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1  General Chat / Galaxian Theater / Re: Galaxian 3 in Niagara Falls? on: August 03, 2013, 12:38:34 AM
Sorry about the delay ZX. I sent you a PM about it.

I played it at some tower on the Canadian side. It was odd because it wasn't really an arcade. They had the G3 in a room along with a broken Guns and Roses and Royal Rumble Data East pinball machines and you had to pay at the counter to play all of them. (GNR had a credit on it and the flippers were shot) With G3 I think it was 5 bucks and the girl put the machine on and you played. Since NOBODY was there I didn't make it that far.

There was another HUGE video arcade that was in a tower. They had A LOT of games including a Sega R-360 unit but they didn't have Galaxian 3.
2  General Chat / Meetings, Exhibition, Events... / Re: :: Pilgrimage / Road Trip to the Arcade Mecca : FUNSPOT in USA :: on: February 23, 2010, 12:55:39 AM
Thanks for the notification. I may be there, not sure yet...
Do the dates are official yet?

The dates for FunSpot are locked in. It's always the weekend after Memorial Day here in the states. We've already gotten hotel rooms for the weekend. We usually take Friday off, so we're there Friday night to Sunday morning. I'd love to stay for the final day where they give out the awards, but driving back to New York takes a good while and it seems even further away when you've got work in the morning.
3  General Chat / Meetings, Exhibition, Events... / Re: :: Pilgrimage / Road Trip to the Arcade Mecca : FUNSPOT in USA :: on: February 22, 2010, 02:33:26 AM
Instead of making a new thread, figured I'd just bump this one up. They recently announced the dates for the next annual tournament, it'll be June 3rd to the 6th. Much later in the year then previous events. I wanted to see what some of you guys were doing this summer as well. I wanted to have a gathering up at FunSpot over the summer break and since we end up going there in the summer anyway, why not invite some other folks along for the ride. It won't be during Cali Extreme or whenever they decide to announce the final dates for the PAPA Pinball tournament.

I'd like to hold a mini tournament and try to raise some money for the museum, so if you guys think this is a good idea, post here.
4  General Chat / Meetings, Exhibition, Events... / Re: :: Pilgrimage / Road Trip to the Arcade Mecca : FUNSPOT in USA :: on: December 12, 2009, 08:55:25 PM
I don't think I've ever seen an Avalanche machine at FunSpot in the few years I've been going. The only place I ever played the game was in the touring arcade exhibit that goes around to conventions. Video Pinball still works great, tilt and everything. They even had it as a part of last year's tournament and people were racking up some really high scores. I ended up getting a replay this past fall when I played it.

The tournament's a fun time to go, but since King of Kong hit DVD and the movie was also aired on G4TV here in the states, the place has gotten even more crowded in recent years. More and more people keep coming to see the people in the film and I always get asked by somebody, "Are Billy and Steve going to be here this year?". And the answer as always is no.

Thanks for the link... there is a ride, far better than mine here : http://arcadehunters.blip.tv/file/2740841/  Wink

There's a guy named Lee and his wife that came on holiday to the states in the video there. (The ones playing Pong Doubles) My friends and I had just finished playing a game of Congo Bongo and I saw this guy looking at me from across the arcade and he came up to me and said, "Is it you!? It is you! We were watching one of your videos last night before we came up here!" It's cool to see folks from other countries are enjoying the videos I take of the arcades. Most people just want to see play through videos and angry commentary videos, so it's nice to be able to meet some fans who like the stuff we do for a change. Taking videos on the 3rd floor's a pain in the ass. Unless you have a good quality camera, no matter what you do the videos will have this orange tinge to them because of the overhead lighting.

