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Author Topic: ## Road Trip ## GALAXIAN THEATER from NAMCO !!!  (Read 629249 times)
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« on: April 28, 2007, 11:14:05 PM »


                                          ...Nothing is impossible...

                                          ...Believe In Your Dreams...

                                          ...Fan 4 Ever...


Galaxian 3 theater... I remember it as if it were yesterday. I played it for the first time ... in 1993 or 1994 if I remember well roll eyes
It was love at firs sight Smiley  My god... the CGI was amazing (and still are amazing nowadays)... Impressive surrond sound... and this huuuuge theater... a true gaming experience back in The Days shock
Remember the others video games from that erea ... 1990...  no a lot of good 3D games ...only Hard Drivin from Atari (it wasn't really impressive in my opinion)  confused  
We are two years BEFORE real good 3D games like Virtua Racing (1992) and 3 years BEFORE Virtua Fighter by exemple...


I always saw this Galaxian Theater in that Arcade room. Each time I went to the Belgium coast, I had to play that *AMAZING* game Cheesy
As you probably know,I'm a die hard NAMCO fan because they made the best arcade games in history (except Dragon's Lair of course ) : Pac Man, Galaxian, Galaga, Xevious, Starblade, ...
In my quest to own my favorite games, I can't imagine that one day, I'll be able to get ... a Galaxian Theater @ home ! Shocked

Until now, the only way I had to play the game was the Playstation adapation of the game, which is very good by the way. It was better than nothing, but the true G3 experience has to be seen on giant screen, so I've done THIS

Of course, as a die hard fan of that game, I have all I can get about it : Playstation version of the game (US & JAP), arcade flyers, OST of the game, Laser Disc demonstration (very rare), ... expect the 'cab' of course...until now Tongue

So 6 weeks ago, I called the boss of that arcade room and I asked him if he would be ok to sell it... We fixed an appointment for the coming week end  arrow


Ok, this time is not so far : 300km to drive Smiley
But as you know I have a deal with my official sponsors, so I have to publish this picture lol  lol  lol arrow

[ Dr Pepper & Bi-Fi Roll inside ]  lol

I don't forget to bring some tools : meters, a box of screwdriver heads, ... arrow  I have to check overthere If I have all the necessary tools to dismount the Theater Cool

Rock'n'Roll baby Cool

So we arrive at location one hour before the appointment with the manager, so we decide to go for a walk on the beach... A lot of wind arrow

... and sudden, something draws our attention...close to the rocks  :

Let us examine that more closely :

Jesus Christ !!! I 'm sure that's a sign of the Gods ! shock  lol

Ok it is time ... time to see the Namco 'mothership' Theater :

Impressive Exclamation  Exclamation  Exclamation
The theater is in front of me... It's the one I played many years ago...  It represents many memories to me, because I played it at various times of my life. This theater is a kind of Time Machine for me roll eyes  Shocked

Well... it's big... it's huge .... very huge shock  shock  shock  

let us measure it... just to be sure oppps

Holy Jesus shock  shock  shock

Opssss... very huge oppps  At this point, I still don't know where to put it  oppps  Anyway, C A R P E D I E M Shocked

OK, let's quickly check how to disassemble it... ok, the theater  seems to have the same kind of skrew everywhere on it... like this :

I'm also take a lot of pictures, in order to help me when I'll assemble the game in the futur.

I meet the manager. The deal is done

It won't be possible to get the game before one month  confused  Jesus Christ... more than 4 weeks to wait  confused
OK, so I've now 1 month to organize the 'Galaxian Theater' rescue... find enough space ... I'm gonna be crazy  shock  roll eyes  

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« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2007, 11:17:28 PM »



...and here we are... the 23rd of april 2007... one day to go ...

I hope two 'days off' will be enough for this trip roll eyes  
For this Adventure, my wife of course, and also my faithful wingman : Burt The Daring Cool

The last check before the D day. Because of my Sponsors, I have to show you that traditional picture... sorry folks roll eyes  

arrow some new stuff, only for this *special* roadtrip : a video camera, lent by a colleague (thanks Chris ) ... in order to film all the 'event',
and to be used as reference during the reassembly which will take place in .... hum hum 200
x oppps
I get a lot of  labels to annotate the various part of this Huge 3D Puzzle shock ...and of course tools like skrewdrivers...

