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Arcade Lifestyle / Re: Synonym9´s 2015 year end review
« on: December 29, 2015, 05:06:51 PM »

over and out...

Greetings from Trier!

That it what I would say if I would be in your shoes as well.....

And by the way, did´nt you have a big fight with an austrian collector because  of some parts. The fight was that big that Ully had to solve it.
So dont pretand to be Sankt Stefan, you just dont show others...but you got conflicts yourself, you white sheep...

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: Synonym9´s 2015 year end review
« on: December 29, 2015, 05:03:45 PM »
Further more, as I am a black sheep and you are bright white:

I cannot tell how many games I have found or given to others, 3 machines to Nilfiks, one for free. 30+ for Thomas,
Galaxy Ranger,
Space Invaders DX
and one more I dont remember of for free.

3 machines for Mark.
1 machine for Markus
1 machine for Nikos
2 machines for GLstar (Gian)
1 machine for Florian
2 machines for Martin (covered in the Century-thread)

and this is only what I recall now.

I made POS-files (CAD-files for the CNC-Carpenter) for that guy over on UKVAC and paid the scan of the outline myself and so I did for Alex the kid. I also paid the gas to his place 2 or 3 times myself only to help him with two cabinet-sidewalls.
There is an "amazing offer of help from Synonym9" thread on UKVAC from the guy.

I gave tons, and I mean TONS of PCB´s to Nilfiks for free, I organized him a free pickup of a cabinet from a place 3,5hours away and did not even ask for gas.
By the way Martin, the Asteroids-clone I have bought you is still waiting to get picked as well as the other game I gave you for free.

I restored artwork for collectors and never charged anything nor I did charge Mike arcade for the Logo for his forum.

So if I am a black sheep only because I am not ready to kiss asses of the "club of rome"-members, tell me what YOU have done for the community, Tyrem....the community that is soooooo great in your eyes and you love sooooo much, what have you done or given to them?

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: Synonym9´s 2015 year end review
« on: December 29, 2015, 04:47:33 PM »
for me it was never about achiving the most in the least amout of time. that´s stupid.

Again you did´nt get the point...this is obviously what makes you to who you are.
Even if you understand you try to modify it to something bad.

the scene was incredibly nice. of course it had some well known black sheeps... but even when you startet your "century-thread" i did not think of you as a bad guy.

It was guys like you tried to make me a black sheep from the beginning, but I am grateful because if I am a black sheep because I have my own will and minds I prefer to be a dark-black sheep  ;D

And for sure I dont want to join this forum-ruining 10-members-club every forum in the world got. If that are the white sheeps than the forum got 3000 black ones  ;D

this is not a dick-competition. if you want to make it to one you better get a shave. things look bigger then.

Please, your piccolo and the way you make it looks bigger is really nothing that interests anybody (beside 9 others) here.
If you want insult and provoke me again, at least you stay arcade-related when you do this.

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: Synonym9´s 2015 year end review
« on: December 29, 2015, 04:36:50 PM »
Valentin, this was my idea. I dont think it was self-oriented, I spoke about everything I saw this year in the forum, unfortunately there was´nt more.
In the end I posted what I found and invited others to do the reaction - not my fault.

You are right, I get SOME games from the US, the most I have are from Austria though. I found them myself, organized the entire deal, transport, storage and so on.
Also the games from the USA, I found them all myself and since I am very active in it I also find games for Mark and Thomas. I find them, they pick.
And you are right also when you say americans are not easy to deal with often. I organize two operator-raids for jan-march, depends on the weather.
I do this from Vienna, so it is not just look on KLOV who sells a game, sending them to that arcade-company (I forgot the name) who put it in the container and receive it here infront of my door.
I do way more, and you know how hard it can be. This is why I say that I achieved more than others here, I did not find every game I have myself, I even find games for Thomas and the american friend of me.
He does not pick all the games for me out of the blue, he sais "Boy, what you find is not normal, how many time do you invest"
I mean I have found 2 Food Fight´s this year, I spend tons of time, and money in this, have a big network (especially with old, american, long-term collectors) and I traded games with collectors all over the world meanwhile.

Whatever, I invited EVERYBODY to tell us how his year was....they decided themself to be quit, but this does not make my thread self oriented.
And even if....every restoration-thread or find is self-oriented....I have no problem with that.

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: Synonym9´s 2015 year end review
« on: December 29, 2015, 04:24:11 PM »

For the last months everytime I visited DLF I thought "man, that place is dead...never new postings" but I going to stop now as well.

It's not the number of "X new post" that make the difference, but which is conteined in every single work-thread.

