Author Topic: Power Drift not working - can anyone help me???  (Read 2002 times)


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Power Drift not working - can anyone help me???
« on: February 19, 2014, 06:47:11 PM »
I recently picked up a Power Drift upright but am having problems. I have signal to the monitor and neck glow, but no signs of board life except for power.

I am new to diagnostics, but I've checked the voltage to the two boards (5.1V) and I picked up a logic probe today and on the CMOS setting - Pin 18 shows:

1) Synchronized flashing LO (Green) and PULSE (Yellow), with pulsing HI (Red)

2) Steady LO (Green)

3) Steady LO (Green)

I've visually inspected both boards and they look good - no visible broken traces, or badly seated chips. I have no sound except for some slight crackle on power-on.

Any ideas of what to do next?