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Groupbuy adjustable PCB holder
« on: January 16, 2014, 09:38:22 AM »
On we were talking about finding PCB feet and someone came up with these amazing universal PCB holders. Asure currently has one in one of his cabs and he confirmed that they work well. So we set out to find them and found that they are sold by Suzo Happ.
I've contacted SH in Holland to inform me about availability and prices and unfortunately they are not in stock and will have to be special ordered and take about 2 weeks to get to Holland.
So i set forth and started a group buy and currently have 20+ (plus a couple for myself) of PCB holders on order.
The plan is to gather orders until the end of the month and order them so they should arrive here somewhere 2nd/3rd week of February.
The price of the PCB holder is 7,50 euro. (unfortunately more as the USA prices as SH is doing their own markup in Holland)(Grey import is no option)
Shipping costs (including boxing):
NL : 7,50
UK, BE, DE, FR, IT, ESP, SWE : 10 (without tracking), 14 (with tracking)
A box can contain a lot of units and can weigh up to 10kg for NL domestic shipments. Foreign shipping fees like the ones above can go up to 2KG which I estimate is about 4-5 units. Let me know if you want more so i can check the rate and pinpoint the weight.

The product:

- Durable black nylon plastic construction
- Great for use within Universal Kit Cabinets
- Height adjustable from 4-1/2" to 12-1/2" to hold small or large PCB's
- Able to hold multi-level PCBs
- Mounts to wall of cabinet via molded mounting holes

Bracket in action. Courtesy of Asure: