Author Topic: Why this Rave War / Galaxian3 "Galactic Dance" sticker?  (Read 7818 times)


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Why this Rave War / Galaxian3 "Galactic Dance" sticker?
« on: July 12, 2011, 12:03:17 AM »
Following this Ridge Racer for sale notification by Chrischris right here, you can notice an interesting sticker applied on the cockpit  :arrow:

I don't understand the association on theses three titles  ???

RAVE WAR was the original name for ...TEKKEN (source here)
GALACTIC DANCE is one of the songs coming from the Galaxian3 / Starblade original sound track (see here)
'Galactic Dance' is also used in Galaga 88 to announce the 'challenging stages'...

I can understand Namco wanted to advertise their new game to come (Rave War aka TEKKEN), but why to mention on the same sticker the name of one song coming from Galaxian3?


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Re: Why this Rave War / Galaxian3 "Galactic Dance" sticker?
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2011, 09:02:10 AM »
As far as I know, Namco gave the cars of Ridge Racer names of their (past) arcade games. But I guess you already knew that.
Like Mappy, Galaxian, Dig Dug.. etc.

I think the Rave War / Galaxian3 sticker is just for branding.
To make the cockpit look like a real race car :)

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Re: Why this Rave War / Galaxian3 "Galactic Dance" sticker?
« Reply #2 on: August 04, 2011, 10:11:33 PM »

That makes sense.   ;D

I didn't know about the Namco race-car naming and was super excited that maybe, just maybe they had made a 1 player G3 cockpit and our arcade had converted the cab.

Thanks for the link, Nuno.  :spaceace:


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Re: Why this Rave War / Galaxian3 "Galactic Dance" sticker?
« Reply #3 on: August 04, 2011, 11:54:23 PM »
Yes that sticker puzzled me too...
I even did a quick google image check to make sure it was original.

Joeks explanation makes sense (but again why isn't there a Rave War team in the game?).
Another common point between RR, Tekken and Galaxian3 is that they share the same music composer... but that doesn't explain anything neither.

Ridge Racer Racing Team names inspired by NAMCO games:
Cyber Sled
(thank you Retro Gamer  ;))


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Re: Why this Rave War / Galaxian3 "Galactic Dance" sticker?
« Reply #4 on: August 06, 2011, 08:32:28 PM »
I had to wait quite some time before I was able to post in this thread as I waited for my account to be activated by the moderator, but I shall get to the main topic quickly.

The correlation between these games and RAVE WAR is that namco created a scrolling shooter game titled "F/A"; alternate title "Fighter & Attacker" before Ridge Racer.
Please take time to notice that in Ridge Racer the default vehicle is called "F/A Racing".  In Fighter & Attacker there is a song titled RAVE WAR created by composer Shinji Hosoe, a composer for namco's sound team.

In the front cover of the Japanese Ridge Racer case for the Sony Playstation, the F/A Racing vehicle has RAVE WAR as a decal.
In the European release, the vehicle is still called F/A Racing, however, does not feature the RAVE WAR decal and instead features a STARBLADE decal, due to an up-coming release of StarBlade Alpha at the time.
In the North American release, the same vehicle also still called F/A Racing, does not feature either RAVE WAR or STARBLADE as they have already been release.  Or, atleast I believe so.

This is most likely a namco marketing scheme, considering that Fighter & Attacker did not get an outside-of-Japan release and infact, scrapped an outside release, it is possible that they removed RAVE WAR for that reason.  The only true evidence that supports my statement is that within Ridge Racer there are advertizements for games, such as StarBlade Alpha, TEKKEN and the NegCon controller.

However.  If what I remember from actually playing the Arcade Ridge Racer is correct, even the European version had the RAVE WAR decal on the F/A Racing vehicle.  As for the reason why they included "Galactic Dance" -- it is somewhat a slogan for all Galaxian games.

I understand some of the information I have posted is not sourced, but as a long-living human and a fan of namco, it is best to take what I have said to be more than likely correct.
I also understand some of the informtion I have posted is not necessary, however, I feel it helps to understand the reason for the stickers more.