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I am looking for a Nintendo punch out or super punch out to add to my Nintendo collection.
Will pay good money for a nice working machine.
Many thanks

Ive just got my Battlezone working And the left stick cylinder housing has cracked in many places.
Can any one help me find one for my working machine.
It's a cabaret version.
Many thanks

Arcade Lifestyle / Wanted Test film for Nintendo battle shark.
« on: October 09, 2016, 05:26:33 PM »
Wanted test film for a 1978 Nintendo battle shark.

This is a long shot but I've found rarer things,I am missing the small test reel for my two machines.
Who ever has a spare or is  willing to loan there's for a week so I can calibrate both my machines I would be extremely happy,other wise I can't ever see these machines ever working.
Please if any collectors have one please contact me.
Many thanks

Arcade Lifestyle / Nintendo Sky Skipper (Sukai Sukippa) 1982
« on: November 04, 2015, 08:32:52 AM »
SKY SKIPPER (sukai Sukippa)

I've been collecting Nintendo arcade games, toys and anything else they've made over the last 25  years, But for the last 6 years I've concentrated on there early arcade games.
I've owned all the big guns but there has always been one game that has never conjured up so much mystery as Sky skipper (Sukai Sukippa) 1982.
The reason being there is no information on  this game what's so ever.
There is no known cabinet only a picture of a 3 versions of the cabinet on the back of my original flyer and they are photographs NOT artists impressions like I've  seen on some sheriff flyers.
So They did exist at some point but for some reason none survived the crash.
According to KLOV this game was only ever released in japan but then why is there a picture of one in a U.S upright cabinet on  the back of my flyer?
It must have made it to the U.S and someone has dumped the ROMs into mame so there is a pcb out there somewhere.
But I've contacted all the "Big" time collectors who have been collecting way longer than I have and they all said they've never seen a cab or a pcb.
Until I tracked down one on the internet in  Sweden which was not working due to the fact it had been factory modified to play Popeye.
The guy was working on re-engineering  the game but had not worked out how.
The game was offered to me but I was reluctant to purchase it due to the complexity of getting it working With no Schematics.
Then strangely enough a month later I found a unused factory modified in the raid up in the north of england marked Popeye with the markings TNX1
I knew straight away it was a sky skipper because I had been looking at the one in Sweden in detail.
Popeye and sky skipper used completely different hard ware and the pcbs are different shape and size so that also was a give away.
This was a amazing find as it now meant having two pcbs  it would be a lot easier to re-engineer the pcb back to its original form Sky skipper.
So I got my good friend working on the game  straight away and he relished in the challenge and after two months he has finally cracked it.
So I am happy to announce that I now own two working Sky skipper PCBs
and the plan now is to get a project Popeye and convert the  U.S cabinet to a sky skipper with the full art kit Marque,bezel,side art and control panel.
One will stay with me and be taken to events on the road in the UK,and the other will be sold with the full art kit to any U.S collector who is a Nintendo fan.

I will up date with a full video in the coming week

Hi guys
After my resent find of sky skipper I will be wanting a cab to house it in.
This can be any upright Nintendo or caberet in any condition as long as it's complete
A Popeye would be ideal or vs
This will be a amazing project to bring back to life such a rare game
Hope you can help
Many thanks

Arcade Lifestyle / Nintendo sky skipper Pcb found
« on: August 02, 2015, 07:33:16 AM »
Hi guys
Just thought I would let you know I've found a Nintendo Sky skipper with the official Nintendo Popeye conversion kit on it.
The Pcb is   Immaculate  and comes complete with the Popeye pin out.
By next weekend I will hopefully have this converted back and a video up so you can see it running on original hard ware.
My aim now it to put this into a cab or make a caberet I haven't decided yet.
I could get all the art work vectored from my flyer and convert a Popeye upright which would look amazing or build a caberet.
Or the other option is to convert a Popeye cocktail and find a helifire control panel as it uses 8way and two buttons.
Anyway I am really excited about this as I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever find one and now I have what looks like a Pcb that's never been used.