The truck is ready... volume is 20 m3 .... Does it will be enough to carry that monster ? confused

Paperboards,  small boxes to store the various screws, straps, protections...

OK... now I can say everthing is ready for tomorrow morning.  lol

 It's very late now ... and tomorrow, we have to get up at 05:00 am... so let's sleep  lol


WAKE UP DUDE  Exclamation  Exclamation  Exclamation  

It's 5:53am ... tuesday the 24rd of april ... an historical day  Cool

Let's charge the CD of circumstance, and let's pick up my official roadtrip wingman 'Burt'...by hoping he's already  awaked now confused:  lol

OK... rock'n'roll... It's a little bit early for Burt ... 300 km to drive  lol

300 km is not a long distance... but this truck is so slow (impossible to go further than 110 km/h), and it uses so much gasoline shock  ... we have to refuel it quickly confused

My wife is conscious that this roadtrip will be historical. She agrees to wear the T-shirt of circumstance Cool

Well, the appointment was at 9h30am with the seller... Slow speed, and lot of trafic jam... we finally arrive at 10h45am on location confused

The arcade room is locatet on the sea coast... so it's impossible to park our giant truck close to the main entry oppps

Good new : there is a backdoor, just behind the Arcade Cheesy

Bad new : there is 'road work' in this one way  lane, and a big truck blocks us... opssss !
The only solution will be to drive in reverse gear... not easy ... in order to bring our truck just in front of the backdoor. But this is not the worst shock

The lane is so narrow, it seems almost impossible to operate with the truck in order to enter, via the backdoor, to the basement confused

arrow Finally after 10 minutes of 'delicate' operations... cm per cm... our truck is in the Arcade's basement.

Ok, the manager is not there, but they are few employes ... aware about a crazy guy who'll get the Galaxian Theatre today Cool

Let's place a camera... the tools are well aligned... and the labels are prepared :

The Luna Park is closed for public the morning ... until 2 : oo pm. The employes told me there is very quiet, because it's the low season now...

OK, so let's wear the homemade T-shirt done especially for that Day (theses T-shirts will be highly collectable... very soon on ebay Tongue  Tongue  Tongue ) !

Let's start to put the labels :

I feel odd... I'm starting to think about what we are doing now Cool

...all of this seems unreal ... my mind is away now :  

Do we are some kind of modern adventurers ?
Do we are some kind of archaeologists ?
... Or do we are simply crazy ?
roll eyes  Twisted  

OK... it's not time to think... we have a lot of work now !

... an employe is removing all the coin mechs confused

While Burt is removing one of the 'marquee', I'm applying labels...

A general view of the 'monster' shock  At this time, we still have no idea about the amount of work we'll have to do oppps

Here's a real piece of art, the conversion kit marquee "Attack Of The ZolgeaR" is in a perfect state ... and so HUUUGGE Shocked  Shocked  Shocked

...and .... what a nice surprise... under the ZolgeaR marquee... the original GALAXIAN 3 - Project Dragoon marquee Shocked

We remain very careful during disassembling…

Holy Jesus... what do we are doing here  Exclamation  confused:  We are really crazy !

Let's continue to dismount that blue moutain Smiley

I was a little bit affraid 'bout what kind of wires insde the thing... but it's quite easy to remove in fact :

Now, here's the master piece... the MAIN Galaxian3 marquee shock  :

We are a little bit slow... and confused ?  ...'coz at this point, we still don't know what we are doing ...

Well... let's try to understand how to dismount the front ...

...while Burt is doing some kind of 'reverse engineering" in order to understand how to dismount the game, I arrange the small parts on the floor. The game room is not open yet to public, so I use as space as possible...

Hey... we start to see what's inside that 'toy' lol

One of the two Sony tri-tube video projectors shock  HHHUUUGEE !!!!