The next tournament will be June 3rd-6th. It's always Thursday to Sunday, so plan accordingly. Theres a lot of nice hotels and you can find some good deals even when your there. My friends and I got a nice place with double beds not even a block away for about 100 US a night. If you want to enter the tournament its about 25 bucks and you can play the tournament games, get a bucket of tokens and a free bottle of Rickie's Hot Sauce. (YUM) My friends and I always plan in advance and take time off of work so we can drive up there for the weekend. Plus when you get sick of being there for a couple of days straight, there's a couple of other arcades and a really good boardwalk with bars, restaurants and shops to spend time in. Plus at night they have a Drive In movie theater and they sometimes have double movie night, so get a car load of people and check it out.
5  General Chat / Meetings, Exhibition, Events... / Re: :: Pilgrimage / Road Trip to the Arcade Mecca : FUNSPOT in USA :: on: December 11, 2009, 10:13:30 PM
What's really scary is, that isn't all of the games that they have. They have a storage unit with a ton of games and not to mention all of the games they have to put in the back by the golf area because during the summer they have more games out during the tournament and for the rest of the summer. What shocked me the most is that Bruno was actually able to see Gary and get a picture with him! The guy is really elusive and he's always running around the place. It's really hard for him to take a break and have a chat for ten minutes, but if you ever get the chance to speak to him it's amazing. He loves this stuff.

The thing with the joysticks that I've seen is that they take what they can get. They don't have a lot of money to buy the proper parts for the certain games so they'll put a HAPP stick in a game like Berserk. But I've played it with the new joystick and compared to what was in it before, it's about a million times better because the stick refused to shoot diagonally and go up on some parts. The whole thing is really run by Mr. Lawton, Gary and another tech guy. That's it, three people. The rest of the staff just cleans the place and takes the tokens out of the games. They've been getting rid of a lot of pinball machines because it's a lot for them to take care of.

You guys can donate stuff to them, they are a fully working museum and anything you donate to them is tax deductible. So if you got any spare parts lying around from a project, you can send it off to them and they'll put it in. And money of course is good because it keeps the place going. If you go during the winter the place is dead but it picks up on the weekend. The first time my friends and I went to Funspot we went in January and while the kiddies were in school, so it was amazing. The place was empty and the 80's music was blasting so it was like the place was just for us. The other two floors are alright and have a good collection of games from the 80's, 90's and even some of today's games, but it's mostly ticket games for the kiddies to suck money out of their pockets.

My friend and I want to design a T-Shirt for our site and sell it on Cafepress and have all the proceeds go back to the museum. They really deserve it because it's a labor of love for them to keep the place going. I really want to help them meet their target of getting enough money to expand the third floor over the bowling ally. That expansion could fit in over 100 more games, but they don't have the money to do that. So anything to help them get to their goal would be better then doing nothing.

As always, you can check out the videos we did with Gary and from the previous FunSpot tournaments. http://arcadehunters.blip.tv/

If you guys want to plan a trip, try to plan it around the next tournament for 2010. It's always the weekend after Memorial Day here in the States, so figure around the middle of May. But if you want to have the place all to yourselves plan on January-April because while the weather is bad, all the kiddies are in school and they are always open.  Just make sure you go to their website and print out the coupons they have. 20 bucks in tokens plus 50 extra tokens?! You can't beat that.
6  General Chat / Galaxian Theater / Re: GT-6 : AIR RAID ... first encounter! on: July 11, 2009, 10:55:27 PM
I'm still trying to figure out how the hell their doing this. Since I've posted my video on Youtube with this a few people have said their D&B's got the game in and they had no idea it was a G3. So did D&B buy up a bunch of them and have Tsunami make the conversion kits for the game, or what? It's kind of odd to see they'd make a conversion kit for a game that wasn't really mass produced like a DDR machine or a light gun game.

The real thing is the company Tsunami really really sucks. I know I should be happy that there's companies that are still making games exclusive for the arcade but I've played freeware internet browser games better then some of the games they've put out. Every game they make is the same, shoot shoot shoot, no skill involved. They should stick to making the cool motion cabs and have other companies work on the games that should be put into them. Hell, I was going through my pictures of Disney World when I replied to Bruno's Disney Quest thread and found this....

Yeah, a friggen arcade game CRASHES. I saw this on a couple of their other games. I never thought I'd see a BSOD on an arcade game.

