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Arcade Lifestyle / Vond and Xentraz's game room
« on: October 31, 2015, 08:43:54 AM »
Hea all!

as some of you might know, we were in the process of getting a house of our own (sounds all grown up now doesn't it?  :lol: )
Anyways. No more hauling cabs from 2 flight of narrow stairs through windows etc!

So expect some of ours cabs at meetings in the future!

Here are some pics so far of the soon-to-be game room.
When we got the place 3 days the roof was leaking in multiple spots so we're rebuilding it.
Here are some early pictures of the renovation.

Needless to say, we are both quite excited  8)

I will update this thread as the room progresses.

*I will be updating this post with more pictures soon!

Hea all!

Finally found some time to give an update on my situation!
Lately i've been working (alot!) on a project at my workplace.
I've been mostly involved with the ride itself (3D Content, Animation)

It boils down to this:

Some time ago we got the order to build a ride for a theme park (Yumble Roermond, in the Netherlands)

The idea was to have a 360º Display with room for 14 players and supply everyone with a canon that
shoots physical balls at the screens which in turn are detected by the software and registers the
hits in the virtual world.

The players are all seated on a circular like structure facing outwards (to the screens). The seating
area is mounted on a 6 DoF (Degrees of Freedom) motion system as to add motion to the ride.

Here is an early (3d rendered) concept of the ride.

This is a 3D Printed Mock-up we did of the prototype of the ride

The "dome" itself consists of 32 individual pieces that were made out of polyester
and build by ourselfs at our office

The floor parts had their own pieces that were also build in-office.

Putting the pieces together

Prototype set up at our office including the motion system.
Ofcourse at this point everything is still very much a mock-up and nothing is final
hence the placeholder seat etc.

Of course next on the to do list was the projectors to get the screen to display some

Doing some test in regards to "warping" the screen and "blending" the projectors
together to create 1 enormous scene

A panorama picture showing the size and the light emission of the prototype at our office

Of course during all this time I was working on the storyboard.
The story of the ride is as follows:

You're on a mission to safe earth from an asteroid storm heading right for us.
You begin in a hanger and hear all sorts of ambient air-traffic control style radio chatter.
The countdown begins, engine's start roaring and you are blasted off into space.
During the launch you'll glimpse at the scenery of earth disappearing around/under you while
you blast off into the clouds. You exit the clouds and are off into space, where you
get a ride around the sun, get slingshot-ted around some planets while already encountering small clusters
of asteroids which you dodge during the journey. After a close encounter with a black hole
you will orbit a ringed-planet and move into the asteroid storm. Here the shooting section of the
ride starts and players are urged to use the cannons to hit the asteroids floating around them on
the screen. When hit, they explode. If enough of the primary targets are destroyed the ride will
end successfully and we will land safely at the coast of our starting planet.
If unsuccessful, we get a scene where the planet is bombarded by the asteroids and proceeds to
blow up, slinging you off into space.

Here are some very very early story board segments:

Part of the path through space

Placeholder planets in the scene, used to configure motion

During this time we had to move the attraction to the place of destination in the theme park
and we needed to keep developing the content at our office. So we made a makeshift setup
to show us all the screens(9 of them!) that are responsible for the 360º Display.

Starting section of the ride still under constructions

Visual elements on our test setup

Configuring the path through the asteroid storm

Yours truly goofing around with the projectors

This was the projector setup we used at our office. Note the 3d printed IR-LED holder and IR Camera's mounted
underneath to track the balls hittings the screens:

Meanwhile constructions was underway at location

More construction at the themepark

These are the cannons used in the ride.
They work on air pressure and use a air amplifier to propel the balls forward.
(This means you can look inside the canon and see straight through the whole of the barrel
from the backside!)

