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Arcade Lifestyle / Outrun Deluxe Cabinet
« on: March 03, 2021, 04:12:46 PM »
Don't know if i have to put this question in the business area or not, because it is a question.

Because of moving house soon my brother has no more room for his outrun deluxe cabinet, so he needs to sell it and ask me if i know someone who wants it.
As i have no clue what today's prices are for these things i post this question here. As life got in the way i haven't been in this hobby for a few years now.

what is a fair price today for a working Outrun Deluxe Cabinet?

I'm trying to get a full pal ps2 set and i'm very close. Only need a few more. But those are all country exclusive titles.
As i need all the help i can get i also ask this on this forum although it's an arcade forum, but all are games lovers so maybe someone local can help me out. :-)
So i'm searching for help from local collectors in finding the following playstation 2 games.

Buzz!: Mozak Hrvatske                      Croatia
Buzz!: Polskie Łamigł√≥wki                  Poland
Buzz!: Сокровища нации                   Russia
Call of Duty Quadrilogy                      seen in East European countries

Technical Area / How to safely store pcb's
« on: September 23, 2013, 08:56:25 PM »
Can somebody tell me how to safely store pcb's? Just red a topic on UK-Vac today where someone on ebay is selling around 120 pcb and the remarks from the members there are that the person selling those pcb has done a poor job in safely storing the pcb.

UK-Vac topic link:

Ebay link:

Now i have bought around 100 pcb's myself a while agoo and i stored them the same way! Not good it seems. Bubblewrap plastic is wrong?

Arcade Lifestyle / Monkey Mole Panic
« on: July 13, 2013, 02:43:26 PM »
Just picked this one up, nice party game (kids loving it, but more difficult than i thought!). Overall in nice shape, only need small fixes:

- only to find some lightbulbs which are 125-130V 15W small fitting (E14?). does someone knows where they sell them in the Netherlands?
- Change all the slots because seller didn't had the keys  :(
- And the powerplug is loose

Here are some pictures and a link to the game  :)

Some gameplay at California Extreme 2011 - Monkey Mole Panic Exhibition

Complete game play

Arcade Lifestyle / Outrun deluxe sitdown
« on: April 18, 2013, 05:40:55 PM »

Since i played an outrun standard sitdown at the local carnival in the eighties i wished i could own a outrun cab myself oneday, so when i started this nice hobby i always looked out for one on marktplaats. A few upright cabs came along but i was always outbid. But luckily one ad was placed not on marktplaats but on and by chance i looked there at the right time (normally i don't look there).

The operator of the arcade hall of ponypark Slagharen (a nice themepark in the Netherlands) was selling his last three outrun deluxe sitdown cabs (he had five). Although it's a huge cab i had to have it, so emailed him asking what he wanted for it and after some negotiation it was a deal for all three of them  :)

Because of their size i had to make room in my little garage to fit 2 of them at most, so it took a few weeks to clear the room. Then came the first disappointment. The three cabs where in working order when the seller had put them away he said, but when my brother went looking at his place one of them wasn't moving and had a troubled monitor wich gave a good picture after turning some pods at the monitor.
I wanted them badly so didn't make a great fuss about it only asked nicely if the seller could fix it (maybe just some loose wires or dipswitch setting i hoped), which he didn't want to because he was selling them and didn't want to put time in them anymore (understandable) The price didn't change although one wasn't moving. :(

Also because of their size i asked the seller if he could bring them to me for around 200 euro extra which he first thought was reasenable but would think about it. When he brought them it turned out to be 320 euro  :(
(I knew this before he brought them to me, so i accepted the price which was still good in my opinion)

Now that i had them at home i could check them myself and started the cabs. The first moved at startup which it is suposed to do and the game start up, nice, me happy.  ;D (still it has it's problems, will talk about that later)

The second one didn't and gave a motor error, also the screen wasn't readable (color garbage) for a few moments (when it displays the error message).
But luckily the game started up although the colors were all wrong (a blue ferrari instead of a red one)

The third one which my brother has is working as far as i know now with sometimes a strange sound when moving, just as if it is knocking against something. Have to look into that later.

After further inspection of the cabs the most important problem is the stearing unit. (just like everybody else) In the first cab gear b is missing with a piece of metal where the left spring suposed to grab onto (above gear c) . Also no springs. Instead of gear b it has some sort of red rubber belt

'Business' Area : Buy/Sell/Trade / pole position 2
« on: January 25, 2013, 12:46:57 AM »
pole position 2 cab or pcb only (untested because cab is not working). What is it worth?
Is it better to sell pcb than a whole cab?

Does someone know what this was used for?
Is it complete or is it missing pieces?

Placeholder for the ps2


Got a playstation 1 demopod recently. Because - just like de playstation 2 demopod - there is no info on the net, i thought i put it here also.

This is i think the most common and nicest model here in the Netherlands because i have seen this model a few times on marktplaats. (have seen 2 other models).

To bad it doesn't have light.

The arms-part that hold the controller can be interchanged with the one for the playstation 2 demopod.

With the original arm-part it can only hold the oldest controllers, the ones without the analog sticks. So if you want the 2nd model with analog sticks you have to find the arm-part for the playstation 2 demopod

The tv model is a small widescreen sony: KV-16wt1

The remote for the tv. (you can use other sony remote aswell. have tested rm 887, rm 883, rm 862). Mine didn't came with one so searched local 2nd hand shop for one and found those last two which did the job for 50 cent each.  :D

It's hold on the plateau by 2 screwtops (forgot the make a photo of those) under the tv and a plastic plate pushing on the top of the tv.