It's really time to start the serious stuff : Let's remove... the roof Shocked

First big information about the Galaxian Theater : the 'game' has no roof shock

...so what ?

...the owner used 5 meters long boards, through which he placed panels of wood/foam... a pain to remove that Evil   arrow
Foam disaggregates, it's like to handle rockwool… a true filth for eyes and  lungs Evil

The owner used the roof of the THEATER to store things : old broken neons, old boards, fabrics and a lot things, not indentified  confused

Here I am catching one of the dead neons slopes which was on the roof of the theater. Note that I am on another NAMCO's monster : PROP CYCLE Tongue

...no more 'roof'...

There's no more little & easy thing to do now oppps  We MUST go further!!!

After having removed the partitions from the middle of the 'entrance', we finally discover one of the three main bars (which are main parts of the structure in fact) :

view inside of the right interior part of the theater side... same picture than then previous one, but without the metal mask :

...same view, but this is the opposite part (still from the entrance of the theater/ left side). The only difference is a control panel, which controls something but I don't know what ?! I'll discover it when I'll rebuild the theater... roll eyes

...for the moment, It is still possible to arrange carefully al the items...

Here an employee tries to find the key which gives access to the projectors confused  ...

Because we still don't know what is the perfect order for dissasembling, we try to work on the sides.... Bingo... it's easy here Tongue

Holy Jesus... as a die hard Namco fan, I can tell you it really does something to be in a such picture like this one :

Cool… for the first time since many years, the light penetrates inside the G3 theater.
Have a look of the height of it shock  2m40  shock  !!!

In the middle inside the theater, just behind the 'screen', there is 3 HUGE boxes ... something like 150cm lenght ...each of them ...but what's inside of them Huh?


a ton of boards ... power supplies ... wires ... connectors ...


...more boards shock  shock  shock


Two Yamaha audio professional amps, Two Pioneer laserDisc players arrow

...on each of the three lids,  fans :

ok, now the worst part : removing the projectors ...

Because we still have not the key to access the projector, we'll have to found an other method for pull them out.
It should be possible to remove them by the rear :

After examination, the three big bars maintain all the front of the theater, and the projectors too, of course...

Before removing them, we'll remove the two adjacent parts, named

I was a little bit afraid about the wires to disconnect between the different parts... but Namco did it well Tongue

Here's by exemple the wires between the righ projector and the
GUNNER'S GATE 1 part  arrow

This is it : the  
GUNNER'S GATE 1 part is removed !

Let's do the same thing for the other part  arrow  

Here's a scary part of the story shock  The two projectors are so LOUD... and both of them stay in place only because the three bars. Each time we touch one of the bars, the two projectors start to move... very very unstable... oppps

...and remember, we have not the keys to remove the projetctors in the normal way, by a door under them. THe only way to remove them is to pull them out by the back... but ALL the stuff is so unstable ....

... finally, after something like 30 minutes, the first projector is out... and safe Twisted

Very heavy to carry as you can seen... even for two men like us confused  arrow

Oh my god... we have to do the same thing for the second one.... argggg... we are tired now... and hungry too... we're working since so many hours non-stop... but before to tale a short pause, let's finish 'the projectors' removing ...

...courage... 30% done yet Evil  oppps

Ok, the 2nd projector is out... at least oppps

Time to eat now...

Our table Huh? An air hockey ;-)

Regarding the food, guess which country it is lol  lol  lol

Burt is asking me "what time is it by the way ?"

I don't know... daytime I guess ... I don't have a watch... But they are customers in the gaming room now, so we are in the afternoon...

HOLY JESUS... in the afternoon Huh?

Oppsss... so very short in time  shock  Because we have to load in the truck, come back to my home, unload the parts (I still don't know where  shock  ) ... and as you can see on the pictures, we are far from the end...  Gloups  oppps

OK, we have to pull off all the front base before going further :

...of course, the big base doesn't move because of that big blue part attached on it :

...arghhh... All the skrews seems to be removed.... but that blue box is encased somewhere...  confused

Well... impossible to remove it  Evil  So the only solution seems to remove all the front base, including the two HUGE blue boxes (left & right)  confused  Everything is on small wheels... let's pull them out on the two following picture :

YYeeesss... it works  Smiley  We can move all the front base  Tongue  We have now access to the 'seats' :

Remember the 'big blue boxes' ? We got them now  lol  lol

The seats are easy to remove. No skrew at all. They were wedged between the front base and the 3 pcb boxes.