Keeping you posted

This machine looks In good condition and is working
A great cab to start anyone's Nintendo collection

Hi guys
I am looking for the following original Nintendo Arcade Flyers

Space firebird
Space launcher
Space fever
Space fever high splitter
Head on N
Bomb B N
Heli fire
Battle shark

Many thanks will pay good rate

Arcade Lifestyle / Nintendo sky hawk and battle shark arrive today.
« on: January 20, 2015, 10:38:56 PM »
So finally I get to inspect my two games I brought at the begining  of 2014
I was amazed to see that I has both films sky hawk and battle shark this is incredible.
Sky hawk is even earlier than battle Shark and was a big hit in Japan on there bigger projectors in the arcade.
Both games are complete and internals are in fantastic condition.
With both film intact I can't wait to restore these games .
I am so excited  :)

Arcade Lifestyle / One of the rarest Nintendo arcade machines turns up.
« on: December 17, 2014, 07:36:42 PM »
Nintendo Sheriff 1979  by Shigeru Miyamoto

This game is the first to have a story driven plot where you take on the role of jack on his daily patrol of being sheriff.
His Fiancée is kidnapped by these gangs of villains which circle around jack trying to shot him.
Your aim is to kill the gangs and rescue Betty.
This is the first original game by Nintendo and has a unique control system with a 8 way joystick to control his movement and a pivoting switch or gas knob as I like to call it which controls his arm and if you push in will fire.
If you manage to shoot all the gangs on 3 levels you are greeted with a love scene where Betty and jack kiss and a big love heart appears on the screen and your score will double.
If you finish level 8 your score will multiply again X2
There are 9 levels in all & once completed its back to level one and it gets a little faster.

What attracted me to collecting this game was first I remember playing this as a kid in the arcade along with boot hill which also is a fantastic game but also the fact  you cant play this in mame due to its unique control system which meant you could only really play this if you had the dedicated machine. And  being a Nintendo collector and having collected game & watch for years This was a must have game for me.
Its the first game that the master of game design Shigeru Miyamoto worked on and the creator of all the game and watch characters also did the art work on the cabinet him self.
So for a fan of Shigeru Miyamoto and the game & watch series this really is grail cab for me.

I’ve been looking for this game for many years now and this year something unbelievable happened, Three turned up in the space of 6 months and i've managed to obtain two of the rarest Nintendo machines in the world.

First up a guy contacted me on my facebook page (Ninty Arcade) and  he said he has a sheriff & its been in his family for 25 years,where his dad had it in an ice rink but unfortunately it doesn’t  work now and even worse he didn’t want to sell to me.
Its  in the regular white top cocktail cabinet in which I already have 3 of, Space fever, space launcher and space Firebird and I had lots of spares. So I said let me come over and change the power supply and have ago at getting it going. Also I just wanted to see this game again so it was very exciting.
I Saw, i fixed  and I played this rare game it was fantastic, at last I got to play it again.

Then it wasn’t until early summer this year I got offered to buy the upright version from my good friend Bruno who runs the dragons lair forum (DLF).
I took a road trip to Luxembourg to where he lives 900miles there and back in two days to get my grail cab.
The upright is like space invaders where the image is projected onto a half mirror, When I was a kid I thought it was a magic box as I could never understand how they made the game look so deep inside.
As you can see the art work is the best i've seen on any Nintendo machine as it wraps round all 3 sides and gives the look of an old western saloon bar.
The characters at the bottom are the gangs chasing Betty and they were designed by the artist who created all the game and watch characters.
If you look closely at Betty on the  bezel  she has no mouth,  strange ?
In a line up of Nintendo machines this looks the best.

Then at the beginning of this week a good friend muddymusic contacted me about a sheriff that had appeared on ebay under the title (Rare retro sega arcade machine),
As soon as I looked at it I knew straight away what it was and I brought it with no hesitation.
This cab came up 5 years ago on ebay & I remember seeing it but never realised how rare it really was until I started my own Nintendo arcade collection.
Ever since then ive been looking out for it.
Its actually rarer than my upright and its a Japanese version.
Until now all we had to go on was a picture on a  flyer which is not very accurate because the picture of the sheriff upright is wrong as there is no speaker grill.
So when you compare the picture with the machine certain  things don’t add up.
Like the colour and the control panel and because they listed it as sega made me think this wasn’t a Nintendo machine.
But ive done my research and with the help from Erik Voskuil and Florent Gorges who have written books about the history of Nintendo & Before Mario all concur that in the early days before Nintendo really had there own arcade games they got Sega to distribute some of there early games.
So I travelled 5 hours to Lancashire from Twickenham London to pick up this cab I could not wait to see what it was, Sega or Nintendo.
I was blown away by how cool this machine looked, the control panel looks mint and the cabinet is in amazing condition for its age. Even though its got a built in ash try with some cigarettes left in it I don’t think this has ever been in  arcade its beautiful.
So inside its got an original Nintendo logic board and sound board just like my upright version but it looks like it been modified for this particular monitor which has NS and sega enterprise written on it.
On all my other cocktails Nintendo use sanyo so maybe if you have an early sega game you might be able to recognise it.
So there it is The cocktail as the Japanese like to call it or the cabertail as ive heard it been called also.
Nintendo didn’t  make them  they used Sega's already in production cabinets they used on games like Head on and Carnival and they let Nintendo put there own control panels on them and games inside and sega distributed them but only in this particular cabinet,.
Sega & Nintendo went onto to be the biggest rivals in video game history.
But they left a legacy of something they do well when they work together.
A well designed cabinet to place drinks on and cigarettes in, And a Cabinet you can play 2 player whilst standing up with out bending your back.