The innerwork where the plastation is put.

The key is not interchangeable with the ps2 demopods, this one has a flat key, which i don't have  :(

The back of the pod is made of plastic just like ps2 demopod, even the screws are plastic.

The bottom doesn't have wheels.

The powercabel is also same as the ps2 demopod.

The unit in action.

Some photo's of other models i have seen on the net.

Sorry i know it has nothing to do with arcade etc. but didn't know where else i could ask it (klov has a slot forum but i can't post there, although i have registered there) and because i think there are members here who not only have arcade or pinball machines but also 1 or more slotmachines in their gameroom. Plus it's electronics and there are a few here with much knowledge in this erea.

My question. A friend has bought a toplight

How do you change the lightbulb? (how to open this case. There are no screws)

What are those wires for (12V or 24V or ??). How to connect it to let it work?
(flat grey and the green under the screw are groundwires i think, but the small black, red or the other green, black or white one?)

Any info or where to find more info is apreciated

Technical Area / Rad mobile deluxe
« on: June 18, 2012, 02:02:22 AM »
 A picture of the cab found on internet

Googled for more info on this cab, but it wasn't very succesfull. So a direct question, maybe someone on this forum has this cab also and more knowledge of it.

The cab moves when initialising but when playing it doesn't. What could cause this? Motor is good else it wouldn't move at all. During a game it moves very slowly bit by bit to the left and stay there. Have to shutdown and start again to get it back in the start position.

Here is a movie i found on youtube of the cab in action

Here is another one which demonstrate that it must move even in demo mode

I'm missing the coinbox by the way  :(
The seller hadn't room for it when he bought it, and because it wasn't working he had thrown it away.


Just bought a playstation 2 demopod. Nice condition, key missing and one broken joypad but most important i'm missing the powercable,which turned out to be a strange one. Never seen the connection before.

Does someone else also has one and is willing to send me a picture of it,or know where to buy it?

Instruction manual/leaflet scan wanted also (on how to dismantel it to replace the broken joypad) (seen a leaflet  at a sale on marktplaats earlier this year)

Technical Area / Usefull TV models for replacing the arcade monitor
« on: May 19, 2012, 04:53:58 PM »
Because i have a few cabinets with non working screens, i wondered which tv's i could use to replace them, when repairing them isn't an option.

Some mention their works in their forum topic, but isn't it usefull for all of us if there is a sticky tread with a list of all the models that have been used so you don't have to read hundred of pages to find them again when you need it?

So my question: Who has replaced their screens with a tv and what was the model of the tv and for what cabinet?

Technical Area / What to do when you buy a cab
« on: May 09, 2012, 02:43:25 PM »
Hello everyone,

What do you guys do when you buy a cab

1. clean the cab up
2. put it on to check what is working

or vice versa

I ask this because I bought a cab which have been stalled in a barn for years. Seller doesn't know if it still works so after buying i power it on to see if the monitor or sound or other parts are working. The powersuply worked the screen made some sizling sound for a few minutes then bam! something burst. I quickly unpluged the power, fearing it cought fire (best to test cabs for first time outside in case the cab catch fire and burning your barn/house? or not to worry when something like this happens)

All the rest / Hello from Amersfoort, Holland
« on: May 09, 2012, 02:23:07 PM »
Hoi everyone, I'm Yungle and come from Amersfoort, a town nearby Utrecht. Just started out with this hobby and I'm a reaaal noob with electronics. But love arcade games from the eighties/nineties (my era, yes I'm from '68), the games nowadays are nice but you can't just play it a few rounds, have to play at least a few houres without being interupted and are more complicated.

Finally got some time and room for a few cabs so I bought some, all with problems but cheap? (< 150 euro)
Always wanted to learn some electronic so I jump in..

Been lurking here and other forums a few months now and decided to register here because there are many dutch people here on this forum and with many questions on my side it's more practical I think then on some american forum, but maybe in the future... (lot's of knowledge there).

The cabs I own are:

Operation Thunderbolt (guns won't vibrate), 2 universal cabs with galaga and rygar (nonworking?), twinline neogeo (screen sometimes rolls up)

Technical Area / Operation Thunderbolt guns
« on: May 09, 2012, 12:47:49 PM »
Hello everyone, my name is Yungle, live in Amersfoort, the Netherlands and just started this great hobby. Recently came across an Operation Thunderbolt machine which is in fairly good condition except for the guns. Googled this common problem it seems, but not much real sollutions are handed hence this toppic here.

Many wrong? info or at least contradictory info about the guns. It suposed to have lenses or a small pcb inside the guns which I did't have in mine. It's a position gun and not a light/lens gun which is used in Operation Wolf cabs(?) although some on ebay say the guns are the same

One of the guns was working and the other was dead. Being a real noob with electronic I still got it to work because there were only 3 broken cables. Solder them and viola it workt again. Now I just have to calibrate them.

The real problem is the recoil function of the guns. One was working but it falters, so in my stupidity I siliconspray'd the iron shaft wich goes in/out the seranoid when the game was on. Worked great for 1 minute or so then it died. So now both guns don't 'vibrate' no more.

Does someone knows where you can buy this part, preferably in Holland? It's a seranoid C1101225A. Is it a special part only for this game or a common part wich can be bought in every electronic shop? Googled it but found nothing.

Ps. does someone live nearby and can show me howto savely discharge a monitor,seen movies but still have questions, in real with somebody who knows what he's doeing is the best.


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