We are very tired now... Please let me have a short break after removing the first seat oppps

Here's a view of the back of the seats... and more than 15 years of dust :

All the seats are removed.

Here the main tube of cables, which comes from the pcb boxes, and which passes between the seat 3 and 4 (just in the middle), and who conveys the cables for the projectors, and power for some lamps & main marquee :

...two men at work  roll eyes     lol  lol  lol

The next step is to separate the three HUGE (everything is HUGE on that cab'   ) boxes, which include pcb, amps, power supply, laserdisc players... all the electronic stuff...

But there's is a problem : all the three boxes are interconnected...

Have a look :

..of couse, I put labels ... I hope it will help me when I'll assemble the theater in ...2054  roll eyes  

DONE  Tongue  no more wires between them :

It's late now... NOTHING is loaded on the truck... It's really time to load... but ... we decide to remove the 6 parts from the roof before to stop. It should not be to long i hope...

...except that it is necessary to climb ... on the screen  shock  I'm the stuntman for that  Cool  I'm a little bit affraid  shock  I hope the bottom of the  screen is strong enough for my weight… bah… It must because we have no other choice then that… the theater was assembled against the wall, so no other access... except like that :

Something incredible up there  shock





My name was written ... since so many years  shock ... on the top of that mountain  :

 Tongue  Tongue  Cool  Cool

Here's a 'behind the scene' view... or how to climb on that mountain from the ouest side    arrow  

...it was on the only way to do it... because the wall on the back of the room is to close from the theater  confused

Ok so now I praying... I hope the 'screen' structure is strong enough to support my weight  shock  arrow

Now, Burt is anger...  shock  ... It did not imagine that it would be so hard ...he's usually on the light side of the Force... but not now  shock  arrow

Concerning me, I've fallen into the dark side of the Force since so many years  Twisted  Impossible to get me out of it  Twisted  ... and of course I'll meet my destiny  lol  :

...well, it's maybe not the time for a battle finally  confused  Still so many things to do...

Ok, the six black elements from the 'roof' are removed. We should be able to remove the screen, I mean the six white elements :

The manager comes... He'll have a lot of  free space soon  Cool  

It's amazing... It's late in the afternoon... and there's still NOTHING loaded in the truck yet  shock We still need to do one more step ... Let's check how to remove the screen structure  arrow

OK, well... it's something like 7:00pm ... we have to stop now  :x  because  arrow

- Before loading the pieces, all must go to the basement, where the truck is
- All the pieces from the theater must be loaded in the truck
- It will not be possible to load all the parts
- Something like four hours to drive to go home
- Unload all that stuff... I still don't know where at this point shock  confused
- We are hungry
- We are tired

OK, so let's start to bring the parts to the basement. Hopefully an employe is helping us for that  Smiley

The elevator... It will be our best friend soon  confused  

My god... have a look at something like 15 years of dust  shock  arrow

Quick snapshoot... or 'The Nuno Team was here...'  lol  Cool  Cool  Cool

Ok, most of the parts are now in the basement , after something like one hour of 'elevator action' ...up...down...up...down...  confused

Here's most of the parts we were not able to load in the truck. These parts have to stay here, with the rest of the theater of course... until tomorrow  oppps  :

... maybe not this one  roll eyes  :

Here's the truck... full of Galaxian stuff... ready to go  arrow


...before to leave... let's go for ten minutes of hard drivin' ... just to get out the truck out of the basement  Evil  arrow

OK, now the big question  confused:  confused:  confused: Where to put all that Galaxian3 Theater stuff... There's no free space available in my lair... and I don't want to put that monster inside my house ... well, i would like to put it in my house... but hey... with an area of 25 m2... not possible  oppps
SO once again, I'll call SAM  Tongue