YOU go against me??? The one who really was whining at me via PM about the exclusive circle of members who wont give the newbies a chance...and about one certain member who "snubs" you in every forum since he is a senior and you have no chance against him?
Did´nt you?

For the last months everytime I visited DLF I thought "man, that place is dead...never new postings" but I going to stop now as well.

...share a new post on this forum take time, for the great and accurate work on the cab...restauration: have you ever tried it once?

I am IN the process to restore work. I was planning to post the results when everything is finished so people dont have to wait for progress.
Meanwhile I stopped making pictures as it keeps me from working. I hate it when I am totally concetrated and really in the work and I have to stop, wash my hands, grab the cam and start making pictures.
Then suddenly you run out of storage-capacity, you have to delete pictures which you cant as you did´nt save them yet and so on and so on.

In the end nobody reads it so I stopped it.
I post what I did in my personal group of FB where Thomas is and Mark....that pays off.

I have posted my Hang-On restoration, but dont know which forum, this is a resto-mod I just do for a girl:

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: Synonym9´s 2015 year end review
« on: December 29, 2015, 03:26:13 PM »

By the way Etienne....I am not whinning, I am just saying. No idea why you provoke a fight.
Others stop posting without explaination, I made a statement...if you allow.

yeah... but like you said: others stop posting.
listen: you made a thread and i am pretty sure that it took you some time. but sitting there after you posted it.. hitting reload every 5 seconds and getting mad at DLF because you do not get the reaction that you wanted... seroiusly, dude?! i could see that this would happen. history is repeating itself. that's why you got kicked out or had to leave every board so far. and it is always the others.

Boy!!! You really never get it, but this time you are not alone, Etienne also did´nt.

My ego is not that big (unfortunately I cannot say this about some others here) that it counts on me if you like/comment my thread or not.
In the 18 months I am in the hobby now I reached more than everybody else in the first one and a half years, especially more than certain members who does´nt do anything else than ordering machines on KLOV and let the container bring them to the house.
Are you really that 1-dimensional that you dont get the point? The forum is dead. Spoiled by an exclusive circle of members that make you or break you.
That are the same (around) 10 members who are post and answer....but only to themself.

If you are none of them, the thread gets ignored. Best example is the thread of blacky63 who restores an OpWolf. Beside me only one other member (which is Oldschool, a quite active man) participated.

For me this is not only very respectless, it also - how I said before - ruined this forum.
How many threads will he make in the future when he gets ignored. ONLY this is my point.

What you created, Stefan, that I sit and refresh all 5 seconds the browser is what you might do. I was not even at the PC over X-Mas as I was not in my hometown.

What this thread cleared out though is that fighting is what some of the members are really after. This thread was not very active until now....from yesterday night until today noon it raised to 14 answers  ;D

If I would like to I could bring it to 4 pages even before the day is over as fights is what gets you fools in the threads.
Just look at yourself, Tyrem. There is ONLY one thread of me I know of you did not open your paticipation with some negative statements/provokation.
Your usual way is to watch, watch, watch, watch until you see a chance to start a fight. It also was you in this thread who made the first negative posting.

I was´nt refering to you, Etienne or anybody....I did´nt say anything insultive. I just told Gian that I probably won´t start threads anymore as it does not pay off.
I asked in the artwork forum what the best see-through-scanner nowadays is, is this something I also did for my ego?
I did´nt get a single answer. If Etienne would have started the thread it already would have reached page 10.

A forum cannot work like this, thats why you have thousends of members only visiting once in a while and the same 10 lurking around permanently and commenting one another.

I always liked DLF but starting threads is a lot of work. I already reached the limit on the second image hoster, this is what keeps me from starting threads in the future. So screw down your ego.....its not your attention that stop me posting.

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: Synonym9´s 2015 year end review
« on: December 29, 2015, 01:59:13 AM »

By the way Etienne....I am not whinning, I am just saying. No idea why you provoke a fight.
Others stop posting without explaination, I made a statement...if you allow.

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: Synonym9´s 2015 year end review
« on: December 29, 2015, 01:40:59 AM »
Now you guys are really nuts  ::)
You proof one more time you are not able to post something are only after fights.
If you so happy when I stop posting content, why do you start now suddenly?
The thread is more than a week old, if you are happy that I dont post anymore than shut up and keep silent as you was before and post answers to the same old threads you answer since 2 years to....

Und Stefan, ich hab Dir schon einmal gesagt, geh in Orsch.

