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Another guy from Sweden gave me a destroyed Robotron metal control panel and asked me to ask my contacts within the metal industry to see if they can make new ones.

I will do that later this week, there are a few things to ask for...
1. Price for a clean panel with no holes at all
2. Price for a panel woth all the correct holes in the correct place (Duh!)
3. See if they can make it of galvanized metal as the original or just ordinary good old metal

Any one here that could need one aswell if we can make this happen? This is a strictly NO-PROFIT deal on my behalf, just thought I might be able to help a fellow moron.
Im thinking that the price for making 10 is not that much more expensive than making just two or three.

Arcade Lifestyle / Sega Hockey TV - Another Pong-Clone
« on: September 09, 2017, 08:29:18 AM »
Last night I went on a roadtrip with Kralleman to the capital of Sweden to pick up a game I got on hold for a few months.
We came back to my place at 02:00 så today Im tired... Will unload it later today and post some more pictures.

It is semi-working, we tried it at the sellers warehouse and the burnt smell from the TV were nasty... it shows a fucked up picture but atleast it is not dead.
There is also a PCB-issue where the ball get stucked and never leaves the middle line.... anyways, another project.

Some info about the game

Arcade Lifestyle / Another Swedish Roadtrip
« on: June 03, 2017, 09:16:10 AM »
Yes!!! We are back in the Volvo and heading up the country once again.

Its me, Kralleman and RogerXy... today we will pick up really rare games for kralleman and two cheap commons for me. We will also pay a visit to the warehouse we have looted before..

Technical Area / Work In Progress - Show Us What You are Working On
« on: May 07, 2017, 04:42:50 PM »
Maybe there is a thread like this on the forum already?

I thought it would be nice with a thread where we all can post pictures (and som text ofc) to show the community what we are working on at the moment.
Larger projects and in-depth work do better in their own threads but alot of what atleast I tend to work on fits better in a thread like this!

At the moment I have a Powerbrick from a Nintedo cabinet I recived a while ago that I want to clean up and give some new caps.
I checked all the voltages (unloaded) prior to the capkit Im about to install, everything checked put fine except 16V, after some searching I think that 16V is not needed and therefore it´s all good with no reading on the 16V pins.

So here it is, dont know when I have time to actually finish it, but the work has started anyways.

Technical Area / Dk Jr PCB issues, sprites and sound
« on: April 11, 2017, 11:27:49 AM »
I know there is hundreds of threads about DK/DK Jr problems on Klov, I just cant be arsed to look through them so I give you guys a chance to point me in the right direction.

I have recently got a feew issues with my Dk Jr Pcb.

As you can see a few sprites has color issues, Donkey kong are not supposed to have green eyes and teeth (even though it looks kind of cool), and Dk Jrs clothes are also supposed to be white and not green.
Regarding the sound there is a quiet "whirring" sound, like a piece of the jump oe deathsound that never cuts off, it just loops in the background all the time... barely noticeable during gameplay but annoying in attract mode.

where to start? I know fuck-all about pcb-fixing but are eager to learn!

(As a side note I have a Double Donkey kong board on the way home so Im not panicing but would like to have this up and running aswell)

If you listen reaaly, and I mean REALLY REALLY careful when I film close to the speaker you can hear the backgroundfuckedupsoundthing... (or is it only in my head)

So I need some things for my prjects

Donkey Kong joystick in good working order
Donkey Kong 3 PCB
Donkey Kong Jr PCB
Donkey Kong/Jr/3 Control panel

'Business' Area : Buy/Sell/Trade / FS/FT Data East DECO Disco No1
« on: March 11, 2017, 07:42:53 PM »
A while back I stumbled across 4 Data east DECO cabinets. I only have picked up two of the so far, one game (The deco kid) is probablly going to another swede .
They are all in the same "beatiful" condition.

I might be selling/parting out three of them.
Cant recall what two yet to be picked up cabinet were, one was burnin rubber or bump n jump...

Dont really know anything about them, I have tried to start the one on the picture and the fan comes on and some LED or two on one of the boards is lit up.
Guess the monitor is fucked but as far as I remeber it had neckglow.

Everything seems to be ther except the security dongle or whatever it is I think should be needed. The tape is there.

Some I could be interested in for trading for +/- cash are:
Marble madness sys1 cartridge
Space Invaders II PCB
Donkey Kong bezel
Nintendo control panel (any DK-style would be good)
Nintendo powersupply PP-7A
Donkey kong or Jr PCB

Or just hit me with a fair offer, i might post this on KLOV aswell if the interest is low here.

i will get more and better pictures if there is interest

All the rest / Lifestylers on Instagram
« on: March 08, 2017, 06:33:20 PM »
I tried the searchfunction but could not find a thread about this.

