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Yeah, see, the control panel has been totally butchered, do yourselves a favor and let me get this dirty cab out of your sight  :P

Hellomats don't even give the right time, even a stopped watch is more useful  ;) ;)

I think you guys should let me buy that asteroids from Ully since I'm the new guy in town...just as a welcome gift  ;) ;) ;) ;)
Come on, it's my 7th post and I'm all shy and my eyes are wide and full of tears just like in mangas  :'(

plus SHE would be the very first dedicated cab of my collection.
plus I'm reading David Mitchell's "Black Swan Green" at the moment and they are playing asteroids in that book (the story takes place in 1982)
plus I just bought an asteroids cab so I will be able replace the missing side art with a true original one not a stinkin repro.

Ok, enough, I tried my best here  ;D ;D ;D

Exactly  :'(
...and you're not even sure to get it at all.

some good info about shipping cabinets here (in French):
and here (in english):

For the next 3 days, I will watch this item in my ebay and cry... :ghost:
Whish we all could be Californian.

All the rest / Re: @!#?@!? from the land of the smurfs
« on: August 25, 2010, 09:19:10 AM »
Thanks everybody for your warm welcoming here!!!
I'll bring you something good for dinner:

Wow thanks! Yes, please do.  :) :)
I just checked quickly and it's not that easy to find.

OMG that yellow one on the bottom right of the book cover... I had it!
I bought it in a TANDY store in Belgium back in the days... aaah tandy stores, always cheap cool stuff there for a kid.
I remember that this game was easy (and made me look like a super player) because the invaders were always arriving exactely the same way  ;)
I have to find it back now. It's my new mission.

All the rest / @!#?@!? from the land of the smurfs
« on: August 23, 2010, 10:55:06 PM »
Hi all, here's to introduce myself:

I'm 37 and I work as a graphic designer for a record label. I'd like to start a classic games cabinet collection because I regard them as true pieces of art and because theses games always bring back such good memories...

The only times I could play a lot of arcades as a kid was when we were going on vacation at the belgian sea shore so thoses cabs for me convey the feeling of (randomly): sand scratching in my plastic shoes, loud laugh of the last boss in kung-fu master, teenagers practising their "I'm bored to death and I don't even have to watch the screen" look while playing, having to get back on time for diner (even if I was at the very last fight in double dragons), +++...

When I was home I played a lot of C64 (pretending not to notice the difference between the arcade version and the C64 version of course), videopac, vectrex, various handheld games and much later snes.

A billion years after that, in the early 90s, I was no longer wearing plastic shoes at the beach, and I discovered mame by accident (on the very first week I had internet while looking for a C64 emulator).
THEY were all there waiting for me, even the ones I didn't even remember the names correctly (quartet, black tiger, the ninja warriors...).
Wow, it was a blast from the past! The crazy idea of owning my own cabinet slowly but surely grew in me years after years. Of course I had thought about that as a kid many times but to me it was something that could only happen in sitcoms (remember "silver spoons" ;))...

But first thing first, right now, I really NEED to play, a lot, and no longer via a computer screen, I need the real feeling of facing that big ass heavy chunk of wood right in front of me, I want to press a real "player one" button ! So my very first toy will be a Mame (in a space chaser cabinet because it has such a gorgeous artwork) just to quench my thirst... it's still under constuction but I'm very excited as you can read.
Sadly I don't know anything yet about electronics and stuff but there's a lot to learn from this forum so I'll do my homeworks but might sometimes still ask some silly newbie questions... and as graphic designer I can't wait to start some sideart and control panel art restorations on dedicated cabs (by the way, let me know if I can be of any help on vectorisations and graphic stuff)...

Additionally as a typography + arcade lover, I also started a small marquee collection, it's an "easy to store" way of having something from the original beast and it displays so much nicer on your wall than a strand of hair from Bill Mitchell's mullet.

I've a great time reading your posts on this forum, guys, keep up the good work!

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