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Arcade Lifestyle / Hail to the MASTER SIMULATION and his Mentor - SEGA R360
« on: February 26, 2009, 10:40:03 PM »

I don't know who many of you in your life really tried this awesome Definitive simulator (360 for real)

I played 3 times in my whole life:

1) 1993 in Rome in a amusement center (today a videopoker club..:(

2) 1994 in London at the Sega Center at trocadero (where I played also the DLX version of RIDGE RACER of an entire wall (Amazing), Daytona and there was also galaxian 3 I remember..

3) 1999 Tokyo disney

The first time when I finished my play time I was speechless, even if diappointed

The game inside, as many know, is not after burner 2 (a master piece still today of the arcade dog-fight genre) but a mix of Gloc (a real shame if compared to the master piece made by yu suzuki)

Kevin, the man, who realized the dream to collect and restore this machine (it is not a simple mission believe me) was able to study and change the game inside (to the rare wing war)

See the story:

see the video !

here step by step:

He has been able after many years to change the firmware's commands!!

He hacked the machine!!!!

and this means that if someone is capable to understand his teachings


Can you just imagine that?

think, come back from work and turn on this beast and play the latest ace combat's Ps3 game.. (you're drooling? me too! :shock:)


See for your self

I hope one day Kevin will decide to make this firmware at least for After burner

I would even ready to pay him! But he says he is not interested at the moment(sigh!) :o

Hope something will make change his mind

he is the only person who can do it (sega apart) in the whole world

Hope for the better

I can't wait to play ANY game inside the R360  Gosh! :roll:


Ps= Bruno, please we'got to make something!

Looking to "arcadize" your Dragon's Lair home cab like when we were at the arcades in the 80's ?

I've got 2 Sony Trinitron KV-14M1A Tv's (bought 5 originally in 2001 for my lasegames. Between the best Crt Tv's ever made by Sony - great Resolution and used very very seldom when frends came at home topaly my ld games)

See video:

to place over your cab to recreate the same feeling of the arcade era

2 video inputs (behind Scart and in front pin jack)


original sony receiver

Risolution: 576 x 720 PAL Standard

Official european version
2 Video inputs: 1 Scart + 2 pin Jack

Tv receiver included (x RF cable)

99 chanels 

16:9 option included

Work perfectly, colors are bright and clear, comes with receiver (if you even want to see tv), and remote control

220 V and european plug 

(no modifications or step down converters required to work)

Original owner (NO second hand or screen burns)

Reasonable offers accepted

My loss is your gain


Dragon's Lair / Space Ace / DL Sides Broken
« on: January 14, 2009, 01:15:08 PM »
I think one of the major issues in the restauration of a DL is the replacement of the original sides of the game,

always wondered and in bad condition because made of simple wood (truciolato) and for in their flable corners

in many trying to have the exact measure of the sides but always have been different,

even because between the European Atari version and the US cinematronic version many don't know but



Side measures differs.. especially the up corners

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