So are any of you guys on instagram posting awesome arcadepictures on a irregular basis??

I am, but I also post some more private stuff, and ofc random junk... check it out if you like

@pingeahlin is my tag, what is yours??

Sorry if I break any rule with the picture.... I know you dont like Streetfighet  :lol:

Technical Area / Toei CMD14, problems
« on: March 04, 2017, 02:12:59 PM »
I have just capped a Toei CMD14 monitor that I assume is from a coctail cabinet from the beginning.
The monitor works but I cant get the picture right, any suggestions?

Anyone have the manual and/or schematics for this?

Technical Area / What chassis is this? For a Videocolor A51-421X tube
« on: February 15, 2017, 10:36:03 PM »
Never came a chassis like this before, as far as I understand the MTC900 is a common chassis for these tubes, but this looks nothing like it, cant find any information on the board that reveals manufacturer.

I have no HS at the moment but found a broken fuse and the holder fell apart as soon as I touched it.

Will try to get a fuse and holder in place and try again...

Arcade Lifestyle / Pinges Playchoice-10 cabinet and games.
« on: January 21, 2017, 12:27:32 AM »
I could not find any generic Pc10 thread here on DLF so I start this to see if we have any other enthusiast.

I have one cabinet that I got a few years ago from a swedish site that works like the yankees Craigslist I suppose.
He asked for about 1000€ for it, he was not at all into games and I had barely heard of the system before and thought they did not exist in Sweden at all. Now I know of no less than three cabinets.
Or four, depends on how you count them, I got another one about 1,5 year back, but that one were surprisingly a converted Punch-Out, I am ofcourse as happy with that.

Both of theese were operating in Sweden back in the days, the one I show in this thread was from a restaurant in a town called Vänersborg before the guy I got it from saved it from that place.

It had been working fine all the time i have had it, and I have bought some games for it, it came with 10 games, here is the original listing

And the games that came with it, noticeable is that there is mostly older games, Rush N Attack is the latest of them I think... the ones you cant see the title of is Rush N Attack and The Goonies.
The goonies is nice since it was never released for the NES (only famicom).

Enough with the ranting, here is some pictures I took eralier tonight, I for once even played a bit after i got it working. For some reason I could only get one motherboard to respond to all the inputs, one is not responding to the START button and one is only responding to the RESET button... very wierd, but as long as one is running im fine for the moment.

My Precious

The Instruction in Swedish taped on by the operator, I will keep this as part of the history.

Left side (Right side looks quite the same so I spare you guys that picture)

All original control panel in descent shape

The "zapper"

Not to many people put their hard earned money in this game, previous owner did only play with coins so I think this cabinet was a bad deal for the operator.

6585, Made in the USA, my Punchout is made in Japan

Backdoor intact with adjustment instructions

The two Sharp XM-2001N are nice and clean, manufactured in 1984


The Cage holding the goodies

Coindoor, speakers & controlpanel looks nice and clean!
For those of you not into playchoice, each speaker is adjusted with is own AMP integrated in one chassie each... what were they thinking?

Some of my games, think more or less all of them are in the pictures

Motherboards, "funny" is that they all work except the inputs on two of them... wierd issue I have to figure out in the future, would be nice to have all three populated for easy swapping on game nights.

And yes, I did play it for 20 minutes  :lol:

Sorry for the quite large images, I tried to make thumbnails from the google photos link, it was a no go, and I cant get spoilers to work on the forum either, please LMK if there is a way to go around this.

Arcade Lifestyle / Pinges Basement, Workshop and random junk
« on: January 10, 2017, 10:52:29 PM »
Ok, I keep spamming this forum.

I have always wanted my own gameroom, and fortunatley we live in a quite big apartment so I had a nice gameroom a handfull of years back.
In that room i had 4 pinballs, four or five arcadegames. I loved that room, red floor and black walls... had some good times there.

But all of a sudden we had two kids, and kids need a room full of lego, dolls, beds and such boring things. And I had to let it go.
Or not really, my wife is quite understanding sometimes and I got another way smaller room with a fucked up layout. So I ended up selling all my pins and put a good few of the videogames in storage.
Over time I have got a lot of more games, a few of them living temporarly in our livingroom.

But to make a long story short, recently a room in the basement of the very same house we live in got available due to a couple of reasons, I was lucky to end up with it in the end.
I can walk down in my underwear if I want to, its like 5 meters from our frontdoor to the door into the basement.

I have spent some nights down there, removing alot of shelfes, sanding, painting and of course cleaned decades of dust and such. New lighting and some outlets are installed aswell.
And literally just a few minutes ago I decided that I am done for now. Left to do is maybe to paint the door... probably wont happen.

