missed my eye, I've no idea, not to mention that said port isn't even mentioned on the japanese wikipedia, let alone its release date. :shock:

Galaxian Theater / Galaxian Theater : the sketchup model
« on: June 06, 2014, 10:31:39 PM »
No problem  ;)
A galaxian3 cab sketch up is really tough to do. Especially when trying to rescan everything of the galaxian3

Galaxian Theater / hidden version of STARBLADE theme
« on: February 06, 2014, 11:43:11 PM »
Ok so I was ripping of the sounds from starblade using BridgeM1 when i encountered another music "The Theme of STARBLADE -Type 2-". It seemed exactly the same until i got to the ending part. The ending part was somewhat extended. a hidden version. It may seem the same at first until you get to the ending part. It's extended. Also on track 1 (prolugue to starblade), It appears different from the theme of starblade ending theme. In fact, The By-the-end part repeats itself over and over as the music starts to fade (actually you can easily alter its fading in the options) the extended ending part for the 2nd version starts at 1:29

anyway here's the link to the 2nd version:

and the extended prolugue to starblade track:

Those music are taken Directly from the starblade rom using BridgeM1. that program can rip arcade music, arcade sfx, and arcade voices from the rom that is listed. i know there are sounds in the galaxian3 rom. but unfortunately, galaxian3 isn't listed on the rom loading section. The 2nd version of the theme of starblade must have been pulled from the ending at the last minute.

For Utauneko, scroll down to the middle of the page. Comic Raid HD is an XNA 4.0 Content, whereas Utauneko is a PC Shooting fangane, and one you should look forward to playing. [DEVELOPMENT COMPLETE]

======================================== ORIGINAL POST ========================================

There's a video on NicoNico (Nicovideo) called "XNA 4.0で作ってみた". From what i saw of this video showing the XNA creators club (Xbox 360 thing) content called cosmic raid HD, It's very simular to Galaxian3, especially its path. In fact, there are even galaxian3 enemies and battleships and a mothership (the one with the power core) and a cannon seed. Appaerently the path animation ends just as the screen starts to go into the cannon seed, and the enemy ships dont shoot and neither do the cannons, but they can be destroyed. But that enemy outpost and the battleship and power core can't. They just explode, except they're still there even while it explodes, they dont vanish. wierd

here's the link to the video:

(You need to sign in to watch niconico videos like this)

HigeNiko did pretty good with this game though and recreated the galaxian3 path in the process.

BTW (by the way), I found 4 galaxian3 videos on niconico and those are the attraction laserdisc videos this time.

here are the links to them:

This is no Joke. Those 4 links are definately to the galaxian3 attraction laserdisc videos (recorded with camera though instead of computer). so it must have been that one namco employee was indeed allowed to show the galaxian3 attraction laserdisc video at least once

Galaxian Theater / New Space Order
« on: December 24, 2013, 05:06:39 PM »
Idk if there's a topic about this, but did anyone happen to find an unreleased game New Space Order? It is an RTS game that was scheduled for release for arcades and PC. But neither got its release.  According to web archive, the development on the game had been abandoned and the website was closed with just cancellation message a few days later. There are many screenshots and a 9 minute and 58 second gameplay (it lags).

Those videos are uploaded by the youtube user, storch.

Arcade Lifestyle / Xevious CGI 2002 movie
« on: December 08, 2013, 03:12:45 AM »
Idk If there's already a topic about this not if Arcade Lifestyle allows movies based on video games like dragons lair, but did anyone hapapen to come across this xevious movie? Because I totally want to watch it but the the DVD release was canceled a month after release in roadshow theaters. It's barely an hour long, and here's the plot of the story:

"In the year 2150 A.D. space pilot Takeru and human computer Martha come across a giant ship which contains two mechanical beings called Sara and Ru Mi. They warn Takeru and Martha of the Gump, an alien race that is heading to Earth so that it can take over the planet. With only 40 mintues remaining until Earth's invasion, Takeru enters the Solvalou, a combat aircraft, and heads to the Gump's base on the planet Andoa."

There are only small portions of the xevious footage in the genma wars promotional disc and two screenshots along with theatrical and DVD posters showing small sizes of frames from the movie. Hopefully they sold at least one or more DVD of the xevious movie. But I doubt that. A few people said they recorded the xevious movie, but there was no proof at all. In fact, roadshows might have blocked cameras from being brought in probably because there was a DVD release coming a month after release in theaters.

