Author Topic: Cybertokyo: A Survey of Public VRtractions ...features GH-28  (Read 3807 times)


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Found this article on the web :

A Survey of Public VRtractions

Extended from original article published in Presence 3(1), Winter '94

there is a small section regarding the famous 28 players version of the Galaxian³, called GH-28 :

"Another theme park with a high otaku-factor is Namco Wonder Eggs, featuring the front wave of arcade games, all elaborately staged. (Otakus, colloquially, are individualistic fanatics, typicall adolescent males, passionate to the point of obsessiveness about a particular subject, like computers or war games, to the detriment of normal social skills; an approximate english translation is "geek.") A favorite attraction is "Galaxian3", descendent of the once-ubiquitous video game. (The superscript refers to the spatial dimensionality; perhaps the original should have been called Galaxian2, but there is none.) 32 star fighters sit at consoles arranged in a circle, facing outward to a shared 360 degree panoramic screen. As enemy warships attack, the mother ship pitches and rocks against the interactive onslaught. "

Just a correction : only 28 players, not 32  ;)

Here the full document, features very strange games, right here...