The bad thing regarding big roadtrip is stopping over & over agin for...fuel ... fuel ... fuel ...  :x  :x  but this time, something nice to watch  Tongue  arrow

...after something like FOUR hours on the road, and crossing all the country for north to south, here we are ... at the Sam's place :

We unload all the stuff... on his garden  arrow

... and we put as much as we can the parts in his garage... what a mess  oppps

Oppsss... his garage is now full  shock  shock  shock  ...but there're still stuff to store... so what ?! ... We are forced to load -of course- all the remaing parts inside the truck... What a crazy work  :x

OK... so... regarding these last parts, we store them like that for the moment :

- inside the Burt's garage : One of the three huge pcb boxes
- inside the Nuno's Lair : Two huge parts of the theater
- inside our living room : one of the six seats, pcb, laser disc players, and other various parts  shock  shock

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhh JJJJJJJeeeeeeeessssssssssusssssssssssssss
We are now DEAD !!!  :

It's now 1:24am  shock  We are on the work since more than TWENTY hours non-stop ... We are SOOOOOOOOO tired  :x  oppps  oppps

... and the story is far to be finished  oppps  oppps  oppps  In less than FOUR hours, we have to do the same work   oppps  oppps

Let's go to sleep for ..only 4 hours then ....  oppps  oppps

End of day 1
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« Reply #2 on: April 28, 2007, 11:18:49 PM »



...4h30 later... still so tired  confused  It's 6:00 am    oppps

Let's get the motivation... what d'ya think Burt  roll eyes    My wife is talking to him -non stop-, just to be sure that he won't sleep and stay awake  Twisted  .

Same place... here we go again  Shocked  ...300km later...

As you can see, the end is near... here we are removing the screen supports  arrow

Have a look at this 'small' box... guest what it is Huh?  roll eyes  

What a mess... hopefully it's too early for customers   lol

At this point, I'm not able to tell you how many pieces  we got in hand, coming of course from that HHUUUUGGGGEEEEE 3D puzzle

Namco is the best  arrow Removing cables between the elements is as easy as your ABC  Cool

See it  Tongue  Namco ruleZ  Cool

...in deep...

Have a look at this huge Bose amp  shock  Do I will try it in my car  roll eyes     Tongue

And here's the boss... he has to leave... so it's time to pay him... Totally amazing  Shocked  I was playing that game 13 years ago at the same place... and now I buy that game  Tongue

Now remember the black box on a previous picture ? It's a HUGE power stepdown converter (220V -> 110V). My god... how a so little box can be so heavy  shock

...conitnuing to bring back parts from floor 0 to the basement...

For that second loading day, we have to otpimize everything. All the parts MUST fit... don't wanna come back a third time  confused  

...as I told you previously... that red elevator is our best friend... We are very lucky to do the job on a such place, I mean a place with a private basement with the ability of truck loading, private elevator, ...
I can"t imagine doing a such work in a place with staircases by exemple, or the truck parked in a street, outside, ...  confused

Have a look at the car  Tongue  We had to be very careful  Cool

...still loading as best as we can...

Isn't it beautifull ? ... having such historicals parts  roll eyes    lol  Namco is my God  Cool

OK... still 4 seats to load... but there is enough place for only 3 of them  oppps   arrow Brainstorming  Twisted

Let's load them... and see what we can do...

Mhhh... there's no other way than to dissasemble it... We already try during the day 1, but it's not easy... But now, we don't have choice  shock We must do it or we won't load it  Evil

...the 4 mains skrews are under that grey cage... not easy to remove...

OK... we do it  Smiley  Have a look at my feet on the 'beast', in a "Steve Haris from Iron Maiden" style  Cheesy  

We can load it now... we also loading all the last parts : projectors, Power converter, and other things...

