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'Business' Area : Buy/Sell/Trade / B: Namco System Super 22
« on: November 16, 2018, 08:44:30 PM »
Hi Guys...

Any of you that has an extra Namco System Super 22 laying around?

i'm missing 2x dsp boards and 1 cpu board.
or maybe just the whole box :)

List of Namco System Super 22 games:
Air Combat 22
Alpine Racer
Alpine Racer 2
Alpine Surfer
Aqua Jet
Armadillo Racing
Cyber Cycles
Dirt Dash
Prop Cycle
Time Crisis
Tokyo Wars

Best Regards Jonas

Technical Area / Sega Desert Tank Manual
« on: November 11, 2014, 03:48:35 PM »
Hi guys.

Anybody knows where i can get my hands on the Manual for Sega Desert Tank?
Or the schematics?


All the rest / Have you ever used
« on: February 18, 2014, 09:26:24 PM »

Have any of you guys used to pick up an arcade game? as "Sperrgut"?


All the rest / Do YOU live in Dortmund, or near by?
« on: January 31, 2014, 11:26:16 AM »
Hiya Guys.

Could any of you pick up an Namco Bowl-O-Rama in Dortmund for me?
Take it home, and put it on a pallet, and wrap it up, so i can make my shipping company come an collect it at your place?
I will of course pay for your trouble.  :D


Technical Area / Rampage Arcade Cabinet Dimensions
« on: October 13, 2012, 03:44:24 PM »
Hi Guys.

I can't seem to find the dimensions anywhere, normally i can find the dimensions in the Arcade Flyers, but no luck so far. :(

Do any of you have the dimensions of the Rampage Arcade Machine?


All the rest / My Birthday Cake :)
« on: October 21, 2011, 08:56:23 PM »
Well, my birthday isn't comming up before the 10th of December.

But i have a late25 - early26 years Birthday Party tommorow for my Family.

And here is the cake my Girlfriend made for me :D :D :D  ;D

Arcade Lifestyle / The Extra Long Weekend
« on: September 19, 2010, 10:06:43 PM »
This Story happened on the 26/27/28/29/30/31 August 2010

26. Aug

Well this day is not the happiest day for the “Stretch Limo” :(

I was on my way to the Police Station to deliver some paper work, (for a Truck License).

Just 2km before the police station I stopped for a red light.

When it turned green, i shifted into 1st gear, then 2nd gear, then for the 3rd gear, but when I pushed the Clutch Pedal down I heard a loud Snap, and the Pedal went all the way down to the floor :( Damn!

Hmm, what to do now?

Had to call Road Service, (just 4days before we had subscribed to Road Service) Phew…
They picked up the Limo and me :) and we delivered the car to the local mechanic…

27 Aug.

I won an auction on ebay about a week ago, and it was time to pick up the machine.

Remembering the basics

I called a friend of mine, and he came with his van.

We unloaded the van, and before we took off, I had to fill it up with diesel, and then I could see that they rolled the car into the shop to fix the clutch cable.

We took off at 10 in the morning

30min later they called and said the car was finished, but we were already on our way to Germany.

When we were about 30km before the Elbtunnel, it started raining, Big time :(

And Just before the Elbtunnel there was a bit traffic jam :(

It took us over 3 hours to drive about 4-5km including the tunnel :(

But then we were on the way, we thought, but no. All the way down to Münster there was road work with speed limits of 80km/h and 100km/h, what happened to the free speed autobahn? :(

We arrived at the sellers house at 18:15. It took soooo long to drive the 565km

I had to call the seller be course I forgot his name, he answered his phone (phew) and he came out and took us upstairs to the 2nd floor where the Arcade was standing…

It took us about 30-45min to get it down the stairs, he invited us in so we could get some nice cold water :)

Then we packed the car so we could get back to Denmark.

Only 565km to go, so we better get moving.

We were driving the way, we thought was back, but we got a little lost until I turned my phone with TomTom back on…

On our little trip around Münster without GPS we saw:

And now we had to get home, and again a lot of the way had speed limits :(

Hmm, maybe this truck has a pallet for me?

But also a quick stop at Burger King, my GPS couldn’t find a KFC (always wanted to try KFC)

We got home around 01:30 and then we unloaded the Cab in my house

The time is now 02:30 so I got right in bed to get some sleep before tomorrow ;)

28 Aug.
My phone alarm rang at 06:00 and it was time to get up, pretty tired, but had to get a lot packing done before I could get going…

I was invited to one of my friends House warming Party’s.

So I took off from home at 08:47

Nice Sunny Day

FC Copenhagen

In Aalborg I went to my friend Jakob’s apartment to kidnap him for the next couple of hours.
We drove 1hour north of Aalborg, and arrived at the sellers House.

I bought a Twin Racer, (Namco’s Midnight Run: Road Fighters 2)

We took it apart, and tried to get both part’s in the car, but the car was 5cm too narrow to get the second one in the car :( so we had to leave the other half and collect it the next day.
Now we had to get back to Aalborg to the dinner and party :)

On the way back we had to make a little shopping trip for the party alcohol and wine, before we went back to Jakob’s apartment.

We were back 2-3 hours before the guests arrived.

