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Re: [NEW] - Starblade : Operation Black Noise
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While they develop Operation Black Noise, I'll be working on a customizable Starblade Scenario Engine, from scratch. If only I could find a free 3D Game engine distributed under the GNU General Public License v3.0. Or any other open source license, for that matter. I plan to use one of those game engines for the backbone of my project. It's called, the UGSF VR Training Initiative. The premise of my project is that all the ace gunners got their start somehow. The most common training tool for gunners is the simulation. So, the scriptic side of the story is that you play as an ace gunner-in-training, and UGSF regulations state that gunners-in-training must log 1000 hours of simulation, or successfully accomplish 160 different scenarios, whether they are made by you, others, or the UGSF VRTI Dev Team. To have your character graduate from the UGSF Academy of Marksmanship, you must meet one of two requirements:
Log 1000 hours across all simulation, regardless of successful finsh or explosive failure.
Successfully complete 160 different scenarios of your choice.

If you do meet the second condition, you will get a special ending. I won't spoil it, but you can if you can figure it out.

Development ideas for my project are open for discussion on this topic: