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All the rest / Re: What is your second most favorite arcade game?
« on: December 20, 2016, 08:04:06 PM »
Second best....
Fave is Galaga 88. Second atm must be Gyruss or Mr. Do.

Meetings, Exhibition, Events... / Youtube expo at Beeld and Geluid
« on: November 16, 2016, 10:28:29 AM »
This week there is a side event to the ongoing Youtube exposition at Beeld and Geluid.
You can play a bunch of retro consoles and arcade cabs supplied by Computers and Games in Zwolle, and you can see a big part of my handheld collection. I made a short video of the cabinets:
All is on show through next Sunday.

'Business' Area : Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: Price Check Zaccaria Crazy Kong
« on: October 08, 2016, 10:26:50 AM »
Tempting.... You head into the south?

I tried to build the external RGB amp, nice day of soldering and testing, but not the way to go IMO. Could not get it to work.
Ended up hooking up a composite+stereo cable directly to the EXT BUS.
Excellent image and sound. Very easy to make.

Games are coming in too.
Games I got that are must haves IMO:
Kyukyoky Tiger: best shooter of all that I tried in emulation, awesome in real too. Surpassing entries on many top-10 lists like Gunhed and Soldier Blade which are IMO seriously overrated. Things I like: music, game is HARD but does not put you back on start once you die, power-ups are understandable (not the Gunhed mess), smart enemies instead of dumb bullet hell.
Bomberman 94: SNES killer, sound, image all excellent.
Doraemon Meikyu: If you're a fan of Doraemon: get this. Funny, nice music, and the blue cat off course.
Galaga 88. You CANNOT BUY A PC ENGINE WITHOUT GALAGA 88. This version is BETTER than the arcade game. Which is already king of the castle.
Space Harrier. It's cheap, and the nice chiptune incarnation of the famous SH music is already very tasty. You easily forget this version is a bit too hard (no continues until you make a serious good score first!)
Momotaru Katsugeki, nice platformer
Streetfighter II Champion Edition. Cheap, wopping 20mbit Hucard. Pushing the PCE to the limits.
Jackie Chan Action Kong Fu. Watch Cannonball Run, see Jackie Chan, and you'll get it.
Detana Twinbee. If you like it on the SNES, this one is better.

Looking for similar option for my PC Engine to turn it into a DUO with the CD's on the SD card in the HuCARD  ;D

It's so pretty. Get one back!

Maybe I've been lucky, but I got both Astro Vader (white one) and Space Galaxy (black one) boxed, game near mint for like 70€. I know they can do a lot more.

Things to check:
- How's the stick? The metal tube is quite fragile. Is it solid in place and does it have no dents.
- Take a good look at the corners of the fresnel lens. The lens has 4 screws on the corners, but sometimes someone was too harsch with the screwdriver resulting in cracks in the plastic.
- Check the battery compartment for battery leak accidents.

Hm.. I played both a lot. What makes the PC Engine-version better in your eyes?

1) It is a bit easier, I think that makes it more fun for an occasional game.
2) The music, it sounds so much better than on the arcade.
3) Victory. Again a music thing, on the PC-E you are rewarded with maybe the best ever 8-bit stereo Victory Tune. On the arcade, victory is plain boring, after suffering a way tougher fight.

This is arcade victory:
It was very difficult to find this soundtrack on youtube, almost evert longplayer has the tunes muted. Probably the tunes are recognized by some DMCA take-down bot and therefore muted as preventive measure, whereas the PC Engine tune is probably incognito with all its 8-bit edges.

I also think Galaga 88 for the PC-Engine deserves an arcade. That might sound weird, but it isn't. The game is better than the original arcade version, so we could have another better Galaga arcade based on the PC Engine version.

Could me make an arcade based on a Philips P2000T  ;D

It would run
Don't be fooled by the Teletext graphics, this is one of the best space shooters ever, beating Galaga with ease.

Did you get one?
Just got one myself. Awesome little machine.

Game arrived. End good, all good.

Weird.... I tried the seller again, roughly a month later. This time not by mobile phone, but by email. All was nice and friendly, and the game is on a truck (probably one without gas), and I paid with IBAN....

Technical Area / Re: Raspberry pi laserdisc replacement project EVA
« on: May 23, 2016, 06:48:04 AM »
Nice work! Love to see how these Pi's come in handy everywhere.

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