According to land of obscusion,  the reviews weren't good, unfortunately. It said reviews had said that the movie had dull (I think) dialogue and terrible CGI and other stuffs. This movie is based on the arcade game of the same name.

Reason why the DVD release was canceled:

There was a previously mentioned indicent that Groove Cooperation suffer through, causing the xevious masters to become unavailable, resulting in the xevious movie missing its dvd release date and today there's still no release if it on DVD. Idk about groove cooperation that cooperated with namco as it only existed in the early 2000s. If the situation were reversed the xevious movie would have been released on DVD already. Hopefully namco will release it on DVD. They were making at least one episode of xevious. Not only is it obscure, it is unattainable. There's likely no way to watch nor even buy it.  There is only a small portion of it on genma wars promotional disc. A few websites are selling them.  I might be wrong, but that disc cost $60. No way I am spending such a lot of money just to see a small portion of it. Hopefully though they sold at least one DVD of xevious movie. If so then it might be time to start the quest to save it from oblivion before it is too late. If they didn't sell any, well I'm  afraid all hope of saving xevious movie is lost. Other shows DVD release were also canceled though people did record them airing and put them on the internet although some episodes were later digitally released. Unlike all other shows, xevious movie didn't get that luxury and there was not a single trailer nor a single video showing footages other than the websites showing two screenshots and posters that at the very edge show frames from the film. There wasn't even a soundtrack of it... Or maybe I'm wrong. The "Gump" is mentioned in the track if the same name in xevious 30th anniversary tribute. Perhaps it has music from the 2002 Xevious CG movie.

Dragon's Lair / Space Ace / Dragon's lair prototype footage
« on: November 29, 2013, 05:52:06 AM »
I don't know if there's already a topic about this, but did anyone happen to see the 8 minute prototype footage of dragons lair? It's included in the 2002 limited edition of dragons lair and plays after the laserdisc with the narrator voice on the left just like in laserdisc but after the intro, both left and right are mono of prototype. Ok so the narrato was not really on the prototype footage, it was just added on the left side. Footage found in dragons lair project and on youtube.

Galaxian Theater / Galaxian 3 PSX cheat
« on: November 10, 2013, 05:40:47 PM »
There's a cheat code that let's you see the laserdisc video of project dragoon and the rising of gourb, along with project dragoon arcade sequence. All you have to do is when you start the console. When namco logo appears and starts dimming in, press L1, R2, R1, L2, Up, Down, Up, and Down. But do it quickly and at the same time the namco logo freezes. If you do it correctly, you will hear the explosion sound and be take. To debug mode. There you can see the blue and white square that was seen at the beginning of laserdisc (note this blue and white square part is only seen once. If you want to see it again you'd have to restart the console and repeat what you did before at the namco screen) then it cuts to what seems to be attack of the zolgear version, galaxian 3. Then it cuts to pre show, showing some foot ages from the wonder eggs galaxian 3, and then starts the laserdisc video. The rising of gourb is even included. There is also sfx menu. All you need to do while in the video is press the select button (again you'd have to restart the game and repeat the same cheat if you want to go back to video screen.

Galaxian Theater / Another UGSF website
« on: November 05, 2013, 03:59:33 AM »
Ok so I looked up and it suddenly took me to the white page with a UGSF logo and a text saying new space children... Along with new space order mention. It's got some screenshots of new space order and links to other UGSF websites as well as new space order link of life along with comics which I saw had the title star archive 1.0 and 2 of star archive 1.5  :shock:

Galaxian Theater / Starblade on Namco Arcade app
« on: October 27, 2013, 05:45:59 PM »
There's a Starblade game on the namco arcade app on iPhone and iPad. Apparently it cost $5.99 to purchase the title. A bit expensive, but worth it. 8) When it first was added, i started playing it (this was the part that led me to the UGSF galaxian 3 for the very first time). the audio was a bit high pitched and there were no stars. In the next update, this had fixes with white stars and fixed audio. It even had infinite continues (if you purchased the title). Unlike other titles however, this has no cheats. But who cares. The controls on this game were the touch screen. Tapping corrosponds with the blue shooting thing. But I don't think there'll ever be a galaxian 3 on this app.  :(

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