You could make a really sick game if you fully used all of what the GT-6 Theater was capable of. You loose all of the magic of the game if the sound isn't pumping, guns vibrating and the entire theater shaking when you get hit. I played G3 when I was 12-14 years old when I went on a family trip to Niagra Falls and I still won't forget playing it for the first time with my farther. Just hitting hyperspace and the music blasting and the commander yelling at you and trying to keep myself alive was amazing and nothing you could ever repeat on a new console today.
7  General Chat / Meetings, Exhibition, Events... / Re: :: Disney Quest : Full of Classics :: on: July 11, 2009, 10:40:04 PM
There were rumors about Disney Quest closing down and becoming another ESPN Zone, but thankfully that hasn't happened yet. I went to Disney Quest the first year they opened and you had to pay a separate admission to go there. Most of the Disney passes include stuff like Pleasure Island and the three water parks, but Disney Quest wasn't included. The way they have it is you pay a flat fee, which I think was 25-30 dollars to get in. I said to the guy, "Woah! Wait a minute! I gotta pay to get in, THEN pay to play the games?!" he just said "No, all of the games have a button where the coin slot is, just press it and it adds credits into the game, all of the games are free play." I just yelled out, "SOLD!!" paid and ran in. It's best if you can spend the whole day there and it makes it so even if you play just the arcade games you make out better then if you were playing 50 cents a game.

When you go in, two of the floors are the big attraction games like Cyberspace Mountain (A make your own rollercoster game) Ride The Comix, That one game Bruno mentioned that's like G3, Aladdin's VR Magic Carpet Ride and the river boat cruse. The classics section has this Buzz Lightyear tank game, where two people get into these tanks, one person drives and another shoots, pretty damn cool. My favorite of all the special DQ only attractions is Ride the Comix. It's a VR game where you use a lightsaber to bat off enemies and at the end the of the game you face off against one of the major villains of the game, the better you do, the harder the boss you fight. The Magic Carpet ride is really cool, they put you in a race against the clock to collect the pieces of the Scarab to get into the cave of wonders to collect the lamp, then you have to fly out as it's being destroyed in the lake of fire, just like in the movie. The other stage is going around the bazaar looking for gems and who ever finds the most wins.

Sadly, most of the games I mentioned aren't well maintained. When I went the first year everything was working perfectly. Now only one floor of ride the comix works and even some of them on the floor they tell you don't work well either. The Mighty Ducks Pinball Slam game only had half of the stations working and the ones that did, didn't work right. You'd try to go to the right and the puck would go down no matter what you did. Cyberspace Mountain was an awesome idea. They used the huge centrifuge cabs that shake and twist around to do some pretty amazing coasters. You can either make your own or ride on a preselected one. They would grade your coaster so if you made it too extreme it would tell you to tone it down. Now I hear they made the coasters much weaker, they would grade your coaster from 1-10 and now I hear 7 or 8 is the max. 

The arcade games are a mixed bag. You have the one floor where the Buzz Lightyear ride is where a majority of the classic 80's games are. When I first went there they had a sit down Star Wars, and sadly I hear it's not there anymore, but I got pictures of it because I love that cab to death.

I had to wait for that fat bitch's kid to get out of the damn game when I was there, when she did I think I kept playing it for half an hour. Also one game to note that I saw there for the first time when they opened was none other then DEATH RACE. Out of all of the arcades in the world where I'd think to find a game like Death Race it wouldn't have been in Disney World. Most of the games worked alright. Some didn't have the classic joysticks and were fitted with newer HAPP joysticks so it was weird playing some games.

They have another level with 90's games. They had a NICE 2 player cab of Capcom's The Punisher and I watched two kids kick some major ass, really took me back to the days when EVERY arcade in Disney had Ninja Turtles and that's ALL I would do. "Wanna go on Splash Mountain Nick?" "No...Turtles...." "Wanna take a picture with Mickey?" "NO! We're almost up to Shredder!!" Also, on the top floor is the food court and they have some newer cocktail table games so you can get a bite to eat and even play some Galaga too. It was cool to sit down with some chicken fingers and play Mrs. Pac-Man.

With newer games, I can see they have the new Nascar game...woopty shit. Another racing game that can't hold a candle to Daytona. Last time I was there they had a room filled with those ugly Tsumo full motion cabs that people would hog and you could never play, a few Sega and Namco Light Gun games and they had some stand up versions of The Fast and the Furious. Another room they had fighting games. Mostly Tekken and Soul Caliber 2. They just got the new Tekken 5 machines and only one of the four joysticks worked correctly. Another room after that they had a couple of music game, Percussion Masters and DDR and I think Pump it Up and they made the pinball room smaller. It's sad because the first time I went the Pinball area was huge and they had an awesome selection of games. They even had two NBA Fastbreak games linked together for two player mode. I played against this other girl and she kicked my ass and her parents even ran in and started to taunt me because I got beat by a girl. (should have gotten some digits, she was pretty cute too)  oppps