Group of cannons (note the chair parts in the background)

Meanwhile construction was almost done at the location

Arcade Lifestyle / Huffingpost's "Arcades in the movies" compilation
« on: September 03, 2014, 11:18:15 AM »
Very cool compilation of arcades in the movies:

*if this has been posted before, feel free to delete this post

All the rest / Nathan Barnatt hauling a cabinet.
« on: December 05, 2013, 04:37:44 PM »

Not for the weak of stomach... :o

Technical Area / Euro Robotron powersupply question *Fixed again*
« on: November 05, 2013, 09:07:13 PM »
I've been working on our Robotron the last few days and ran into some issues with the power supply.
I was wondering if the schematics i'm using aren't the wrong ones or if there's something really funky going on with my power supply.

I was using the robotron_upright_drawing_set_mar_82.pdf file from and found some
differences in the schematics and my measurings (measuring at the transformer to be exact). Now i'm not sure the drawing I was using is
a US or a EU one and even if it makes in difference in that regard.

On the grey/yellow - grey/white cables coming from the transformer I am measuring a solid 26.6vAC while it should be 20vAC according to the
drawings I'm using.

P.s. I also blew the fuse F4 (responsible for the -12v on the power supply) while testing some of these voltages, might be related?

P.p.s. I've been working on it a few days now and already booked some results. Went from a dead on arrival machine to one trying to display something on the screen
and making sounds, sometimes the startup sound on its own and always with a little help from the sound test button, so all in all I'm really satisfied with my results so far considering im quite the newbie concerning electronics ghehe. There is still some life left in the old lady!!

Technical Area / Atari Breakout - Composite Video
« on: October 23, 2013, 04:36:12 PM »
I am trying to fix my Walls Down arcade cabinet (which is an exact clone of Atari's Breakout) together with a friend of mine and we are having issues with the video signal.

It seems the signal we are getting from the PCB is neither PAL nor NTSC in terms of sync timing and high video output voltage (PP 0.5/2.5)
We hooked it up and got nothing more then horizontal stripes rolling vertically, but there definitely signs of game play components in the stripes displayed on screen!

Now in the (Atari Breakout) manual it says that "Because the composite video signal sent to the monitor by the game control circuitry differs in certain important aspects from the signal derived from commercial TV broadcasts, the picture appearing on the screen is unlike that of a home TV set..." does this mean the monitor itself adjusts the signal to something usable? (the original monitor in a Breakout cabinet is a B/W Motorola XM501 19")

The original monitor that was in my cab is absolutely broken so that is not an option at all.

Is it possible at all to hook up a Atari Breakout PCB to any T.V./Monitor that accepts a video signal?

Anyone knows where I can find a Jamma race game that supports a steering wheel? Anywhere to get a good deal?
Im asking because I am currently maintaining a local arcade that has a Zaccaria Universal Cockpit(I believe its1983) that I suspect has been converted to
use Jamma (or were these cabs meant to support Jamma?) The cab has a Steeringwheel (potmeter) and Gas and brake pedals (both potmeters) and some other
buttons (start/credit/ 2way gear switch)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Arcade Lifestyle / Chuck E. Cheese Opening 1983
« on: October 02, 2013, 07:57:08 AM »
Sorry if this has been posted before, but I could not find it anywhere so here goes:

Check out this video of a opening of Chuck E. Cheese establishment in 1983. It gets interesting after around 2 minutes
when it shows a walkaround of the arcade area. Brand new cabs waiting to be played, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside  ;D

As promised. Here are the pictures of the cabinet itself. I have taken these pictures as they are right now without any restoration work having been performed whatsoever.
I will use this thread as my blog for my restoration steps and try to keep you guys updated!

Like i have said elsewhere, I am experiencing some trouble with the monitor and I am afraid I cannot fix this issue myself so I'll probably have some people look at it.
as for the rest, I should be able to fix it and clean her up to former glory.

Without further ado, on to the pictures!

If anyone wants to see something specific or wants more detailed pictures and or information don't hesitate to ask!

My first course of action will probably be to get the cabinet cleaned on the inside. I'll remove most of the dust and other filth and then focus on the PCB itself to get it squeaky clean although it's not nearly as dirty
as some of the other parts.  Ill keep you guys updated on the progress!