OK... THIS IS IT... ALL IS LOADING...  Tongue  Tongue  Tongue

Now, a last picture... at this spot, there WAS a Galaxian 3 Theater  Cool  Cool  Cool

Note that 'Burt' doesn't wear the official roadtrip T-shirt "Saving Galaxian 3 Theater"  on  that day 2, because it was in a very bad state at the end of day1... shame on him  Cool

Before to go back, let's eat something  arrow


Note that we were these two days on the Belgium coast, and we even didn't see the sea... we can see it now ...  Tongue

OK... it's late... we sill have 300km to bring back that stuff...and at this time, I still don't know where I'll unload all that stuff  shock  oppps

Well, so I'm calling Freddy & my mother... and tell them that I've to unload 'something maybe a little big  roll eyes ' quickly ! They say yes because they don't imagine how big is the stuff I'm bringing back  shock

And here we are after something like 4 hours of driving  arrow

At this point, my mother & Freddy start to be a little be affraid... they are thinking 'what the hell inside of this truck'' shock

I remember tbat tbey hopefully have free space in their basement  arrow

Well, we are opening the truck's doors... and ... Freddy is seeing the Galaxian stuff ... Oppps ....  shock  .... he starts to be crazy : "What the hell is  that Huh? Totally crap !!! You didn't tell us about this ... so big ... so many items ... If I knew that before, I would say NO, I DON'T WANT TO STORE THAT  Twisted "
After promise him that I won't let the stuff too long, he's finally ok  Shocked

As you can see, it's still daytime  Cool
My mother is watching me... what the hell his soon is doing  shock  ...

... and finally, they help us to unload the Namco Monster... It's a family story  Cheesy  :

Unloading the biggest parts  arrow

We are so tired... at this point we have something like 40 hours of work since the begining of this trip... with only few hours of sleep  :cry:

...still unloading... under a moon light now  Cool

We are lucky regarding the width of the passage  arrow

...playing Tetris in 3D  lol   arrow

It's the black night... and no outside light... Hopefully it's close to be finished ...

Have a look at the size of these Sony TriTubes projectors  shock  ...and so heavy  shock

Have a look at the room... full of history items now  Cheesy

...but this room wasn't big enough...  confused  ... so we had to put remaining parts here and there, in other basement's room  oppps

Can you believe it ... all in now unloaded.... UNLOADED !!!

 Shocked  Shocked  Shocked

I can now bring back the truck... and start to think how to bring back the Galaxian3 parts at home... and where to place such MONSTER   Cheesy

This *amazing & historical* ROADTRIP is finally done.. but ...

... that story is not over of course ...  roll eyes  
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« Reply #3 on: April 28, 2007, 11:19:27 PM »

EPISODE 3 (extended scenes) - What to do with a such monster ?

Well... the answer is quite easy for me... PLAYING !!!! of course  Cheesy

...but wait  roll eyes  At this time... there no more theater  confused  ... but a ton of single items, in different locations...  oppps

Well, I made a promise to all the 'Galaxian3Theater' parts keepers that I'll get as soon as possible all the items that take so many place (according them of course)  roll eyes .
So the idea now is to bring back all the parts at my place... and asap ! Cool

But first, I've to take care about my gaming room  roll eyes  

Two big parts are in the middle of my Lair... Impossible to acces it... So I'm calling Sam : " I know, all you garage is full of my G3 stuff, but pleaaaasse help me to clean my gameroom first...  roll eyes "

 arrow  He says 'mwellll... fine  Twisted "

...ok, the part is now more in my gameroom... but what to do now Huh?

I'll be the first man to have a Galaxian Theater... INSIDE MY HOUSE  Tongue  Tongue

...but it's still too easy, so I decide to put the G3 at the first floor  Cool

Well... as you can see Sam & I are not 'Macho Man' of something... so the stairs are a real problem with an item like that... It would be nice to have a third guy to help us... but he did it  Smiley  arrow

Few days later...great... here's Pierre (aka Funkycochise here°) and his friend  Tongue  They come for a nice meeting... and a gaming session of course  Cool

Of course... there's anoter 'big blue' (not the Atari one   ) to move... or the gameroom won't be accessible  confused

"Hey friends,  please help me ?!"  Cool  roll eyes

So here we go again...