Here are some random photos, I hope you can figure out which are before and after my touch to it.
Hopefully I can update this thread in the near future when the room actually becomes a room with games in it instead of just a room.

Ok, so here is the pictures from our second visit to the warehouse!
Kralleman dealed back and forth through emails and phone before we went back, so we actually knew what to pickup.

It took us the whole day and half night to get some of the games out, when you have to move a handfull of expensive jukeboxes and other random junk just to make a path just wide enough for the games it takes time.

We had the time of our life and and ofc looted some more, I found a couple of coctail tables that we didnt even see on our first visit.
Apart from what you see in the pictures we bough loads of magazines, actually alot of german ones that might be of interest for some of you guys?
We also got bezels, marquees and such, some loose pcb:s, powersupplies and random things... nothing extraordinary apart from NOS Centipede Cabaret Glass Bezel for Rogerxys project.

We rented a trailer but noone of us had the experience of driving with it, but brave as I am I took the wheel on my car, we also had a van just to be sure to pick up as many of our games as possible, but we have atleast one more turn to the warehouse, so if you see "that thing you really need" in any of the pictures let us know. We are more than willing to try to help fellow collectors out to get games or make progress in their projects. We have no problem to hold on to things for a good while either.

Anyways, here goes:
Here is my volvo as you might recognize from earlier threads. This time hooked up to a trailer.  :P

And now all of a sudden we are already in one of the barns taking photos of games, cant remeber what this beauty were though..

Firts game we loaded up was Rogers Road Runner, Midways game and not the system 1 as you can see

One of all jukeboxes that we had to get out of the way

One of the games we got, Circus, as most of the games NOT WORKING, A GunFight aswell

One of the coctails I got, I also got the scrap that its stacked upon, can you guess it??

Neogeoconverted Xybotz, we still have to pick this up

Bingo Anyone?

Gun Fight

Is this the Zaccaria cabinet??

Time to load one of the Star Castles, Roger showed he got some muscles

Gun fight again, and a Challenger. Cant remember if this was converted to something awful or not, maybe kralleman can fill in some info?

Two thumbs up is always better than one. The other guy in the picture is a childhood friend of mine, not registered here but he also have some games, mostly Pinballs.

Here is he, Magnus is his name

Loading the trailer was easier than expected, I took a quick snooze for the photo

Here is Rogerxy, he is also a member on this forum, he will surely comment on this thread as soon as he is back from his holidays.


What do we have here?


Random picture of not so interesting machine

Anyone has the missing controller in his pile of spare parts?? If so, let kralleman know  :wink:

Random folks

A pinball playfield, nothing of interest for us.

One of the castles

Is this some kind of generic cabinet?

Uglier solution for marquee is hard to find

Game-Break for Roger

Do we need more SNK rotarys?? Yepp!

Coffe-Break, this is the only nutrition we had for 15 hours...

More Games stucked behind old cars

I stand corrected, this marquee is worse than the earlier one

Space Invaders, you all now that

Kralleman peeping in one of the barns

This empty and cracked Atari Tournament table was sad to see, only thing inside was powerbrick and instruction sheet, did we get it?? HELL YEAH! why not??

Parts and pcb:s in no order whatsoever, headlights on and dig in

This belongs to the xybotz

Fox in a box

Im thinking about getting a Dart-Board

The last picture. random things loaded in back of my car.

I have to say that your comments to earlier threads made me want to post theese pictures aswell.

A few pictures from a warehouse we ended up buying alot from, most of the games were shipped to us but on this ocation we actually went there!
This warehouse is gone today, everything is sold,including the warehouse (sorry COW  :wink: )

I just realised that I am the one taking photos on our trips... dont really mind, im not as photogénique as kralleman  :lol:

Kralleman came with car from Gothenburg to my hometown, we then took my car to a neabry city to get the ride for the day, a Opel Vivaro.
We also brought my wifes father to be the driver since back then we had no experience in driving a van, and he need to get away sometimes to.

Outside the premises.

Only picture from inside the warehouse, I know that kralleman has more pictures from when it was alot of games here, if he digs through his emails with the seller he will find it and maybe upload here.

We ended up getting the games we came for and loaded them up on some pallets.

Kralleman got a Midway Space Invaders

He also picked up an old Sega slotmachine, heavy bastard so our driver had to help him lift it

On the way home we stopped at the nice guy that gave us the warehouse tip, he ended up selling his galaxin cabinet to kralleman and the Asteroids we bought later aswell

When we came to my place for unloading kralleman showed his scrap-pachinko he got, I got one to and later sold...

