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All the rest / PunkRockCaveman passed away
« on: February 25, 2024, 01:52:26 PM »
I'm very sorry to let you guys know that our good friend and fellow arcade collector Joerg "PunkRockCaveman" Stumpe passed away last Tuesday.

He suffered from cancer for a long time and finally lost the war.

I'm destroyed. He was one of the best in the scene. I don't think that anyone could say something bad about him.

Rest in peace, my friend! The world won't be the same without you!

All the rest / Happy Birthday André!
« on: November 19, 2021, 12:53:20 PM »
A big HOORAY goes to one of the Eurocade heros....Happy Birthday Level42 aka André!!!  :)

aah, good memories of happy times....

'Business' Area : Buy/Sell/Trade / WTD: 3" Trackball mounting plate
« on: January 04, 2021, 09:52:42 AM »
Hi and a happy new year to everyone!!  :)

I'm looking for a 3" trackball mounting plate with attached bolts. I need it to make a new controlpanel for my Shuffleshot. I have one but it has only the holes is mounted with carriage bolts from the top and I want them to disappear from the panel.

See picture.

The size of the trackball cutout and the distance between the inner bolts for mounting the trackball itself must fit, the outer bolts are not that important. I could still make a new wooden plate if necessary.

They're available for a reasonable price in USA but shipping is insane (~50USD)

If you have one for sale, please let me know. Must be shipped to Germany.


PS: I had one in my boxes for YEARS....sold it maybe 1-2 years ago and now I'm searching for exactly the same thing  :?

Hi everybody.

A guy from Gemany asked if somebody had information about this Zaccaria cab.

Internet didn't bring any information about Cabarets from Zaccaria.

Any idea?

Arcade Lifestyle / R.I.P. Heiko "Brendelino"
« on: October 30, 2017, 02:37:06 PM »
I have some sad news for some of you.

Recently Dirk called to tell me that Heiko Brendel, a good friend of us, passed away at the age of only 43.

Some of you might remember his nickname in the german arcade scene, Brendelino. He always came when we invited for a Daddelparty.

I was shocked, because Heiko was a really really nice guy and I remember some entertaining conversations and beers with him. He worked as a bartender in a bar in Frankfurt, where some VIPs showed up eventually. Rock-and Pop-Stars, actors, etc. I always loved when he talked about them anbd his work or when he brought his collection of handhelds etc. He always brought some stuff to show others.

So after a few days to think about it I decided to tell the arcade world that he has left us forever.
I will honor his memory and I will miss him sadly on future parties  :'(

Rest in peace, Heiko. I would love to say we will meet again some day, but I don't believe in things like that.

I added some pictures so maybe you guys who attended our parties will recognize and remember him.

Enjoy your life, guys, it could be over tomorrow!

Any idea how much I should charge for this working Super Tran PCB cage?

'Business' Area : Buy/Sell/Trade / Luigi's stuff for sale
« on: May 02, 2017, 09:07:44 AM »
All prices + shipping from Germany.


Ultimarc A-PAC: 15 EUR

This is the old version where you need to install caps for the according pot values. Included are caps for 10K (68n) and 100K (10n) pots.

See Ultimarc homepage HERE

Note: the included caps were the two pairs I mentioned above. Caps for 5K pot not included. I can get some, if needed.


Steering wheel for Atari Pole Position: 30 EUR


Shifter hi/lo, for games with two gears (lever stays in position): 15 EUR

According to Happ Homepage for the following games:
Item is a component in the following:
GLOBAL VR: Need for Speed
Interactive Light: Kick it Standard
Konami USA: GTI Konami, Winding Heat
Sega: Indy 500, Outrunners, Super Monaco GP


A fellow collector from Germany is looking for one of these brackets for his Universal Cocktail.

Any spares for sale around here? :)

Technical Area / Wtd: Schematic for Midway Guided Missile Videogame
« on: March 06, 2017, 10:39:05 AM »

I need the schematics of the Guided Missile logical board. I found the parts catalogue and the wiring but not the schematics.

We'd like to repair the GM for a party on Saturday, so if someone has a scan or can email some jpgs I can stitch together, that would be great   :spaceace:


Bought these a few years ago for a project that never happened....and which is now officially buried  :-\

They were bought as working, don't know how to test them. They have some battlemarks and the wires have been cut. If they turn out to be not working at all I will take them back!

Looking for 20 Euros plus shipping.

edit: Well, I have to admit that I didn't look close enough and so I didn't see the crack in the shaft of the blue gun  :-\
It seems that someone did a bad job opening the gun for whatever reason. See pictures. There is nothing unstable due to that.

Price reduced to 20 Euros for both guns.

'Business' Area : Buy/Sell/Trade / WTB: PCB Guided Missile
« on: February 05, 2017, 07:40:14 PM »
Hi everybody.

I'd like to have a spare PCB for my Midway Guided Missile.
Let me know if you have one you want to sell.

I would also take a single 8080 board without the Guided Missile specific PCB :)


All the rest / Who wanted to buy Buck Rogers Controller? And evaluation.....
« on: September 06, 2016, 09:41:22 AM »

Some months ago someone asked me if I wanted to sell my Zaccaria Buck Rogers 'flight' controller (it's just left/right). He wanted the controller for his cockpit project.

I wanted to keep it because I really love it and in case I might get a Buck Rogers in the future. Well, chances are very low that there will be a Buck Rogers with a missing controller and I don't have the time or place for such a project. So it's better to let it go and find a good home for it :)

But: who was that guy? I really can't remember. I searched through mails and PMs but no hint. I'm even not sure if it was on this forum or maybe on one in UK.

So if you, yes YOU, are reading this please send a PM and let me know if you're still interested!! :)

Guys, I need an evaluation what would be a decent price for this controller that we both can live with. Any hint?

Arcade Lifestyle / Super Sprint (Atari) LED-mod
« on: March 04, 2016, 04:04:02 PM »
Hi guys.

Those who were at Eurocade last year (and played a round of Super Sprint) might have noticed that finding the (black) start buttons is not an easy task when the environment is dark. The same was here when we had a party last November. Even with all the marquee lights and the gameroom lighting they were hard to find. I wanted to change this.

So I searched a shop offering leafswitch buttons in the necessary colours (red/blue/yellow) and found a german pinballshop (

They look great

but I was a little 'confused' that the blue button had a bright white spot in the middle when lit from behind.

I tried to dye it but everything failed. So I just gave it a try and in the end it's not that worse at all ;)

OK, so I used a Dremel tool (sort of) to make room for the two LED-cables.

The 3mm-LEDs fit perfectly inside the button shaft.

I used a red, blue and yellow LED with a resistor (100 ohms) for each LED.
I removed the black buttons and installed the transparent ones at the right place.
I then cut the red and black wire (they supply the 5V and GND for the optical logic board of the steering wheels) and crimped them together with the 3 wires for the button LEDs.

Mounted the controlpanel to the cab and voilá more searching for start buttons in dark rooms  :)

'Business' Area : Buy/Sell/Trade / WTB: 4-way Wico joystick (grey)
« on: October 23, 2015, 09:04:02 AM »
I need a 4-way Wico leafswitch-joystick for my Dig Dug.

There's a guy at KLOV selling for one USD20 inkl. shipping.....but he doesn't reply to my posting nor to my PM.

Before I bother Paul to buy it and forward it to me, I wanted to ask you guys if someone has such a joystick for sale.

The regular colour of the base is grey (the one on the left in the picture). It has a square hole for the shaft, the black ones have a round one for 8 ways.

So please dig your boxes and let me know :)


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