This time, it's more easy... Three guys... perfect  Tongue

At the first floor... we have to be care... let's enter into... the bathroom  Tongue

Jesus... It must be a world premiere ... A Galaxian Theater inside a bathroom  lol  lol   Shocked

...but these two big blue parts are now safe... inside my house  Cool  Thanks to all for the help...once again  Shocked

Now let's start to bring back stuff located... at the Freddy/Mom house  roll eyes

On this travel... I bring back this :

Namco... my god  Cool

...My wife is not happy... because of this ... inside the corridor ...

... and it's worse now  roll eyes    :

Ok OK  oppps  ... I'll put all of that... at the first floor... don't worry  Cool  ...but before, few pictures... focus on the instruction stickers :

I remember when I was younger... I tried to remove that sticker at the arcade... oppps  oppps  oppps  ... I'm glad not to have succeded  Smiley

...StAy TuNeD...

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« Reply #4 on: May 03, 2007, 08:53:39 PM »

small update...  

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« Reply #5 on: May 05, 2007, 01:36:47 PM »



GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I thought I had space troubles...........

If this isn't a (late) april's fool it is F-U-C-K-I-N-G fantastic Bruno !!!

Man,  I KNEW there had to be a reason that I was sick TWICE when we had arranged to visit the lair....(I'll drop you a mail, we gotta fix a new date).

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« Reply #6 on: May 07, 2007, 02:24:43 PM »

Bruno, you are a real tease!! Trickling out these pictures is killing us! I can't wait to see more, more ,more.....
I still can't imagine where you are putting this beast.
Good luck!
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« Reply #7 on: May 08, 2007, 05:16:57 PM »

The title for this reply is probably too bold for someone new on this site, hence the wink smiley. But, being married myself, I cannot help but wondering... And the size of your latest cab is completely ludicrous if it weren't so totally, most absurdly and convincingly SUPERB!
I am patiently waiting for an opportunity to lay my hands on a shed, garage, or anything to accommodate my collection to be. But first, I'll have to convince my wife that spending money on this is paramount...  roll eyes  Until then, I'll check in on your website to keep the dream alive!
Bonne chance!
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« Reply #8 on: May 09, 2007, 09:13:55 PM »

...small update of this story...

Thanks to bo so patientt  Smiley

I agree this is a crazy thing ... Stay Tuned... a lot of pictures very soon  

(Welcome on this forum Reb  Smiley  )

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« Reply #9 on: May 09, 2007, 09:55:47 PM »

Wow! That marquee is bigger than you guys!!
Truly unreal my friend...
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« Reply #10 on: May 10, 2007, 11:23:31 PM »

hey Bruno,

Remember to scan all the artwork for reproduction Wink Wink Wink

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« Reply #11 on: May 11, 2007, 09:21:39 PM »

Yeps... All that artworks need to be preserved  Smiley

Small update by the way  roll eyes  

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« Reply #12 on: May 11, 2007, 10:22:33 PM »


You are mad my friend, Myself and XY-Man went to wales to collect a Galaxian 3 thearter for his collection about 4 years ago, It had taken us from 8am to 9pm just to dismantle the thing, we had a 7.5 ton lorry and just about got it in with no room spare, you must have done a couple of trips, your gonna have to move or build a bigger gameroom, I think XY-Man still has the game in a room in his warehouse still in pieces, so dont lose momentum, get a home for the beast....well there is no chance of you losing momentum, anyhow congratulations you mad man.

another thing ,has yours got two Pioneer players and loads of boards, good luck putting her together again.


"Aim for the Moon! if you fall short your be with the Stars"
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« Reply #13 on: May 12, 2007, 09:41:38 PM »

Quote from: "FINNY(uk)"

...another thing ,has yours got two Pioneer players and loads of boards, good luck putting her together again...

If I have some trouble to make it work, I'll bring all that stuff at the  Euro meet '07  Cheesy  It will be a good challenge for our best technician in the world     Tongue  Tongue  Tongue

(pictures updated in first page of this topic by the way  roll eyes   )

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« Reply #14 on: May 16, 2007, 02:53:53 PM »

incredible   shock  shock  shock
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