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1  General Chat / Arcade Lifestyle / Re: :: Workshop :: Time Pilot *destination 2008* on: December 29, 2008, 11:20:38 PM
The Time Pilot is now in his final destination... the Game Room (v1)  Grin  arrow

I can now play it (and score on it) quietly  Grin Roll Eyes  Tongue  arrow


It's so beautiful...! I want to restore a cabinet myself, but in the end, I'm probably going to just convert it into a MAME cabinet...that accepts coins to play.
2  General Chat / Galaxian Theater / Re: A Galaxian 3 machine on: December 28, 2008, 09:34:09 PM
You sure you got the house space, gas money, and enough friends (assuming you'll be lodging the colossal pieces of the machine at their houses) to own one? The thing's pretty huge and can take LOTS of time to dismantle and reassemble.
3  General Chat / Galaxian Theater / Re: Questions about Galaxian3 and Starblade on: December 27, 2008, 09:50:06 AM
Listening to the radio ramblings, what they say are HILARIOUS.

I'm also going to add the DRAGOON'S commander lines in the script because it ties in with the radio discussions. Radio discussion is aligned based on the stereo side I heard it from. (Using DarthNuno's audio file as reference)

Here is a guide:

Audio talk originating from left speaker
DRAGOON commander
DRAGOON main commander
DRAGOON female commander
Audio talk originating from right speaker

Other keys are ... which indicates a slightly long pause between lines. [...] means that I couldn't comprehend the line, occasionally with a reason stating why I couldn't comprehend it.

DRAGOON, this is HAWK-LEADER. We are ready for departure.
Roger, HAWK-LEADER. 10 seconds to departure.
All wings report in.
HAWK-LEADER standing by.
HAWK-1 standing by.
HAWK-2 standing by.
HAWK-3 standing by.
Release catapult.

LAUNCH. Take us to the enemy outpost.
Reducing velocity to sub-latch.

Reducing green. DRAGOON to all wings, cover us.
Entering the asteroid belt.
Point R270.
Point L314.
We're in the space mines.
Point R703.
Point L420. HAWK-LEADER to DRAGOON, all wings report ready to cover.

Located the enemy outpost.
Enemy is approaching dead ahead! HAWK-2 and 3, take the right one!
Distance: 200 meters.
All wings. Attack the outpost!
HAWK-1, you're with me.

We've located the enemy battleship.
Making a rapid descent. Attack the cannons of the enemy battleship.
Here they come!
Let's make fun of 'em!
Be careful!
You, too!

HAWK team, this is DRAGOON. We'll take the battleship. You'll take over.

I don't like the look of that light thing. I'll be the fastest, HAWK-2.

Now approaching the enemy battleship.

Enemy battleship...DESTROYED.
Thanks for the cover.

Located the enemy's mothership.
This is DRAGOON. We're going to break in and destroy it from the inside.
HAWK-LEADER, we're going in. Cover us.

Roger. All wings cover DRAGOON.
Don't mess around!
WOW! This is HUGE!
This is no time for admiration, 1.

Now entering the mothership.
Increase power to the shields!
Intensifying shields.
We've located the ship's power source.
All wings! Take out the power source!

Yeeeeeah! WAY TO GO!

DRAGOON, this is HAWK-LEADER. My atmospheric engine has malfunctioned! Impossible to defend! HAWK-2, HAWK-LEADER. You are in command!
The mothership has been destroyed!
Descend to the planet.
WHAT!? You're kidding! I SHOULD BE IN COMMAND!
Atmospheric entry at point 1437.
I'll bet you couldn't cut it.
Heat shield...activated.
[...descending sounds and other voices make it difficult to hear the conversation...]
Converting to low altitude flat.
Okay, whoever takes out the most becomes the leader!
You're on!
Take us along the ravine.
Incoming missiles ahead!
Take us down!
Keep us at minimum altitude.
HAWK-3 to 2! How many did you get? I nailed 20!
I only got 18....
Distance to the mountains: 1500.
It looks like I'M the leader!
Uh...um, sorry, NOT WHEN I TAKE 25.
Looks like HAWK-1's the leader.
Stay down, then come up just in front of 'em!
Oh, well. Congratulations, 1!

Now! Up! Up!
Now entering the enemy's defense perimeter.
Stay low, and attack the cannon!
DRAGOON to HAWK team. We'll stay low. You give us high cover.
Copy, DRAGOON. On our way.

Aim at the head of the cannon!


Now clearing the enemy's defense zone.
Visual confirmation of CANNON SEED.

DRAGOON. HAWK-LEADER. We can't go any further.
Copy. Thanks for the cover, HAWK team.
Go in through the launch tube.
Just don't make it all for nothing!
Good luck!

Entering launch tube.
Main gate closing!

We can't make it! Full stop! We'll go in through the side duct.
Visual on the duct.


Entering energy chamber.
Target the floating power relays!
CANNON SEED'S energy output has increased....

The energy output stopped!

We've done it! Get us out of here!


DRAGOON to UGSF. Mission accomplished! Returning to base.
This is HAWK-LEADER. Great job, everyone.

That's all of it.
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