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White Universal T-Molding is here!
« on: March 08, 2019, 02:57:04 PM »
The small batch run of completely flat, White Universal reproduction T-Molding arrived this week! Here is the original interest thread on Klov.

The specs on the dimensions of the t-molding:

- 27/32" Wide
- 1/16" Thick

This will typically work in the following list of Universal machines that have used white t-molding.

- Cheeky Mouse
- Cosmic Alien
- Cosmic Guerilla
- Cosmic Monsters
- Cosmic Monsters II
- Devil Zone
- Galaxy Wars
- Magical Spot

Attached is a profile drawing illustrating the tmolding dimensions, and here is an album showing the t-molding installed in my Cosmic Guerilla and Magical Spot.

Universal T-Molding Photos - Installed

All prices do not include shipping, add shipping on top:

1' - $3.00
1 Foot sample, good for testing before purchasing an entire set

18' - $29.00
This is enough to cover a machine + extra where the tmolding stops at the marquee

26' - $36.00
This is enough to cover a machine + extra where the tmolding wraps down the entire back side of the machine.  On the machines I've seen, each side takes about ~7' in the front, and an additional ~5' feet to run from the top of the bracket down the back of the game.  ~12 ft ea. side in total.

Important Notes
All sales are final.  I will not be accepting any returns.

The construction of the Universal machines can vary widely, as the folks who tested the t-molding initially can attest.

Before placing an order, make sure to do the following:

* Measure the t-molding in your machine to ensure the 27/32" size is what you have on your machine
* Confirm how the channels are cut on your machine - to marquee, to the top, around the back - to know the length of tmolding you need

If you are still unsure, please purchase the 1' sample and do a test before purchasing an entire set.  

Contact Me
I will be launching a store in the coming week to take orders.  In the meantime, send me any requests at and I'll do my best to answer any questions.
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