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: Synonym9´s 2015 year end review
« on: December 28, 2015, 08:15:48 PM »

But where is the restoration-thread....I know where...nowhere.
This is also my last thread. For the future I dont starts threads about my collection anymore, only questions.
I wir around an hour to get pictures from Thomas, upload them to a hoster, make a list what I have bought and so on and so on for 3 guys answering?!?!
And one of them was sent by me to answer....that does not pay.

For the last months everytime I visited DLF I thought "man, that place is dead...never new postings" but I going to stop now as well.
I do not even add the DK I have bought yesterday.
This forum is consisting of the same 10 members who post all the timetime and if you are mind of them you get no feedback.
I am now connected with the ultra long-time collectors (20 years up) and all of them told me to forget forums.

Since I am not as concentrated on forums anymore I got far more games far cheaper and every part I look for.
So for the future I belong to the 98% who only read and ask once in a while...thats it. :)

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: Synonym9´s 2015 year end review
« on: December 28, 2015, 07:00:42 PM »

I told you Gian, there was one but its gone. Next that appears we pick for you.
Waaaooooww....LE Hang-On!?!?!....the blue bike?
Next time we trade this one :P

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: S9´s 2015 year end review
« on: December 23, 2015, 05:07:48 PM »
Hey  :spaceace:

Great year in review.

You've had a good run on your US acquisitions - I didn't realize you had that many already waiting in the USA! Nice work!

Thanks Don, I was quite quit the last time but yes, there is a lot going on in my US-department.
As I said, I also bring some games home for you guys like a second Tempest and Zaxxon.
The Tempest is promised to someone if not anybody offers a trade against something I am really after.

Hey  :spaceace:

Sorry to hear about your SHO story - that delivery driver sucks - I hope you find him. I would report all you had to the Police for sure.

The Super Hang-On was not the most expensive nor the most rare one to get my hands on. It though was the most beautiful SHO I ever came accross...thats why I am a little depressed. It is not because of the 160€, it is just hard to find a good one.

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: S9´s 2015 year end review
« on: December 23, 2015, 09:31:51 AM »

I look forward  :)

Arcade Lifestyle / Re: S9´s 2015 year end review
« on: December 23, 2015, 07:16:03 AM »

Arcade Lifestyle / Synonym9´s 2015 year end review
« on: December 22, 2015, 11:10:25 PM »
OK, guys...its 2 days out to christmas and for me it is always time for forum-threads and podcast-listenings at the holidays, its a nice thing that Vic and Shaun make the year-end-podcast extraordinary long.
I love to listen it in the train going to my mothers house on the 24th.

What have we done in 2015...of course we was active, was´nt we?
Some restored,
some collected,
some collected and then restored
some disappeared due to privat problems but came back in silence
and at least one had to interrupt collecting since he ran out of space, something we all hate more than anything else in the hobby..don´t we?

Yes, it is Don Moazzezi/Alpha1 - the Godfather of european arcade-collecting we are thinking of.
Although he ran out of storage capacity he has bought one more game if I remember right...but for the next time he will be not as active as we know him.
Boy!!! This man got a 145+ machines in total. I cannot even imagine how that all would look like staying next to one another.
Lining them up would result in a row of around 90 meters!!!! :o :o :o :o
Might 2016 bring him some new space so he can continue what he loves to do the most and make him break the 100 meters boarder.

Was´nt it also the year he made another big arcade raid, maybe the biggest we have seen so far...I think it was.
It also was the year when I continued my big operator raid I started back in 2014 which also should have been finished within the year.
Believe it or not, there are still some parts out there I have bring to my storage....I am very curious if the 2016 will end this, it most probably will.

Furthermore it was the year when the the fight between me and Uli reached its peak.
However, and this is way more remarkable for ´15, we ended this and found a new way.
I even would rate him as an arcade-pal meanwhile.

And yes, it was Uli who disappeared for some time, actually for the most time of 2015, due to a dramatic change in his life. He came back in silence...and still he is very silent since not everything is how it was before the happening that changed his life from white to black.  :-\
I am optimistic that we see the old Uli again in 2016. ;)

2015 was also an important year for Bela, you dont get your hands on a Tron every year, not in Europe.
I know it, I had contact with the seller as well, but could´nt get the deal to work, so congratulations Bela. ;)

What else did we have....oh yes - in 2015 my best and closest arcade-friend Martin (Nilfisk) started to look for a storage, so I am sure we will see some action from that guy as well in 2016. Martin really became a friend in the past year. He helped me a lot and I enjoy the time whenever I meet with him.
In ´15 of course he found his super-cool Robo-cabinet. I am more than curious what will happen to this machine in the future.