Sadly, Disney Quest seems like a lost cause. When I first went there I was waiting to make a coaster for Cyberspace Mountain I overheard a conversation with a Disney higher up and a bunch of guys in expensive looking business suites. Disney wanted to make Disney Quest into a chain arcade like Dave and Busters, Chuck E. Cheese, etc and they only opened up one other Disney Quest that was in Chicago. I think it lasted for only two or three years before they closed it off. I think people were turned off by the fact that you couldn't just walk in and pay to play the games you wanted and had to pay the full admission price. Even the store attached to Disney Quest went from selling cool Disney Quest related stuff to just becoming a generic Disney Store. When I first went there I got a really nice black button down dress shirt with the Disney Quest logo stitched into it and now they just have nothing. The last time I went there we had to dress up for dinner at one of the restaurants and I wore that shirt then went to DQ after and one of the attendants looked at me and said, "Where the hell did you get that?"

I think if they would have opened the place during the Street Fighter II heyday it would have been more successful. Now they do include entrance to Disney Quest with the more expensive Disney Vacation plans. It is worth checking out if your on vacation in Disney but it's not as good as it was when they opened. I wish more people would check it out and that they would fix what they had, because I don't see them adding in any new attractions, anytime soon.
8  General Chat / Galaxian Theater / Re: AIR RAID... inside a Galaxian Theater :-/ on: July 01, 2009, 01:11:23 AM

Video's up on Blip, their usually pretty good and don't take videos off, I have no idea what was on the other video you posted because Youtube took it down.

It seems like a couple of Dave and Busters have the game, I was mentioning the game to a friend of mine and he said he thinks he saw the game at one near him in Connecticut. So it makes me think again, did Dave and Busters or Tsunami buy up any unused or broken Galaxian3 units and install these? Even before this I never heard of a Dave and Busters having the game. This is only the third unit I've ever played, the one I showed you in New Hampshire and another one in Niagara Falls Canada.

If I see anybody that looks like their in charge at the D&B, I'd like to ask them about snagging that Zolgear Marquee. I still can't believe how "ghetto" the conversion job on the machine was. Just throw some camo on it and take the markings off the back of the chair and nobody will notice! Some of the seats still had the gunner numbers with the color and crosshair on it while others didn't. They took the coin slots out and they have the slide card on the side of it (But then you said you played it in Florida already)

I don't know what to think about this game. If the sound in the game was better and the machine vibrated like G3 did it would have been a little bit more fun. But as you can see from the video all you do is shoot wave after wave of enemies in the same spot. Since I grew up in the Atari 2600 days I could care less about graphics, but Air Raid looks worse then the early polygon graphics in G3. I still remember going through hyperspace for the first time when I played it as a kid with the sound blasting and it's a feeling I'll never forget because I know you can't do something like that again, even if I got a projector and played my PS1 copy with a huge surround sound system.

It would have been cool to see Namco themselves do something with it, because their still making arcade games so seeing a Galaxian 4 would be awesome instead of Air Raid or something else from the Tsunami company.
9  General Chat / Galaxian Theater / Re: AIR RAID... inside a Galaxian Theater :-/ on: June 30, 2009, 02:03:47 AM
I knew you'd already have this Nuno, but my friend and I went to our local Dave and Busters today and we saw it in the corner of the arcade and said almost out loud "What the F---?!"

They took out the old shooting gallery and they had the game over in the corner. I had no idea there was Galaxian theater even in the state of New York, but there it was right in front of me. They didn't even bother going through the trouble of doing a full conversion of the cab. As you can kind of see from this picture, they kept the "Attack of the Zolgear" marquee with the moss camo over it.

We even flipped over the side near the entrance and boom, there this was...

I don't know if it's fully converted or what, but NONE of the guns vibrate and neither does the theater when you get hit. The sound pretty much just boils down to machine guns blaring and planes flying overhead. I could hardly hear any of the music in the game, but it would have been nice to hear a commander or something yell, "12 O'clock! 6 o'clock!" like how they do in both G3 games.

