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Author Topic: Dragon's Lair II Transcript  (Read 14974 times)
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« on: December 23, 2006, 10:28:44 AM »

Dragon's Lair 2 Transcript

Author: Leeram
Date: 21st December 2006
Version: 1.1

Publication: Only to be published in full at www.dragonslairfans.com


I put this together after a conversation at the 2006 Dragon's Lair Euromeet where I was told that it is has not been possible to create a transcript for Dragon's Lair 2 because it is too difficult to hear, to the point where English speaking people cannot understand some of the dialogue. I thought this strange as I think I understand all of it, so I have written what I think is said below.

The only phrase I have trouble with is where Daphne's mum says, "hold still". It could be, "hold stiff" or "hold steady" but those phrases don't make sense in the context of trying to make Dirk stop to throw something at him or hit him. In England we would say, "hold still" and that is what I hear in the game.

Hope this helps, enjoy.



Version 1.1
- Got some words wrong in V1 after re-listening changed "'Afternoon" to "How do you do"
- Read a discussion at Dragon's Lair Forums with lots of suggestions, but I hear "frog", not fraud as you can clearly hear the G at the end. "Halls" not "heart". "black" not "fact". "Borne" not "born". "Sing" not "Swing". The discussion can be found here  :




- Anything in {} are my comments
- I have avoided putting in most of the expressive words like oo, ah, hee hee hee, etc. as there are loads of them and aren't really words. I have included every proper English word I hear though and the occasional expressive word where it helps the text.
- There is a type of poetry in Great Britain and other English speaking countries known as "Nonsense Poetry". In this type of poetry words are simply invented or are put together in the wrong order or both. There is a very famous nonsense poem called Jabberwocky by Lewis Caroll from the book, "Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There", and it is part of this poem that the Cheshire Cat says in the game. I have marked the start and end of the poem in the transcript. It won't make sense because it isn't supposed to, but they are the correct words.


- DIIIIIRRRRK, kidnapped? My Daphne kidnapped again, idiot!
- Dumb Kopf! {or whatever the correct spelling is, I think it's a German phrase}
- You'd better find my daughter or else
- Coward!
- Dirk! I know you're in here
- I raised a princess who married a frog
- Dirk! Hold still! You can run boy, you cannot hide {this may be "but you cannot hide" with the "but" hidden behind other noise}

- Thief!
- You must be Dirk, Dirk the Daring, fetch me a drink from yonder well.
- Daphne is lost to the halls of time, a prisoner... she's under a spell
- Hasten lad hurry, we'll get her back, defeat the foul wizard, my brother, in black
- Dirk, ahh, thief! Oh shut up!

- So dear brother you bring Dirk here, you caliginous clanking piece of junk
- Boil in the mud you meddling old fool, Dirk will be helpless once you've been sunk
- Save Me!
- You want Daphne.. go get her
- My hero
- Get the sword. Hurry son, hurry
- Daphne's mine, farewell you fool

- Quick boy, through the glass
- How do you do good Sir Knight, care to join us in a fight?  
- Make way for the queen, you see what I mean
- Wee! Stop that bouncing
- Off with her head!
- Off with her head! Assassin!
- Princess Daphne is mine, mine!
- After that rabbit. One lump or two? Don't mind if I do. After that rabbit
- Farewell boy

{Start Jabberwocky nonsense poem}
- 'Twas brillig and the slithy toves
- Did gyre and gimble in the wabe
- All mimsy were the borogroves
- And the mome raths outgrabe
{End Jabberwocky nonsense poem}

- Go away, no visitors {"Go Away" pronounced in the American accent "go'way"}
- Back. St..stop right there. One more step and you're finished, oo.
- Yum Yum! Apple, apple {second "apple" is said in a very squeaky voice}
- Hang on brother, don't eat him. Dirk here's our ticket to fame and fortune
- Look here, I'll get you the princess if you bring Eve to me
- Eve. Apple. You hoo. Halt. mine mine mine mine.
- Oh no. Oh dear. Dear. Oh my goodness.

- Daphne's mine, you fool!
- Dirk the Daring stay put don't jump. Never fear a creative gust.
- Wind that's borne of upward things, all too soon will downward sing
- Dirk, over here

- We've found her this time boy.
- Dirk, this way. Dirk. Dirk I'm in here
- I can't breath. Hurry please it's so dark in here
- Hurry son, hurry. Hm, oh its hot, oh oh oh, hot, oh oh, Dirk, Dirk do something, oh

- You fool, you want Daphne, hah hah, go get her
- Grrr, ahhh, ahhhh

- Dirk, Dirk. D D Daphne
- Yahoo!
- Dirk, my hero
- Dad's home!
- Daphne!

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« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2007, 09:26:11 PM »

Oh thanks a lot to publish this on the web site  !!!  Smiley
I searched a lot, everywhere...seems nobody could ever give me a clue...
I contacted Digital Leisure, Don Bluth's website...

Many words I already knew (including the nonsense poetry Jabberwocky), but some other for me are totally new...
1) On the Dinosaurs level I always had the feeling that Mordroc was saying "you caliginous (Huh?? or whatever he says) f***ing peace of junk ! (is that possible a bad word on Don Bluth's cartoon ?)

2)On the Eden level I hear the angel saying "Go'way, no visionaries..."

What do you think ?

3)When the transcript of "Space Ace" ?

 Mighty Pirate
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