And a game that was the start for a young video game designer who went on to be the best in the world.

Arcade Lifestyle / Ten pence arcade pod cast out now
« on: August 29, 2014, 07:31:23 AM »
New pod cast out this week
Donkey kong 3 featured and interview with the legend him self
Darthnuno at the dragons lair

Arcade Lifestyle / My road trip to the dragons lair for my grail cab
« on: August 29, 2014, 07:12:55 AM »
Hi guys,
As some of you already know I have been looking for a sheriff Arcade machine for quite sometime. Now this is a very rare Arcade machine and I've only ever seen a few pictures on the Internet,but earlier this year someone got in contact with me about a sheriff cocktail machine they have but is broken and wondered if I could help fix it.
I went, I saw,i fixed and tried to buy this machine but that was never going to happen because it had been in the family for 25 years.
That was okay because I was just happy to help fix this rare & classic machine by Nintendo.
Then I found a collector in Europe who is the owner of the Dragons Lair forum (darthnuno) Bruno and asked if he would sell his as it was my grail game.
At first he was not interested but after a few months he made me a offer I could not resist but on one condition,I would have to come and get it from his place in Belgium.
No hesitation I jumped at the chance and a trip was organised for the weekend just gone the 23rd of august.
I travelled with my good friend Mark Who is my competitor at my local car boot sales so it was great to have him on board as he made a great navigator using the old fashioned maps we managed to find some really good boot sales in Luxembourg and France.
We left at 7 AM Saturday morning and arrived at 7 PM that same day .
It was a really long journey, being my first time on the wrong side of the road we made good time.
So we arrived at Bruno's house which was in the middle of the country, and first impressions was where is the arcade because if you look at the pictures it just looks so small from the outside but inside it was absolutely massive.
I had seen the pictures of his arcade but never expected to see the best Arcade Room I've ever seen in my life. As you walk through the door the first thing you notice is Computer Space ,Pong and Star Wars cockpit .
I can tell you I was so tired I had been drinking caffeine all day long but I hadn't come this far just to go to sleep I wanted to see as much as I could this evening of the fantastic Arcade.
His wife kindly brought us pizzas and we chatted lots played lots and I managed to interview him which you can find on the 10p arcade podcast .
But of course the main reason why I was here was to pick up sheriff, I can tell you I was not disappointed this machine was pretty much immaculate for its age and rarity .
I was totally blown away and just so happy to see my grail cab waiting for me to pick it up and take it back home.
So with gaming and lots of chatting we went back to the hotel and tried to get some sleep.
I couldn't sleep at all,i had so much caffeine in my body and I was just so excited I think I got about four hours sleep.
So next morning we arrived at Brunos house 7 AM to pick up sheriff and to make our way back home.
I travelled just under 900 miles that day it was an epic journey, & one I would happily do again.
Bruno said to me that I was the right person to buy that cab because I have travelled so far. The last thing he wanted was to pallet the machine up and send it away only to maybe get broken on route. He knew how much I wanted that game and was more than happy to let me have it.
I just wanna say a huge thanks to Bruno for giving me the opportunity to buy this machine and a huge thanks for this hospitality and his wife for the tea and pizza.
Next time I come back I will bring more friends and when ever you are in the UK you're more than welcome to stay at mine.
So enjoy the pictures

Went to our first car boot in Belgium

Arrived at the lair

Arcade Lifestyle / New ten pence arcade pod cast #17
« on: July 16, 2014, 07:26:28 AM »
Our pod cast is out #17 UN defense force

Arcade Lifestyle / New ten pence arcade podcast out now #15
« on: June 21, 2014, 12:39:42 PM »
This is a extra long pod cast where vic interviews a American collector
So hang on in there it's good

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