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'Business' Area : Buy/Sell/Trade / Zaccaria Super Cobra
« on: November 23, 2011, 06:42:46 PM »
Hi fellows,
in the german arcadeinfo board is a guy that says he has a Zaccaria Super Cobra with a broken monitor. He wants to part it out and MAME it (!!!). He therefore sells the whole stuff from within including the PCB. He is asking for 20 Euros!


He says the game is working, he hears sound but the screen is black!

Artwork / Depixelizing Algorithm
« on: July 26, 2011, 01:32:25 PM »
Hi folks,
I just stumbled upon this paper. Maybe it's interesting for some of you, especially the vector guys :)

It's an algorithm that creates smooth images from pixel art images.

There are some nice example images, where you can see what this algorithm is capable of. Really stunning results IMHO.

Here ist an article about the algorithm:
And the site of the developers at M$

All the rest / Hi from Saarbruecken, Germany
« on: September 09, 2010, 11:06:54 AM »
Hi guys,
i followed your Arcade adventures for some time now and I think it's about time to introduce myself to you.
My name is Bernd and I am a 28 year old student of computer science. I am around in the two major german arcade forums for some years now.
I noticed your forum from Ullys Pac-Mania restoration post and started following your road-trips and restoration posts. I really like to see the love and dedication that you give to your hobby.
The former mentioned post got my attention, since I own a Pac-Mania myself. Thanks to you guys, I notice all the small cracks and scratches on it now and need to to something about it  >:( :D
I own this one (besides a TV-Ideal Twinline which houses a Mame-PC and an Orion with Timepilot which is in the hall for my flatmates) for some years now but I did not have the room, money and tools to really take care of it (did I mention that I am a student?!  :))
I got my hands on it when I spoke to a co-worker about my newly accquired TV-Ideal some years ago when I was working at Karmann (maybe someone knows the Karmann Ghia?). He then send me a message a few days later if I am interested in a Pac-Man cab. Relatives of him had one and wanted to get rid of it. So they offered it for free to me  :o ;D Of course I was interested, borrowed a car from my brother and found a nice looking Pac-Mania cab in a nice condition (I thought it was until I found your forum  ;)) After changing a fuse it worked and I was really happy.

Here is a picture of it. As you can see, unfortunately the Marquee is damaged, but I say it again: it was for free  ;D
Everything is original on it and works, but the monitor badly needs a cap-kit. But until I have money, tools and a place, it rests save and sound in my room.
So, that's a lot of text (I think Mr. Laschek will complain about it  ;D), but at least, I have a picture  :D
Nice to be here and follow your arcade stories  :)

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