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Technical Area / Namco Galaga '88 PCB Repair Log
« on: April 14, 2013, 07:22:44 AM »
Elgen's fantastic repair logs have inspired me to start going through my stack of PCBs in need of repair.  :D

Apologies for the crap cell phone pics.  Luckily this one is pretty straight forward.

Upon boot with Test Mode enabled, a RAM6 ERROR was displayed:

Let's take a look at the Atari version of the manual:

Let's see what that asterisk means:

Sounds straight forward enough!  Here's the culprit a 5165 RAM at B2:

Removed socket, added a socket, and repaired a bad trace, replaced the 5165 with a 6264:

Back from the dead!

I have a wiring harness here from the European Atari/Namco Pole Position upright that uses the Japanese Namco PCBs (not the Atari-made PCBs).

It may be from a Pole Position II, but I'm not sure since I've never owned the Euro version.  Tag is marked "A039499-01-"

A couple of wires changed on what appears to be the monitor connector, and a couple of the ground lines.

$30USD + shipping.  I'm located in the US.


Galaxian Theater / Japanese STARBLADE Saved From Oblivion
« on: November 07, 2012, 02:52:31 AM »
I caught wind of a Japanese Namco Starblade machine that was heading for the dump.  :'(

Trouble is, it was a state away.  I'm completely out of room.  What to do?  SAVE STARBLADE!  :spaceace:

I have a friend nearby the game's location, but it was just too big.  I wouldn't be able to make it out there before the game was dumped, so I arranged for a shipping company to pick it up.  The owner went way over and above to help me out with this, and even wrapped it with cardboard and shrink wrap  :spaceace:.  Arrived safely, as described with no surprises.  Big thumbs up.

One week later, the poor delivery driver was sent out alone with a liftgate that was narrower than the game.  We were able to get it braced as it came down to safety (350kg  :o).

The game is too tall to fit through the garage door!  I removed the upper monitor shell and was able to just make it in.

Here she is next to her older sister:

Dirty!  Unfortunately, it sat in a shipping container for at least 10 years.  Mirror intact!  There is some plastic damage on the rear left "tail light."

Some rust, lots of dirt.

Spare parts!  A couple of bulbs for the rear monitor section.

Seat damage.  Oddly enough the seat design is nearly identical to the Pole Position seat  :spaceace:

This indeed is heart breaking  :'(  The area with the most moisture/rust: :oops: :shock:

The power supplies are for sure shot.  The PCBs, from what I could tell didn't look too bad, but I understand they're already finicky in the first place.  The cage screws are rusted stuck.

The original Japanese instruction sheet was peeled from the inner-side of the cabinet and stuck to the top of the cabinet.  I suppose the operator didn't want to "confuse Americans?":

After a few hours of cleaning, it's actually in much better shape than I anticipated:

So - long road ahead.  Especially electronically. Totally worth it!   ;D

Looking for an un-cut Taito "NEW VIDEO GAME" marquee, like the attached pic. It has a small window below the wording where you can tape in the title of the game.

I would need it to be shipped to the U.S.A. Thanks!


スーパーレイジーロードの旅!!  ナムコポールポジション

What a journey it's been!  This machine has quite literally been all around the world.  I purchased this Japanese Namco Pole Position Cockpit from Alpha1 last year in the UK.  Firstly, let me say how great Alpha1 was in getting this machine safely to me.  You may have seen the below video of the machine being wrapped for shipment.  As I've said, he definitely has dibs on any of my machines should I sell!

And after arriving in the USA:

The machine came exactly as described.  The people at Simtex International in the UK were incredibly helpful.

Unfortunately all hell broke loose when the machine hit the US customs - everything that could have possibly gone wrong did with the US shipping company.  Pretty much killed my "arcade mojo" for the time being - but I'll save that whole downer of a story for later!

In celebration of its 30th Anniversary, let's get this race started and bring this well-traveled guy back to life!  Let's see what we're dealing with here.

It's evident that some areas were painted black, most notably the control panel.

Why would they do that?  Let's peel away some of the putty/black paint and see:

Gross!  Just what I suspected - cigarette burns!  Some go all the way through the CP.  At least the operator cared enough about appearances to try to cover it up  ;D

Just some general cleaning on the top of the machine, and the inside.

Hey some souvenirs!  Maybe this will cover customs fees?   :D

Technical Area / Japanese Sega/Asahi-Seiko Coin Door Part ID Help
« on: May 21, 2011, 05:33:20 AM »
I'm trying to find the part number/name for this part used on Sega games built in Japan (typically those intended for the Japan market) from the 1980s/1990s that use the Asahi-Seiko ADD type over/under coin door.

It's a metal type piece that is placed in an unused coin slot, usually the left-hand side.

I asked Asahi-Seiko in the U.S., but they don't seem to know about it, so it may be a Sega part.

I looked in several Sega manuals (it can clearly be seen in the After Burner Deluxe manual) but they don't break down the parts down to the individual door parts.

Any ideas on a part number or what it's called? I need a couple of them.

Thanks! :)

Looking for a (preferably working) Toei TC-V818 chassis.

Looks about like this - for an 18" monitor:

Would need it shipped to the US. Thanks!

Yet another long shot  :D

Looking for this Black and White Japanese Toei chassis. Asked a bunch of
monitor gurus but could not find the model number. Only SW-B P251392??
seems to be on the chassis PCB.  This is for a 19" black and white tube (tube is a Hitachi).

Attached are the only pics I have to go by. My chassis PCB is missing completely (I have only the frame, transformer, yoke and tube).

Thanks!  :)

'Business' Area : Buy/Sell/Trade / WTB: Taito Bezel and Entry Plate
« on: April 02, 2010, 05:58:56 PM »
Hello -

I've attached a picture of a generic black/blue/white Taito bezel I'm looking for from a Japanese export cab.

I'm also looking for a nice "blank" metal coin entry plate for the early style Taito door.

I'm located in the U.S.  


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