Author Topic: :: Workshop :: 'Space Invaders' will kill humans again very soon! (like in '78)  (Read 16875 times)


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@bruno: you must change the thread title ;)
all i need is ... PONG - and a select few others: TOUCH ME, DRAGON'S LAIR, JOUST, ROBOTRON, MR DO, SAN FRANCISCO RUSH THE ROCK!!!


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Now, I hate to 'bump' an old thread but I want to know what happened

Well, no progress so far on that one since... :oops:
As you know (or not), I spent the very little free time I had to built the V3, and all that 'Galaxian3 Theater 6 stuff'...during these two last years.  :P
I hope to go back on 'regular' work like this cabinet very soon  ;)

So there will be an end?

By the way, I love the GT6 and V3


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...and back on this!  8)

It's time to seriously 'rejuvenate' this cabinet. I'm now starting from this  :arrow:


Behind the operator's sticker removed, you can see the natural born color of the cabinet  :arrow:

"Use the magic sword sponge!"

Yeah! Very infective  :arrow:

My favorite picture!  :arrow:

It show the natural aspect of the old wood, like a vintage desk...used by the time! So vintage.... so history in there... perfect like this!  :-*

Except few minor white painting touch up to remove the blue on the top left, some black to finish the bottom/touch up the 'invader', and white  to hide the small bump on top of the coin door, I consider there's no more aesthetic work on this front part.



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Nicotine, hard kicks and moistere...... Humans - Aliens 1-0  ;D