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I've had the Starblade a couple of months now after asking you guys if it was a wise decision to buy and deciding on the purchase. Upon getting it I realized that only one of the trigger switches worked and it felt so loose it was almost falling out. I am hoping to find a replacement conrtol at some point, but that didn't stop me from trying to fix the switches in the meantime.

Someone had already taken the switches out and one of them was modified for an aftermarket switch of a slightly different shape so the trigger harness had to be modified. This is unfortunate because I was given all the original microswitches and found that you can open them up, clean them real good and bend the contacts just a bit so they get better contract and they are now working good as new! I did this to three of the switches and reinstalled but unfortunately the modification of the control harness/grip, where the switches fit in, was messed up to the point I had to use the aftermarket switch. The aftermarket switch feels just a bit harder to press than the original switches, but it works and the original red button fits in it so they all match externally. All the switches feel a bit loose, but from what I recall this is pretty normal from a Starblade machine.

I tried to find replacement strobes, DarthNuno has some NOS but they are way too expensive for me at this point in time. Fortunately I found a thread on KLOV (see end of post) which explained how to rebuild the Starblade strobes. I ordered the replacement Xenon bulbs and when they came in it took no more than 15 minutes each to dremel open the strobe dome, de-sauder the old lights and sauder the new ones in. After putting the strobes back in the game they still didn't work but I found a fuse that was disconnected and after reconnecting it they both work great!

The reflection dome was cracked on the bottom right of my unit but fortunately it is an area that the monitor doesn't reflect (otherwise I would have never bought the game.) I got lucky and a few weeks after I bought it the person I bought it from found the part that had cracked off (all in one piece). I was able to have a guy that works with plexi 'weld' it back on from the back side and unless you know where to look at you would never notice it was cracked and repaired! I'm so happy about this as the reflector mirror replacement seems impossible to find!

I am having an issue with the sound, for some reason the sound is biased on the right side. When I go into the sound test menu it says 'Right' and the sound comes out of the right (front and rear), then it says 'Left' and the sound STILL come out of the right. During gameplay, sound comes out of all four speakers but the right speakers are very dominant (especially the right rear). I have checked the wiring harness near the monitor and it all matches up, I will get behind the game and check the wires from that point on. Is there anything else I should look for that would cause this problem?

I need to do some cleaning up of the machine and tightening of bolts here and there. I also need to find a replacement for the red plexi that goes over the light on the gun as this part has been cracked on mine and since it is front and center it looks really bad! If anyone has this part or an entire control panel that is in good shape PLEASE let me know.

Here is the link on how to repair the Flashboy Strobes at KLOV:

I used white electrical tape to seal up / reattach the dome once done. Attached is a pic of my Flashboy after I cut it open with a dremel tool.

Once I get the machine looking better I will take more pictures of it all.

Thanks for the help those of you have giving me here (public and privately). At least one more StarBlade has been saved for now!

Galaxian Theater / U.S. Starblade, should I buy?
« on: September 05, 2011, 10:33:01 AM »
I am contemplating buying a working Starblade here in the U.S. It has a cracked dome, but the screen reflects in the part of the dome that isnt cracked. The seat doesn't seem to vibrate, and it is missing three of the fire buttons. I am assuming parts for this are basically impossible to find (especially the reflection dome). Any advice on other things I should look at on the machine before I decide to buy?

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