Arcade Lifestyle / arcadesrfun
« on: August 26, 2013, 07:50:20 PM »

Has anyone seen this site yet?
I'm honestly not sure whether to laugh or cry...So i'll just keep crying for now... :'(

Meetings, Exhibition, Events... / My visit to Copenhagen on 30/31-8-13
« on: August 23, 2013, 11:29:38 AM »
Just letting you guys know that I am visiting Copenhagen in that particular weekend to do an inspection
of a Formula 1 Simulator located on a cruise ship ( I work at a company that makes the simulators)

I'll do my best to visit the Chassis arcade when I am there! The point of my post is:
If someone needs something brought from around the Groningen/Friesland/Drenthe(Netherlands) area to Copenhagen or visa versa perhaps
i can help out. I will be traveling without any real means of transporting big objects, but PCB's/CPO's or whatever are no problem.
So, if you need something, let me know!  8)

Arcade Lifestyle / My first cabinet pickup
« on: July 14, 2013, 11:06:37 PM »
An awful lot sooner then expected I found a cab available quite near my residence!
It was advertised as not working, but here's the kicker; I was able to pick it up for free!

Now, I was calling the guy quite feverishly to check whether the cabinet was still available.
When he finally answered it was a humongous relieve to be informed the cab was indeed still there, and waiting for me
to pick it up.

On to stage 2 of the plan. Now, I do own a car, but without any means of towing a trailer.
So I had to bribe my parents in law (Xentraz's folk) to lend me their car. Turned out, her dad was more then
eager to tag along and help out with actual manual towing of the cabinet!

Then on to the acquiring of the trailer, for this part of the plan I had to bribe my own folk  8)
I figured, while i was bribing folk left and right, i might as well take a case of beer of the guy offering the cab for free
as well  8)

Thus began one of the shortest road trips!

A lot of bribing and touring later we beheld the cab itself. For me its a perfect mid 90's cab like i still remember from my youth.
However the description was accurate as it turned out most of the screen electronics were fried.

It was an absolute wrestle to get this thing up to "game room". True nightmare material as you will see in the pics.  :-X

I have removed most of the original electronics now (the original cab had a swappable PCB, Viper Phase 1, installed) but documented the
wiring carefully and stored away all the original (intact) electronics. Due to my lack of knowledge and the messed up components i decided to
just do what I can, and MAME it.

It is now safely resting in our game room and getting ready to be resurrected!

Anyways, i'm really thrilled to be working on my own cabinet right now, and having a blast!
Im sure me and Xen will enjoy the hell out of it!

Time for pictures now!

The bribes! (very important!)  :twisted:

The car/trailer combination with help of the ol'folk  ;D

Xen and her pa getting ready to load the cab

The cab getting ready to go up the first flight of stairs

The cab finaly inside our residence!

Just noticed somehow the pictures are rotated 90 degrees again, I specifically fixed that...Argh!
EDIT:Fixed the picture's orientation.

All the rest / My introduction
« on: July 11, 2013, 06:58:17 PM »
Hello everyone!

Finally decided to introduce myself here on the forum.
I have been reading along with Xentraz/Marjolein (my girlfriend) for some time now and finally caved in. Hello!

First things things I guess; 27 year old guy from the northern part of the Netherlands (Veendam)
I have been collecting (and playing) some vintage equipment for some time now
although I've mostly been into home consoles i have to admit that i can't deny
wanting to pick up a cab lately. Still unsure exactly which one though although i'm sure it wont be long now
before we get to bask in its glow. In fact, we've already moved our retrogame-room to another part of the house
in anticipation of a cab or two. The room is still under construction though, going for an all black+neon details look
reminiscent of ye olde arcade halls. Still working on the neon-decals to go on the walls and add more shelf's to hold
the game collections.

I'm truly impressed by the community spirit that roams this forum and happy to join in!  ;D

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