Jakob’s girlfriend and one of her friends made Pulled Pork for dinner.

One of mine and Muerto’s common friend was also attending the party (Anders) witch I know through my friend Jakob (yes Denmark is not that big)

We ate almost half of the time away and the other half we used on salsa dancing and campfire Guitar (Acustic/Electric) and piano sing-a-long-songs :)

Well it got pretty late for my behalf, so I jumped into bed at around 02.30 was sooo tired…

29. Aug.

Well we woke up around 11, and around 12 I drove by my big brother in Aalborg so I could store half of the Midnight Run at his house :)

The best place to park the car overnight…. At the police station ;)

Went back to Jakob’s apartment to get lunch and some more pulled pork ;)

After the lunch we drove 60km north again to collect the other half of the Midnight Run, the seller was not home, but it only took us 10min to get it loaded into the van.

Then 60km back to Aalborg, for some relaxation. Rest of the day we used on eating, cold beverages, music, and Pixar’s UP! Blu-ray (still a great movie saw it in the cinema when it came out)

The time was now around 21 and I had to go by my big brother’s house to collect a flat screen and the seats+misc for the Midnight Run.

Then 1 hour driving south, for an auction I won a couple of weeks ago, 15 Playstations (old ones, for spare parts) then 1h 30min south before I was home. And then straight into bed around 02 in the morning.

30. Aug.

Ralax Ralax Ralax :)

I used this Monday to relax, buy flowers for tomorrow, make my camera ready to go, and took a fall down the stairs :( (the Clutch Cable jumped out of position this day, so had to get the mechanic to fix this also)

31 Aug.

My Best Friend’ parents had 25th wedding anniversary, and in the morning we sing and a trumpet guy plays along. And Hosting the Danish Flag. At this little ceremony I was taking pictures.

Then I was time to get back to work.

When I was driving back to work I was driving by my parents house, and I the distance I could see a pallet standing on the sidewalk…

Didn’t have time to drive to my house and unload it, so we just loaded it, into the van.

When I came home from work another Package was delivered by a courier (unfortunately not another Arcade) but my new Printer (HP Color Laserjet CP2025n)

Then back to my house for unloading the Nintendo Super system.

Hope you enjoyed the road trip story  :D

Arcade Lifestyle / [RoadTrip] Klash of the Spikes
« on: July 11, 2010, 01:13:19 AM »
I have been looking at some of the roadtrips over the last couple of months, and now i decided that it was my turn...

Nothing big and fancy, but we all gotta start somewhere :)

I bought a non working Generic cab at a Danish buy/trade/sell website...

The first arrangement was to pick it up Sunday 11/07/2010 but the weather looked like Rain and Thunder, so i called the seller and asked if he had a half a hour today when the weather was 30* outside...

The seller agreed if i could be there around 14:30

I took off pretty quick to make it... and here is the whole trip in Picture :)

Gotta' remember the basics :) (Mobile Phone with TomTom, Sunglases, Music and of course a sandwich)

12:44 and 144km to go...

Quick Stop, gonna need some cash for the cab...

Damn first Red light, and first red sports car of the day :)

It's 30+ outside today so i saw a lot of cars dealing with the heat...

And tires :(

Halfway at the "Lillebælts Broen"

This Town name always seems to make people from other countries laugh :)

Phew, the TomTom says i'm gonna make it in time :)

Getting closer, the roads seems to get a lot smaller.

The destination town

Isn't it idyllic?

here it it, the generic cab from Compu-Game Denmark...

Just waiting to get loaded into my Stretch Limo (It long and White, so it must be true) :)

Locked And Loaded

With the 2 Neo-Geo Games (Power Spikes II) and (Kabuki Klash)

After the Pick up i desitet to take a 10min break at a local supermarket, to get come cold water and some diesel for the car...
just 10sec before i was going home, my mobile phone rang... it was, ****** (nahhh you can figure it out later down the page) ;)

Instead of driving home, i was now driving further north on "Fyn" following the coast...

Could it be?

These two greeted me at the entrance.

If you guessed "The Shed" (Muerto Place) you got it right!

God dammit, i want that Nintendo Row... ;)

Ohhh yes, the Red Beauty, I Like ;)

Great time and great guys, talked for a couple of hours...

Going home i was wondering if one of the massive power lines, was going directly into "The Shed" ;)

Followed Muerto's advise, and took a small MacAttack trip...

Come on, Come on, you call this Fast Food....? huh?

Finally on my was back home with a little snack to keep me going, (thanks for the beverage Muerto)

Had to make it home quick (got 3 af my nephew's on holiday) and we were gonna make a fire and roast bread (some more burned than others) :)

It's now around 23:30 and i was taking my friend Brian with me to help me unload the cab in my house...

Uhhh Corvette (Homer drooling*)

Cab unloaded...

Testing the Cab...

The Seller said that there was a Ticking sound when he turned it on, (common problem with some of the screen boards)
Well i fired it up, no ticking sound, but wait, SMOKE, damn... turned it off.. the time is now over midnight so the problem must wait to another day...
But the 2 Neo Geo games worked 100% :)

Thanks again to Muerto for the drinks, and fun times, hope to see you irl soon again :)

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures...


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