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Re: Puckman cab
« Reply #15 on: February 21, 2013, 10:23:09 PM »
Hi. Yes I have the same pcb which came with the Cab. Since some parts were missing (ram i.e.) I never used it. Got my hands on an original Namco Puckman pcb and used that. I also used a new jamma wiring because the original wiring was so terrible hacked that I decided to replace it with a brand new jamma loom. I replaced the Hanta mtc900 (which was very flaky) with a crisp and wonderful looking tv with Toshiba tube and put in a brand new switching power supply. Switches on with the cab and to av channel automaticly of course ;) The marquee light was replaced with a new one that works on 220v direcly (to remove the original power supply completely). Finally replaced the damaged t-moulding with (way better looking) orange one.

So as you see, I pretty much used only the shell and put in a lot of new parts and the original pcb. Sounds horrible in some way BUT the cab is working like charm, looking good and plays extremely fine. Nobody would know the changes I made anyway (for the better I think ... at least it's a working cab with original pcb) ;)

Only thing awkward is still the yellow button in the panel. I left that because a friend put t in and it might be one of the riddles the people who dig the cab out of the dirt in 1000 years might try to solve unsuccessfuly. :D
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Re: Puckman cab
« Reply #16 on: February 21, 2013, 11:50:37 PM »
Mmmm, I wonder which asshole put that yellow button there  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Well look at it this way: It is probably the best "hidden" button ever, because there was already a yellow dot there on the CP artwork.

You do forget that a whole team worked on the best CP on that kind of machine ever ;) A lot of people helped on restoring and vectoring the artwork. Rich from This Old Game printed out one for me and I managed to ruin it while making some hole.....
SO I ordered another one and Rich kindly sent me two for if I would f&ck up again ;) (This is why Rich ROCKS :) )

A friend of me who does metal works closed off all the joystick holes (apart from the original one's there were even 4 more made since they put in another joystick) and welded some threaded studs from the under side so that I could install an original Midway Pac Man joystick......

Anyway, that part was the nicest of the cabinet....the wiring was hacked up by....ahum.....uhm.......well there was a 48in1 in there for a little while so we could play it at Eurocade 2011 ;D

Well it had to be hacked for the Pac joystick anyway.

I also remember that I payed WAY too much money for an original marquee because there was a German NSM version in it, which didn't look good and didn't belong there. That marquee is a nice decoration piece somewhere in Germany ;) ;) ;)

Oh and that is why I like selling cabs to fellow collectors. It is totally GREAT to see them take the project to the level it belongs :) :)

Yes it's a bootleg, but it's really a nice one and I'm happy it ended up with PRC who gave it it's deserved love and care :)