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In the countdown to opening on the 6th of Juli we've started with the decorations.
A great Dutch artist @thechuckone did this amazing mural. We just needed the text on our wall :

And just like that we managed to get a small barnraid going :)
Of course we're networking our asses off to get the word out that we're starting an arcade in Amsterdam. Apparently one of the people we spoke to turned out to have a warehouse with movie props anda few years ago he bought some arcades and pinballs to have as props.
So we immediatly tried to get to the warehouse and see what was there. It turned out that the collection was not super big but still it had some decent games. Unfortunately I already had the DLX versions of 2 of them but still nice.
Just the discovery, the smell of an old warehouse, moving stuff around to find what was actually there, the dust.... I just love it.

Here are some pics of the find:

BTW, next time ditch the headphones!  ;D ;D ;D ;)

Haha you noticed. I asked them before we started why we need the headphones. Answer was so we can hear how we sound through the mic. I moved one of my ear so I could hear in rea live.

Ik werd neergezet als de "beste restaurateur" maar kom voor m'n gevoel net om de hoek kijken. D'r zijn zoveel disciplines in dit beroep dat het onmogelijk is om overal goed in te worden.

Wise thing to do is to expand to The East before cluttering The Randstad.  :D :D :D :D

 ;D ;D

I was just invited by Steven from Gamekings to do a Nerd Culture video podcast this Thursday between 18.00 and 20.00. It will be aired a day later :
Warning *Dutch language*  ;D

This sounds like a very cool project and I'm positive that in a city with SO many tourists, students, hipsters and whatever it will be a big success.

Who knows.....maybe it will even me make me drive to 020  ;D ;D ;D

Yeah I think Amsterdam is potentially the best place to proof the concept and grow. My hope is to expand on a healthy basis and put up the best experience of classic  games that we can offer.
With the latest purchases we went from just being able to fill the arcade to having a choice of what to put in it. Which in turn gives me the freedom to work on cabinets that didn't make the line-up.

In regards to driving to 020, just put up some horse-blinders if you are bothered by it and drive straight to our joint  ;D

Holy crap Batman. Just did a 28 hour straight working day to reel in some cabinets.
Just a few of the dedicated woodies that i managed to get:
- Zaxxon
- Karate champ
- Great 1000 mile rally
- Bad dudes
- Tiger Road
- Blasteroids
- Indy Heat Danny Sullivan 3P
- Millipede
- Capcom Bowling

Also some beast like LA Machine guns DLX, Rapid River and one of my favourites Lucky and Wild sitdown.

No unfortunately not. We start working in the warehouse around that time. I would've wanted to start earlier but the real estate business in Amsterdam is bureaucratic and slow.
Putting the machines in the arcade is one of the last things we do.

The plan is to start with at least 3 pinball machines. Depending on the budget from the crowdfund we want to expand to 5-6 within a month.

I'm personally mostly into DMD generation pins but the Black Knight was a deal I couldn't refuse :) We went for a hike last weekend and ended up at an icecream truck where I talked to the owner. It turned out that he was about to sell his pinball machine and because the right flipper didn't move he cut the price in half :)
25 euro's for a new solenoid and voila.

Football table might be feasible. I have room for 2 Airhockeys but only have one at this moment. So anything can happen ;)

The location will be the Mt. Lincolnweg 17 in Amsterdam. Its located in the NDSM area just above the IJ river. One of the few locations in Amsterdam with loads of parking space, and just a nice open minded creative spot in Amsterdam.

Yeah Steven has been a great advocate for classic games in the line-up. I should have the "final" list of games mid next week. Luckily the list will not be set in stone and is always changing when games pop up (or break down  :D )

At this moment we are planning just above 100 cabinets on day 1. Consisting of at least 30, up to 50 woodies. As said, some will be converted generics and most of them will be dedicated.
Some dedicated cabs that are for sure:
- Ikari warriors (rotary sticks)
- After Burner
- Space Panic
- Jaleco's Big run
- beast busters
- Wec Le Mans DLX
- Darius Burst AC
- Black Knight 2000 pinball

As a "homebrew" project I will also prep my Namco POD cabinet that is running an XboxOne with the latest Forza Horizon.

Thanks guys.
I'm working daily on getting cabinets ready but considering the current batch of cabinets that I'm working on are Vewlix cabs I won't bother DLF'rs ;)

Tomorrow about 40-50 cabinets are arriving in the harbor in Rotterdam from Japan. After the weekend I should have some really good news in regards to woodies that are coming in.

congratulations  :wink:

Thanks Robin.
I remember how cool the setting was during the Eurocade events in Ridderkerk and Hilversum and I'd love to reproduce some of it's magic with some good ol' classics.

Hey fellow DLF'rs!

After years of doing my thing in the arcade scene I can finally anounce that we've formed a team to open an arcade club in a few months. An arcade club in the sense that it is an entry fee venue with all the games on freeplay.
We're planning to start with about 100 machines with our main focus on the classics. Classic woodies, mixed with some repro's (which we will fade out in due time), Pinballs, airhockey, some modern machines like Vewlix's, Candies and also some great deluxe cabs like Outrun, Hang On, 18 wheeler, Elevator action death parade etc.

The team consist of me doing the hardware, Steven (who is known as a presentor on Gamekings) doing marketing/PR and Bas (a great chef in Amsterdam) and Margot who will be doing the food/drinks.

Today we've signed the contract for the warehouse that we'll be converting into the arcade in the northern part of Amsterdam (NDSM area). The upcoming months I hope to post some updates of the progress and working towards an opening before this summer.

If you have any questions, comments or game requests, let me know!

Update May 1st:
We just opened the crowdfunding on Indiegogo :

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