If you've played ANY version of Air Raid, you'll know what to expect. The game flat out sucks. Your on an aircraft carrier and waves of planes just keep swarming till your health depletes. The boat doesn't even move. You just stay in one spot as they fly over. Sometimes they will flip the camera to the other side, but that's about it. Once and a while a ship will approach you and you can sink it, but it looks so damn bad, I just laughed out loud. I was surprised that all of the guns are color coordinated to each player's station.

I really wonder why they made this conversion. Do they have a stockpile of old G3 theaters that don't work anymore and they decided on making conversion kits to keep them making money? I was scanning the machine and the unit had a sticker that said something about Texas on it. The machine had no roof on it and the two spots were the projectors are are open and uncovered.

My friend and I took videos of the machine and I'll be editing them together tonight. The video won't be in the greatest quality because this Dave and Busters doesn't like us recording there (even when it's dead) so we had to do the videos quick and on the sneak, so hopefully they came out alright. But I should have the video up by Wednesday. If Youtube takes it down for any reason, I'll let Bruno know and send him the video and if he wants to host it here.
10  General Chat / All the rest / Re: Yet another, hello! topic! on: January 21, 2008, 06:57:17 PM
Thanks for the kind words. We never hear feedback on the comic. Since we focus on a lot of classic games we don't get much publicity. If we added in raunchy humor, cursed and talked about newer games, boom! We'd get tons of hits. But I find it more fun to talk about older games.

We already did a Space Ace comic. It's drawn from real life when we went to FunSpot in New Hampshire. They had a Dragons Lair and Space Ace and I must have ended up blowing a good 10 bucks in both games. So the comic we did is part of the FunSpot Sketch book, but it's really called "Space Ace is Hard"


The two guys in the background are Mark Alpiger, who owns the world record in Marble Madness...with his FOOT and the other guy is "The King of Classic Video Games" Todd Rodgers. We met them both and they were really awesome in person. We had to find a way to fit them into the comic.

We'll be meeting them both this May when we go back to their classic gaming tournament, hopefully they'll have their laserdisk games back up. As I said in the other thread. Both of the machines they had died, from age and being moved around so much so they were running on Daphne. The owner of FunSpot told me the machines lasted for about another week after the tournament and the guy that made the set up moved and they have nobody to fix them unless he goes back.
11  General Chat / Dragon's Lair / Space Ace / Re: [Collector] : Mike from USA (Long Island NY) on: January 21, 2008, 06:47:54 PM
Heya Mike. Since I still live at home with my folks I don't have any room for any arcade games. I own a 2 Slot Neo-Geo board that I got from the Tri-County Flee Market but nothing with the laserdisk games.

Last May when I went to FunSpot up in New Hampshire and I played their Dragons Lair and Space Ace (Both were running on Daphne,because they died out years ago) and I loved playing them again so much I went right to Digital Leisure and got 20th Anniversary CD Rom they came out with just so I could play it at home without blowing though money just to see the end.

I tried to write to Don Bluth's website if he did sketches like how Chuck Jones did before he passed away and I didn't get an answer back. I've looked at a lot of different conventions for any Dragon's Lair and Space Ace artwork but their WAY too rich for my blood. One dealer at Otakon had Dirk's death with the pile of skulls.

Be sure to check out my website. My friends and I do arcade reviews. We're in the process of getting a new camera so the videos will come out better. I'd love to do a tour of your arcade just to show people all of the different versions of the game as well as all of the kick ass collectibles you have.
12  General Chat / Dragon's Lair / Space Ace / Re: [Collector] : Mike from USA (Long Island NY) on: January 20, 2008, 06:46:56 PM
God, I can't believe somebody on Long Island has a collection like this. I'm from Holbrook and I didn't even know there was a Cliff Jumper machine in the state of New York.

Hey Mike, you wouldn't happen to know if any of your Dragons Lair 2 machines is the one they used to have at the Smith Haven Mall in Time Out? I just remember playing it for the first time with the HUGE banner rather then the smaller banner and the digital display.

Keep up the good work with the rest of your collection!
13  General Chat / All the rest / Yet another, hello! topic! on: January 20, 2008, 06:37:30 PM
Hey guys. This is Nick. I'm from New York. I came across this site when I saw Darth's home arcade project linked on another website. It's great to see other fans of the classic laser disk games and all of your collections are awesome.

Looking forward to posting here.
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