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Author Topic: [Cosplay] Princess Daphne by Zedela :: Pictures & Interview ::  (Read 26930 times)
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« on: August 21, 2010, 12:44:25 PM »

First of all, watch these beautiful pictures kindly provided by Zedela, taken during the AmeCon 2010 cosplay event in UK.

Her 'cosplay' choice for an half of an day... the lovely Princess Daphne  Kiss  arrow

Exclusive Zedela interview for us on DLF  Wink

Zedela is 19 years old and lives in UK.

Darth Nuno : Hi Zedela, can you introduce yourself please ?

Zedela : Hello there, my real name is Carla but I prefer Zedela as my cosplay name. I'm interested in Anime, Manga and anything japanese just like nearly everyone really, but what I love the most is creating my own manga characters and designs.

DN : Cosplay is mostly about video game... Do you play video games ?

Z : To be honest, I'm not really a game-type person, however that doesn't stop me from having a try! But what really catches my eye in a game is the art work and story plot, hence the reason I'm inspired by Bluth's style.

DN : Did you try to play the game "Dragon's Lair" by the way ?

Z : I had a few tries with my brother (he was better than me lol >.<) and it was really fun! It was a shame we couldn't complete it in the end, but still I wanted to watch the whole game play on youtube out of curiosity XP.

DN : Why did you choose to cosplay Princess Daphne?

Z : I decided to cosplay Daphne just after watching the game play of both games, I've always wanted to be a Don Bluth character but never attempted to be, suddenly Daphne was the gal I finally wanted to try! Me and my friend are cosplay addicts at the moment and running out of ideas. Cosplaying Daphne for the first time was fun and made me feel like a show girl in the crowd, I dunno why...maybe I was in that bubble the whole time :S... XD Smiley

DN : What do you know about your character, Princess Daphne ?

Z : I read up more on Princess Daphne online and how Bluth was inspired by Playboy Magazines at the time lol. From what I know according to the Dragon's Lair comic she mistaken for being an airhead half the time, where as really she's a cool princess with self respect Cheesy no thanks to that brain draining bubble she was kept in.

DN : Did you use the Princess Daphne costume only one time for this convention ? Can you tell us more about this convention ?

Z : Yup, It was meant for this convention for half a day in a three day event, but it wasn't the kind of convention that had so many people as London MCM Expo. So I was a little nervous if no one was going to recognize me as much, however I did get one or two calling out Daphne asking for photos and such. ^^

DN : No group picture with you on it? No Dirk the Daring with you ? ;-)

Z : Sadly, I had no Dirk with me, and my friends never hearing about Dragon's Lair didn't help me out lol, still, I was actually glad to show her independent side. It was really funny surviving among different Final Fantasy/Naruto Characters XD.

DN : Did you build yourself your costumes ? Is it expensive ? Do you keep them ?

Z : Most of my costumes are custom made, and only a few of them I could actually put together myself like Daphne. Anything ordered on-line drains every penny off me, which is why hand making a costume your self is cheaper and better...the problem is is that we need the skills to do it. Luckly, I do get my money back from selling a few props that I bought with my previous cosplays, but I've kept most of them for any upcoming event in case of an emergency.

DN : What was the response of peoples at the convention, regarding the Dragon's Lair theme ?

Z : This is why I was pretty nervous XD, I remember being called some strange names I've never heard of, but it was nice getting compliments on my legs. If I didn't have my crown on my head, who knows what I would of been mistaken for...XD

DN : Any chance to see you in Princess Daphne costume again ? What are your other project to come ?

Z : Most probably yes, for the London Expo next year Smiley hopefully I'll find a Dirk to accompany me in photoshoots, all depends how the weather will be >.< lol Someone has left a comment on my Daphne asking me to try Thumbelina, which I may do since I'm a huge fan of Don Bluth's work since I was little.

Thank you Zedela for this interview and all these wonderful pictures. Your choice to cosplay Princess Daphne is not an easy one. I mean Princess Daphne is a very sexy girl and it may not easy to assume 'alone' that cosplay (no Dirk with you to protect you from bad guys  Wink), and as you know Don Bluth Bluth was inspired by Playboy Magazines for this character  Roll Eyes So, congratulation for your courage  Wink I really love your Daphne cosplay, you perfectly catch the real Daphne attitude and position  Kiss Total respect!

Here's a little gift for you Zedela, your character inside a scene of the game :

Do not see any allusion (You, Dirk, the bed)...  I found that your position on one specific picture was perfect to be used on this scene, perfectly matching the shape of the gate. Hope you'll like it  Wink

Thanks again & hope to see you again on new pictures as Princess Daphne Kiss
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« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2010, 03:19:27 PM »

Best Daphne yet!  When are we going to see some cosplay respect for Kimberly!?!?
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« Reply #2 on: August 22, 2010, 11:14:47 AM »

Nice.  I've seen the pics on deviantart, but not the interview.  Thanks!

And that last pic is awesome!
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« Reply #3 on: August 22, 2010, 12:49:53 PM »

Best Daphne yet! 




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« Reply #4 on: August 22, 2010, 11:37:17 PM »

Wow she totally captured the whole idea about Daphne (as far as I can judge). Very well done !

My next cosplay will be......DONKEY KONG !!! RAAAAAAHHHHH !  Grin Grin Grin

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