And what have I done in this year?
Well, it did not start very promising...a game here, a game there...but nothing exiting in the first months.

Thomas, my guy in KY, etablished his life in 2014 and in 2015 everything went a normal way for him over there.
We lost some games as he was often to slow to call the same minute we saw them, but learned in 2015 that the market is big in the US, but also the scene is a lot bigger then in Europe.
You cannot wait and think about a game....see it, call it, pick it as soon as you can. This is how it works out in the states.
There are games that are gone half an hour after the ad was written.
Maybe we can increase in reaction-speed in 2016 and as much as I love that he get us games overseas, I really want to have him back in Austria. I miss him.
Speaking of Thomas and arcade was also the year he was thinking to roll his Chevy Trailblazer over the edge.....BOY, that car gave him hard times.
He just could´nt keep that thing running.
Kind enough to make a trip to Ohio to pick to games for me, which turned out in a 13hours-ride, it was unbelievable that the car did´nt die....  :-[

In the middle of the year I have got to know an long-term collector who got decades of collecting behind him. A 1000 games ran through his hands over the years Mark (thats his name) says.
He became a real good friend of me and Thomas and I buy a lot of games from him. Fortunatelly Thomas got plenty of space for the collecting-hobby.
I personally call him the "holy Mark" as he is that kind of human you dont meet often in your life and when, they leave a big footprint.
I did´nt want to spend the money to go to Kentucky but since the man did so so so so much for me I really want to meet him and spend some time together with him and Thomas.
My collection raised dramatically since I know Mark...why? Because its him who makes all the trips accross Ohio and Kentucky for me which is very important especially now as Thomas suffers by a prolapsed disc...not very nice. I hope he recovers soon.
It happened when I delivered a truck-load of pinballs to him (he was in back in Austria for 2 weeks and used the time to buy a little....what else  ::)

OK, lets now have a closer look about what I have picked and what new games I have found this year.

How I said, the year did not start very exiting (not to mention that I could now walk the first 2 months after my accient with the broken ankle  :'(
First, the Tron-deal did not work out, although I am not as angry as the ZZZ-version does not have the cool profile, I am more the Midway-guy on this.
Not one but TWO Xevious´es slipped through my hands.
It is a problem with the german sellers (it was like that with the Tron as well) that they tend to sell games while I look for the shipping.

Then, I found a clean Super Hang-On and an old Pong.
I have got a contact of a shipper who can pick games that are not palletized. I called him and it was no problem to pick the machines.
Since I was not in a hurry I agrred that he can drop the 2 machines when ever he got a way to Austria.
After some weeks the guy disappeared.
Whats App-dead

I might have no other chance than going to the police and tell them about this. The Super Hang-on was in the nicest shape I have ever came accros on a I am very angry and sad about this.

In the end of the year I found more and more games every month.
Here is the list and some, but not all pictures of the games I found (or just picked) in 2015.

Killer Instict 2
Cyber Cycles twin
Super Hang-on
Afterburner cockpit

Karate Champ

Pheonix (HUO)


Then I won two auctions of the same seller with

Zaxxon and
Crystal Castle

Meanwhile I picked the

Simpsons and two pins which are
Bally Radical

Bally Dr. Dude

and Tailgunner II at once (it really was time)

What an ass:

Pacman and

Here the Reactor when the holy Mark, my new very close friend from KY picked it.
Thanks Mark, all I can repeat to say is thanks my friend.  :-*

We continue with something I was long, looooooong after, a
Food Fight came along with a LeMans

Look at this beautiful picture:

The LeMans was a 90$ pick-up but I could´nt love it more if it was a 1000.

And here 3 lots of games still being at the sellers and wait for the pick-ups.

Lot #1

Asteroids DLX (US-version)
Professor Pac

Lot #2

Midway Seawolf
Midway Seawolf

Gun Fight
Midway Panzer Attack (EM-Game)
Super Break-Out (goes to Thomas as well) and.........
Lunar Lander

Lot #3

Elevator Action
Space Fury
Tempest (another one)
Zaxxon (another one)
Black Widow
Star Castle

I am sure I have forgotten the one or other game....but its late and I am tired.
I will control the list tomorrow and might add pictures as soon as I got them.
Here are some impressions of what we collected in the US so far

So, this was my 2015 arcade-wise....what was yours?  :)


I have to scan two backglasses, one form an EM-shooting-gallery and one from a pinball.
The local copy-shop only can scan paper as the machine rolls the art through the machine, so hard/stiff materials cannot be scanned.

Seems like I have to go for a see-through-scanner, but which one is the one to go for today?

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