Author Topic: hidden version of STARBLADE theme  (Read 2623 times)


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hidden version of STARBLADE theme
« on: February 06, 2014, 11:43:11 PM »
Ok so I was ripping of the sounds from starblade using BridgeM1 when i encountered another music "The Theme of STARBLADE -Type 2-". It seemed exactly the same until i got to the ending part. The ending part was somewhat extended. a hidden version. It may seem the same at first until you get to the ending part. It's extended. Also on track 1 (prolugue to starblade), It appears different from the theme of starblade ending theme. In fact, The By-the-end part repeats itself over and over as the music starts to fade (actually you can easily alter its fading in the options) the extended ending part for the 2nd version starts at 1:29

anyway here's the link to the 2nd version:

and the extended prolugue to starblade track:

Those music are taken Directly from the starblade rom using BridgeM1. that program can rip arcade music, arcade sfx, and arcade voices from the rom that is listed. i know there are sounds in the galaxian3 rom. but unfortunately, galaxian3 isn't listed on the rom loading section. The 2nd version of the theme of starblade must have been pulled from the ending at the last minute.
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