Author Topic: [cebulba's Roadtrip] Arcade Porn and a .45  (Read 7063 times)


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[cebulba's Roadtrip] Arcade Porn and a .45
« on: May 26, 2014, 06:20:08 PM »
Hello folks and arcade lovers...

another weekend passed...another usually roadtrip.

While I picked up that lovely vintage car during the week nearby Düsseldorf:

time for another journey to the far east - behind the curtain  :wink:
This time a van will be needed.

Anybody wants to join? Lucy - this time?

"Wuff...Wuff...Sorry - I still have a bad back - and if I hadn't I have other tasks anyway (need to bring back these VHS tapes to the rental shop)..."

*paah* day you will need me and then I will have no time  :wink:

So again - a lonely wolf on the street following the german Autobahn all way northeast to the first location:

Coming closer...

First stop. Computerspielemuseum Berlin.

I visit the guys every now and then...lending some of my stuff...and more. And this time I needed to pick up something for someone....and they invited me to look after their new "arcade section".

"Ooops - wrong picture"  :oops: (did someone asked for Tits?)

of course these belong to famous the left more the right the modern younger style. Guess which is better? At least they both have guns  :o

So - let's take a look at the "Arcade":

Not too bad if you want my opinion. At least they tried to make it a way more 80's than just setting up the cabinets somewhere else in the "museum". Although still some MAME machines but you get the impression.

So why did I came here for?

Arcade Porn. NOT.

First of all - in the attic - one of my pinball machines is left from a former exhibition:

Yet another Pac-Man franchise  :D
(unfortunately no one was able to help, so will be picked up next time)

but more important an US artist dropped off one of her works for me during her last visit to Berlin. A gift for a friend (guess who? and if you know him - don't tell please):

A lovely Atari 800 painted oil on wood.

If you are interested in her other works take a look over here:

Still waiting for my other paintings to arrive (well - it's art and takes time) but that one came in time for birthday.

Unfortunately no time for more sightseeing (but hence I lived in Berlin 2 years already I have seen it all) - so back on the road with some lunch and coffee....time to go way further north.

Whats this? are we coming closer to the Dutch border?


It's a gang of 20 small german "cars" on a weekend trip. Tiny Micro Machines  :pac: :pac: :pac:

After 2 more hours....coming closer:

Seems to be an arcade collector of this forum  :-*

"Hello - I heard you have a Hogan's Ally Nintendo VS system?".

After some nice talks and exchanging memories from my last visit, the cabinet went into the car.

Back on the road again...another 5 hours to the west...way back to more populated germany (only windmills in this area) :P

Weather condition were very nice (well bad for a roadtrip) so I decided to take a small nap at the lovely beach side of Boltenhagen:

and after another 2 hours and some traffic jams - arrived safetly with the sundown at my storage #1:

Anybody asked for Guns?

That's all folks for a day.

With 10 hours roundtrip, 1200 km, 7 different german counties(districts), 30 degrees temperature and over a hundred killed insects  - this roadtrip is officially over.


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Re: [cebulba's Roadtrip] Arcade Porn and a .45
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2014, 08:34:24 PM »
Great road trip, thanks for taking us with you in the road! :)

Never been in the Computer Spiele Museum so far... and I love what they did, based on your pictures.
Their 'Arcade' sign kicks ass! (Lara too  :P).
280 ZZZAP ...a quite rare one!
What's you plan for the Nintendo Vs? A roll back to DK?
Hey, mr roadtrip man, are attending in the Nuno's Lair for a new one.... Daytooooonnaaaaa 500!  ;)


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Re: [cebulba's Roadtrip] Arcade Porn and a .45
« Reply #2 on: May 26, 2014, 09:51:00 PM »
Uh you missed this thread Bruno ?

Ah......don't you just LOVE the look of a LCD in a B/W vector classic ?

However, I could bear this....really....this is not the end of the world :)

This _is_ however:

I've been staring at that picture for 5 minutes without moving my eyes.

There it is.

An arcade machine with a sign "Please do not touch".......please-do-NOT-touch....a machine that has been built and designed with that very purpose TOUCHING it....

This picture goes straight against every arcade restorer/collector DNA cell in my body and mind.

It is the absolute opposite of what my concept is for Eurocade.

Not touching an arcade machine makes it completely useless. Pointless. "Hey look, a box with a screen in it and some radio knobs....."

Sorry.....maybe I'm too harsh....but I just think it is wrong. Even if the machine DOES get a bit of wear from being used, so what ? That is how it was, and how it is supposed to be.
In my mind, this machine is dead. It is not played anymore. It does not provide the fun it can still deliver. What a complete waste that that machine is sitting there !


OK, queue Farell, I need a happy-boost.  ;D ;D

Awesome to see you get a 280 Zzzap, LOVE that machine, childhood memory !

Good to see 2 of my "wishes" fulfilled in this road trip Oll, the last thing missing is "Helicopters", maybe you can borrow Chris's next time ?  ;D ;D

And then I saw thissssssssssssss........holy fuck, let me be that friend, that is A-W-E-S-O-M-E !!!!!!

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Re: [cebulba's Roadtrip] Arcade Porn and a .45
« Reply #3 on: May 27, 2014, 06:51:31 AM »

The PONG (so the green Computer Space) is only available during special exhibition and guided tours.


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Re: [cebulba's Roadtrip] Arcade Porn and a .45
« Reply #4 on: May 27, 2014, 07:34:00 AM »
Aaaahhh. My all time favourite "museum of shame" in Berlin. Still love how they use the word "museum" and mame the classics. Brilliant. Regarding the Pong: The nobs were some plastic ones that look like stolen from an old hifi. The tv was worse though! It's an end 80s Grundig color tv with very badly build adapter to fit the original wiring on scart. Pretty lame for an institute that has one of the best reputations over europe ...

A TFT in Asteriods is definitely a case for Amnesty. This is against human rights in more than 1000 countries, I guess. BUT as Andreas Lange mentioned in so many interviews: This is the future! Better start maming those machines now! In a 100 years none of those stinky tubes will be working anyway and pcbs die faster than they can count the entry money and public funding! So it's better to get rid of the original old stuff as soon as possible! With that 8€ entry fee there must be enough money to buy TFTs and pcs for all that grumpy old arcade stuff. The cabinet itself is impressive enough to get the people in ... so thats absolutely fine. ;)

Sorry for derailing but every time I see pics taken in that "museum", the nightmares from my visit there come back and the voices in my head getting louder ;)

Anyway: very cool catch and as always very good roadtrip-report! See you next time in the Cave (which is a little more populated now since you last saw it ;))


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Re: [cebulba's Roadtrip] Arcade Porn and a .45
« Reply #5 on: May 27, 2014, 08:26:36 AM »
"Das Spiel ist eh scheiße." 


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