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All the rest / Hello from outer space
« on: August 14, 2012, 04:12:14 PM »
Hi Guys,
finally i got the guts to register here.....
My name is Dirk (really) and i'm a good friend to Luigi (Thorsten). As most of you (i suppose), i'm over 40 years old now, in the 'golden Age' of Arcade i've played MoonPatrol, Pengo, DonkeyKong, Defender etc. at our local 'ImbiƟ-Bude'.
I've been collecting Arcade games since 2005, in fact, Luigi awakened the long time hibernating arcade-virus through the introduction of a mamed Unicab way back in 2004.
I live in Germany (south-west near Karlsruhe or Mannheim), since my teen years i am a big StarTrek fan (so the Nickname, even in school i was called 'Kirk' in resemblance of my real name 'Dirk').

In the german forums my nick is the same.

Greetings from hot SW-Germany,


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