Here is the game I got
Allied Leisures Paddle Battle, kralleman ended up getting one of theese aswell a couple of years later.

My gameroom looked different back then, still no structure to it though (world of nintendo sign I sold a few years back, and that superbreakout I traded for a punchout)

The Paddle Battle, nice with an off the shelf TV-set, this is pre-arcademonitors,

Kralleman wanted to take his new Space Invaders home, it was a really tight fit in a Volvo V70

Thats it from that trip, unless kralleman can post some pictures aswell

Arcade Lifestyle / Warehouse Loot with Pinge & Kralleman 1/10-2016
« on: January 08, 2017, 11:13:37 AM »
Ok, If you find this thread interesting I might take me the time to make one about when we picked up some of the "shit" we bought aswell!

We got a tip from another gamer and followed it up, so we took a van from my work and went there on a cold October day, ended up climbing around jukeboxes, cars from 192x-193x, random stuff and ofcourse some videogames. We spent around 6-8 hours at this gentlemans place. His main interest is today jukeboxes and the games were mainly leftovers from his time as an operator.

So this is a thread full of really bad cellphone-pictures. To our defence we were thrilled and full of adrenaline and forgot that we should document what we saw. And at that time DLF were not screaming for activity  :P
The main reason the pictures are really bad is that is was so tight and jampacked with stuff all over the place, sometimes I had to climb over stuff and stretch my arm in to get a photo to even see what was hidden behind/under other stuff.

Sadly It did not held as many gems as we were hoping for due to that a few other collectors have been there before and bought alot of goodies through the years.

A good few of the games you will see on the pictures are already sold to us or other collectors. If you see anything rare or could fill us in on whats on the pictures, dont hesitate to comment. Anything you guys are looking for? We might be able to assist since we still have a load of games to pickup still. 

Ok, from the road I dont have any pictures really so lets jump right to the games, there are to many pictures so I wont comment on all of them.

Here we see a japanese Namco Rally-X Coctail table, i ended up getting this on our second visit. The glass is missing, but I got a complete wooden top with glass and bezel from a Pucman with it  :lol:
No PCB but the seller found a rally-x bootleg that I got with it aswell...

This Kee Games Sprint 2 was already sold to someone and were gone the second time we came to the warehouse.

When Kralleman walked into one room I heard him instantly saying "Den här kommer passa bra i min breakout samling", translation would be "This will be a nice addition to my breakout collection", Thank god we are good friends and no hard feelings got involved, I got more than I can handle anyways but any given day I would have got the consolette due to it´s sexieness!

A more modern Atari game were present, fucking awful pictures... sorry guys...

Trying to start a game, safety first  :twisted:
We learned that we should NOT try to start the games cause things are missing, yokes are loose and so on... but It was th seller that said something like "We try them and discuss the prize depending on status"

Some wallmounted Golf game, nothing of interest

Theese are quite cool, old Pachinko and a slot machine

This is one of the two fullsize games that we bought this first visit, Superbug for kralleman.

This is the game I got, Taito Space Invaders, like the cabinet more than the midway version, this has a Galaxy Wars bezel and some invaders-clone PCB.

Super Breakout and Anti-Aircraft are two games we ended up getting on second visit

Here is the Van loaded up, a nice Breakout wallhanged cabinet for me, sadly some other pcb and extra holes drilled, still has this at a friends house so status is unknown, might have a broken flyback.

Cool looking cabinet, but what is it?

Cabaret Cabinet with Rygar

Star Castle by Rock-Ola, he had two... we got them both later

Pong Clones from Chicago coin, the nicest were already sold and one is converted to joystick

This was actually working, we found that out after we bought it

This was also working, a cool Subelectro Frogger cabinet, sadly it has a MTC900 (not 900/E), and the anodesuctionthingiecup is fucked resulting in a highpitchsound that cut through the ears... and it also zapped my finger really good.

One of our friends got the Terminator 2

BOXES WITH PCB:S, many are no longer in there cause they were sold, and most are bootlegs

RANDOM PICTURES, please comment if you know whats on them

NeoGeo converted Xybotz

Panels  :shock:

My missile command does not need this one

Atari Ray

Aleph wallhanged cabinet, theese are common in Sweden, think they were built in Italy?

GranTrak-20, a game Kralleman bought we still have to pick it up... not the most common game

Seawolf, nice bigass game

Asteroids in a barn


Night Driver

Defender, he had two. Rogerxy got one and the other was sold.

Games Outside, always sad to see


My dear friend a fellow collector Kralleman, ofcourse we have the seatbelt on the consolette  :lol:

We might have more and better pictures on our instagrams, feel free to take a look and follow if you like

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