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Hi folks,

now that I traded my 2nd Asteroids I still have a few more cabinets which I would like to sell or rather trade off.

Dedicaded cabinets:

1)Atari Battlezone - not working (have not tried to figure out) - overall good condition, seems to be complete but missing one joystick (already found a store which builds replicas or got replacement parts)
Reason: no time to fix that one.

2)Working DIG DUG Atari cabinet - European edition with wooden side. good condition. CPO has minor cigarette burns.
Reason: Sorry - that game is not my special one :-)

3)Working Space Invaders Cocktail Cabinet - Japanese Edition. Coloured game.
Reason: Got an upright as well

Other cabinets:

4) Working Gauselmann (?) upright cabinet - says "Satan of Saturn" on the back, but seems to be modified.
Reason: didn't found the time yet to replace with a good game.

5) Working TV Ideal Standard cabinet - currently running a soccer game
Reason: need space.

6) non working Cocktail table cabinet (comes with monitor) - but no idea if complete.
Reason: already got 4 working cocktail cabinets.

7) non working Cocktail table cabinet (same as 6) - but only cabinet. nothing inside. has control panels and joysticks thought.
Reason: need space

8 ) non working Mini Cockatil Table cabinet - cabinet only.
Reason: need space

9) Working Pac Man Pinball Machine

What I need - but all other offers appreciated.

1) Midway Upright Cabinet - like Pac Man. Working one prefered otherwise just the cabinet.

2) 4 Player Cabinet similar to Gauntlet Legends and/or NBA Jam/Football. - Working one prefered or in pristine condition.

3) any working dedicated game which doesn't suck :-)

I wouldn't say I prefered shooters or 80s or newer ones. Just inspire me.
QBert would be nice...or I really loved Robotron and Berzerk last Eurocade.

4) Sit Down Racer like Daytona.

5) Pinball machine.
Most wanted: Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Star Trek TNG, Terminator 2

Just drop me an e-mail or reply to this thread.
Note: I'm very busy while travelling for work and may take a few days to answer.
Pictures will be uploaded by the weekend. stay tuned.

Cabinets are located in northern Germany near the city of BREMEN - in detail 49685 Emstek.

Due to my travels on a weekly basis through Germany I can deliver any of the cabinets within a 400km range within my Hometown. These usually fit in my opel vectra caravan.

Usual travel routes - Berlin, Düsseldorf, Leer, Hannover.

P.S.: I can bring to Eurocade and swap cabinet in September.


Atari BattleZone Front

Atari Battle Zone SideArt (good) - Sega Arcade Cabinet

One of those TV Ideals

Dig Dug EU Edition

Dig Dug EU Edition - cigarette burns CPO

Japanes Cocktail Space Invaders (missing one Instruction Overlay)

Space Invaders

First Cocktail cabinet (that one looks good) - has glasses but no interior

2nd Cocktail cabinet (small edition).

same as First Cocktail cabinet - this time with interior but broken glasses and top.


@Cebulba: GREAT !!!! I second HyperOlympic but Outrun would be most welcome too of course :)

Since most vote for Hyper, I just put that one on the list, should it change just let me hear... ;)

Ok. Fine. So it will be the Hyper Olympic.

Or should I mention that I just got a "ICE COLD BEER" as donation from a friend ;-)

Looking forward to the event.

Hi there. Great news!
Now that I got this earlier I can do more planning on my trip.

I'm coming - and can bring an arcade of course.  I assume that "guy with the camera" will join.

Depending on working condition I take:
SEGA Out Run
Hyper Olympic (Konami European Edition)
Chequered Flag (Sit Down)

where did you get the Vectrex display unit?
Is it for sale? :-)

Meetings, Exhibition, Events... / Re: EuroCade -The round trip...
« on: September 10, 2011, 02:11:37 PM »
Loved that Ice Cold beer. Thanks for that one , dude.
Did anybody got further than 6 or 7 ?

were did you get it? You don't have it twice as often to trade :-) ?

Corrected, sorry !

So 19 is Cebulba (Oliver) ?

Unfortunately Me and Mr Atari had to leave early to pick up a nice Atari jukebox near Deventer, so we missed the "dark room" :-)
next time then - I'm pretty sure you do it again Andre !

Will upload my pics later the day.

Meetings, Exhibition, Events... / Re: Retro gamer exhibition in Budapest
« on: September 10, 2011, 01:47:32 PM »
fixed. Thanks.

Do you have any more information about this Event?
Is there a webpage?
Is this a regular one?

I do have some friends over in Budapest.

An in addition I'm organizing my own big event once a years in Germany....with Arcades and Pinballs :-)

Meetings, Exhibition, Events... / Re: Retro gamer exhibition in Budapest
« on: September 09, 2011, 10:14:26 PM »
I'm unable to see any pics from the hungarian event. these are all black.
Anybody can confirm this?

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: PAC MAN - Scratch Built Replica
« on: August 16, 2011, 06:43:16 PM »
Hi there Scr33n,

nice work!
Checked your other "selfmade" arcades, too.
Well done.

It is my aim to do the same.
Thanks for the nice pics on all of them.

My first project would be a Pac-Man, too. Do you have the exact measurements in cm for me?
Jakobbuds seemed to be not quite exact.


Arcade Lifestyle / Re: [Roadtrip] "CK" The story Continues..
« on: August 16, 2011, 06:40:46 PM »
Hi there Etienne,

got a CRAZY KONG, too.
Would you be willing to share the scans of the Bezel? My arcade is missing these,too.

And if I have the bezel should be quite easy to make the sideart our of it...hence I have some exercise in Photoshop and more :-)
let me know, please.

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