Author Topic: Question for our Japanese friends here, any info about Hoei International ?  (Read 3297 times)


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Since I'm the owner of a Meteor cab that was built by Japanese company HOEI International, I was wondering if anyone has more info about that company ?

I totally LOVE the artwork that they used for their flyers. Check it out:

Meteor was a bootleg of Asteroids.

HOEI also made a Defender clone called Mayday!! which was not a direct copy of the game but close enough to have Williams sue HOEI. I think that was the last game they ever made.

They also released a couple of other games:
Super Space Stranger (Space Invaders), Space Bird, Final Ranger, Future Flash, Space Battle and Super Meteor.

_ANY_ info about HOEI would be appreciated.
Do you know something about the company, where did they came from, did they switch to anything else ?
Who was the artists of the flyer art ?
Have you seen any of their games in Japan etc. etc.

Thanks !